vitamin c powder

i got my vitamin c powder sooner than i expected! i mixed up a tiny bit and applied it to my left forehead and im not seeing any irritation or anything so ill do that for a few days and if it stays good ill start mixing it into my moisturizer for my whole face. i was worried about it being gritty but it dissolved into my moisturizer nice. i think coz its water based 

aph-snowball  asked:

i like how you sometimes put these health reminders in the tags lol

Aaah thanks! I love babbling in the tags. Health and biology are so interesting to me (I’m a nursing major and work in a pharmacy after all) that I can’t help fact vomiting lol.

I was actually just chatting w one of the pharmacists, did you know that all of those overhyped cold remedies only shorten colds by a few hours? And that if you use that Emergen-C vitamin powder stuff for a prolonged period of time you’ll likely get a kidney stone. Vitamins aren’t the miracle cures they’re advertised as :/ oops there I’ve gone again