In the wake of Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow’s wonderful De Palma, a documentary concerning the life and career of director Brian De Palma, it’s difficult to look at the almost equally enjoyable By Sidney Lumet without comparing. Both explore the careers of vitally important filmmakers whose work has perhaps not attained the mainstream success of their blockbuster-spewing contemporaries. While De Palma contains an undeniable sense of joy in illuminating every facet of the director’s process, By Sidney Lumet instead fixates on a thematic exploration of director Sidney Lumet‘s filmography. It’s an enthralling film, very much worthy of its skillful subject.

The seeds of Lumet’s career as director lie in his childhood and his relationship with his father, Baruch, a director in the Jewish Theater. As a boy, Lumet worked under Baruch as a child actor, even taking a crucial role in the film One Third of a Nation. Lumet’s father got them through the Great Depression with his paychecks from theater productions, teaching his son the importance of work and the lack of self-indulgence in it. His mother died when he was just a boy. Lumet recalls witnessing the failure of one of his father’s theater productions to sell out, knowing they would be unable to break even that day. Lumet was greatly affected by how he saw his father humbled time and again, despite the man’s tireless work ethic. Juxtaposed with a scene from his critically maligned Daniel, Lumet’s sobering words drip with sadness: “When you’re dirt poor, everything is a luxury — even morals.”

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Follow-up - AND - as promised, more details on this adorable workspace with its sober and sleek design. First things first: the desk shown here is a simple oak board combined with the light-weight #LERBERG legs from @ikeasverige. To create this harmonious and calm workplace, it is vital to concentrate on the essential and to leave out what impedes the flow of your thoughts. Less is more! Especially if your workspace is part of your bedroom. Decorate with your favourite and most inspiring magazine pictures, add an industrial stool and writing utensils. Store your pens in an empty glass light or any other visually appealing container. However, I wouldn’t mind a source of light, which for me, is an essential part of every workplace design. What do you think? What kind of #lamp would you like to add to this workplace?
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PS: how adorable is this #eucalyptus in the vase on the windowsill?
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fic - supergirl - First Assignment (2/5)

Snapper’s first assignment to Kara is a teaching moment: one he considers vital needs if she wants to be a journalist. It seems simple, write about L-Corp’s new green initiative, get a few quotes, write something semi-decent. But as Kara starts to dig in, she finds herself at the center of L-Corp’s new CEO’s attention…for better or for worse.

The article isn’t published. Snapper sits her down and talks her through what’s wrong with it, in excruciating detail, before telling her that she’s not that kind of journalist and she can’t be if she wants to work on his team. “Stop trying to be friends with her, Ponytail.”

“I’m not!” Kara insists petulantly.

“You’re soft on her while condemning what her company is doing.” He jabs an accusatory finger at her. “Don’t flex away from your main point in tenderness.” He highlights a line or tow, scowling deeply in a way that makes him look ancient. “We know she’s sitting on something big and sees you as a potential sympathetic ear. Why do you think none of the rest of the team can get an interview? She’s sitting on something big, or else she’d be less than willing to talk to you, green as you are.”

“What do you mean?” Kara asks.

“You’re barely scratching the surface, Ponytail. It’s time you learned a little bit more about how this business works.”

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drake’s behaviour is unmitigated bullshit and it hurts on such a personal level because nothing was the same was such a vital piece of my coping and living with depression and in one instance his music very directly kept me from a suicide attempt and i’ve always thought that if i ever met drake i would have a lot to thank him for but i guess he thinks people with depression are weak and lazy and worthless? sucks

Catching Stars Excerpt

Maddix wasn’t afraid of witches. There wasn’t anything to be afraid of. Everyone knew that magic was dying out. Even the Kingswitch, the most powerful sahir in the kingdom - in any kingdom -was said to be losing his abilities. The stories said that something in their Oldlands, whatever gave them their magic, was losing power and sucking the witches dry in the meantime. Though he had no way of knowing what was true, Maddix relished the thought that the source of the sahir’s life and vitality was killing them.

Another widespread rumor was that they were being called back into the Dark. It was common knowledge that the witches came from across the sea, but some people said that they had sold their souls in return for power. The magic had spread from generation to generation until it was a veritable plague throughout the Three Kingdoms. But now, their contract was up and all of them were being pulled into the Dark where they belonged.

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Felicity jones is also gonna be insufferable when R1 promo starts shes already saying jyn is an "unlikely heroine" when shes another white brunette lmao

Haha, bro, I was just looking at that article. The article itself pisses me off because it’s praising Star Wars for Rey and Jyn and I’m just like ??? Two white brunettes who are literally the only leading women in their movies? How is that progress? Aliens did this better thirty years ago! At least that movie had more than one woman in the main cast. What Felicity said in the article was annoying too.

“It’s vital,” she says. “As we’re seeing in politics, it is a world where women are becoming leaders of nations, and films should be reflecting that.”

You’re the only leading woman in the movie and you’re white. That stopped being progressive twenty years ago.

“She is absolutely a very unlikely heroine,” the actress says. “She’s someone on the edges and fringes of society. Physically, she’s smaller than everyone else around her, but… when someone has something they believe in, that’s what powers them, that’s what motivates them, that’s what can give someone enormous strength.”

??? That is literally Rey??? I’m so glad that Lucasfilm cares so much about women that they not only keep giving us female leads that look the same, but also are written the same way, because us women aren’t interesting enough to be different from each other.

“He has done a really good job and revived Liverpool’s enthusiasm It can happen that big clubs lose it. For two decades, Liverpool changed managers without building their own identity. You can now well and truly sense that you have to count them in this year. You can see Klopp’s dedication on the sideline, I’m convinced his work in training is similar. He’s a strong personality. That’s absolutely vital at a big club.” - Sir Alex Ferguson believes Klopp has already transformed Liverpool enough for them to return to past glories. 

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I've grown up in the film & television industry and something Paul said stood out to me. He said that the movie studios had more power over Dylan. While that may be true, I think it's important to add that Dylan's contract, which he clearly signed prior to aa, is still very much legally binding. He can't just walk out without permission from Jeff & he knows how vital Stiles is to the show. Jeff is Stiles' #1 fan for christ's sake, everyone really has to stop the stress and negativity!


But to be very fair, MTV doesn’t own Dylan’s contract anymore– Fox does. Which means it might be easier for them to be bought out. Fox doesn’t have any monetary stake in how well 6b (or any season) of TW does, so to be very fair, it’s possible that all it could take is a payout? 

I actually asked Paul, a while ago, when I had a bit more respect for him, why Dylan’s contracts to movies seemed to take precedence over MTV and he gave me such a half assed answer that I was like “oh okay so you just wrote a whole article on contracts and how Dylan’s is all weird, but you actually know nothing about contracts or any of what’s happening.” 

Anyways. If you have any more insight on this subject, let me know!

Shows with POC, Z Nation

There is a tumblr which also promotes shows with POC and Z Nation is not on their list. A shame tbh.

Requirements for the list on @stopwhitewashing

  • Has to have two or more POC in leads

Well, Roberta Warren(Kellita Smith, a black woman) and Cassandra(Pisay Pao, cambodian), later Javier Vasquez(Matt Cedeño, of Black Cuban and Irish/English decent), now Hector Alvarez(Emilio Rivera, Latino), Dr. Sun Mei (Sydney Viengluang, Asian) . It’s an ensemble show, Roberta Warren is one of most important characters. Cassandra is vital for one and half season. Javier is there for a season, Hector is introduced in the second season but is part of the main group in season 3. As is Sun.

  • Has to have consistent appearances on the show (e.g only there for a season, gets killed off early, etc.)

Well, we are only in season 3. But Roberta is there consistently, Cassandra sadly gets killed and has the most tragic arc tbh. There are sometimes episodes where the main group is split so we get I think two or three episodes without my beloved Roberta. But she is the leader of our group.

  • Supporting POC characters count to an extent- the show might instead be an honorable mention

Kaya, an inuit char,  is supporting, she is introduced in season 3. Hammond, a black character is the main in the first episode, where he sadly dies, La Reina is there in the end of season 2, she is mexican, there are others every now and then, but it’s a small zombie world. There is whole episode with native americans at the grand canyon.

  • The POC characters have to be positive representations and not stereotypes

There will always be different opinions about what registers as “just” a stereotype. But, damn, I can’t put any of them in a box.

Closing argument: While one could argue about Cassandra’s storyline in season 2 as problematic, since she gets essentially turned into a half zombie by Murph the Smurf, it isn’t played to see her suffer. The other suffer seeing her like this, so much that her eventual death is a relief. But it is a vital part that propels all the character arcs and the plot. A whole season later and she is still mentioned. Because she is important. Furthermore, in this show the white man dies to propel a black womans character development. A black woman who got told that she is loved.

But all in all Z Nation is a fun show about the apocalypse and black, latino and Asian characters exist in this apocalypse.

One last word, before you think Roberta is “just” like Michonne from TWD. We see much more of Roberta and her feelings. And she is the leader. She makes the decisions. She is imho the best black female character currently on television.

Creating art, any art, is so vital. Rad when your friends do it, and put music into a world that needs it so badly. Congrats @sarahjoelle and @lola_rising_music on your album release. Go give it a spin, see how it suits your fancy.

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Chris I really need help. I caught myself last night praying to God, begging him to kill me, to just take me. With money problems and mental health problems, I'm so scared. I'm so lost I don't know what to do. I see a shrink but it's not helping.

Beautiful. You were praying to God. God has you on this earth for a purpose. You are needed. You are important. You are vital to the lives of others and you will fulfill so many amazing things while you are alive. You are supposed to be here. I love you, I believe in you. Things will look up. <3


Praetor Robigus Krask, the Calm
Captain of the World Eaters 245th Company

Robigus Krask, a veteran sergeant on the brink of promotion to Centurion at the time of Angron’s reunification with his legion, came into prominence during the Primarch’s first military action at Sarum. The newly formed 245th company had been tasked with the scourging of Brotherhood of Ruin and Ork forces from a vital Redjak Tech-complex. The World Eaters fleet had pushed through the enemy blockade, and the 245th made planetfall in the midst of the enemy, suffering near-catastrophic casualties in the opening exchange, including the death of its captain and his accompanying command cadre. The combined forces of the Brotherhood of Ruin and Orks isolated the 245th from the rest of their legion, as well as any form of meaningful support, and it was only the voice of Krask over the company vox-network that saved the company from ruin. Under his ad-hoc command, the company pushed through to the labyrinthine sub-vaults of Sarum, and there fought against immeasurable hordes of the foes in close, Zone Mortalis combat. At the height of this battle, the Taghmata Omnissiah forces of the Sarum Redjak joined the fray; Castellax Battle-Automata and Thallax shock troops fought alongside World Eaters Legiones Astartes, and together blazed a trail of blood to a hard-fought victory. 

In the wake of this battle, Robigus Krask slew 4 of his fellow sergeants in sanctioned gladiatorial combat for the right to lead the company, and was granted the right to fold the remnants of several other shattered companies into his newfound command, along with rights of requisition for valuable materiel and recruitment facilities. The Redjak  gifted him a bulky, bellicose suit of artificer power armour, as well as oaths of gratitude and mutual cooperation, to honour of the memory of the blood they shed together in the  sub-vaults of Sarum. With his command solidified and forces marshalled, he warred across the Golgotha at the side of his Primarch; his actions in that long, bloody campaign would earn him the affectation “The Butcher of Golgotha”. His stern, stoic demeanour was reflected in the company’s favour of heavy support and armoured units in addition to the legion’s traditional use of close-order infantry assault, and the company’s close alliance to the Mechanicum of Sarum saw to his forces being continually resupplied with experimental gear and the latest creations of high techno-arcana. 

I learned how to ask for coffee and wine in French tonight and these are vital things for my existence. 

Also one of my classmates was like “your pronunciation isn’t half bad!” which I was surprised by because it sounds awkward to my own ears but I kind of nervously laughed and said “I listen to French music?” which is to say I listen to Les Mis in French and also 1789. And France’s Eurovision songs. 

But it was a great class! I want to take French 2 from this guy once this class is over, he is very non-threatening and a quality teacher so far. Plus he spent a half hour once teaching us to curse in French and I will always thank him for that. 

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Everyone has been talking about your slurred speech etc, do you a speech impediment or have you seen a neurologist?

Ive probably slept less in the last week than I did last night. I look back at some of my vids and its like Im fucking drunk lol. Slurrred speech + the wrong words haha.

I remember one time in august 2003 doing this ultra endurance even called Paris Brest Paris and I did the 1243km in 51:30 with only 40 mins sleep and NO stims and my voice was all whacked out and I could not see straight for a few moments. I was hallucinating so hard I would see numbers on the road and people in the fields hiding behind hay bails.


So when I was younger (and I still do this to this day), I got into the habit of sharing anything and everything I learned with the nearest handy person. And explain it just in case. Because I loved learning new things so much that it was vitally important for other people to learn these new fun things too.

And when I started getting older, and failed to regulate my tone of voice, a lot of people got the impression that I was being condescending or smug about my knowledge. Particularly if it was a subject that they told me they didn’t know much about. But I would continue to share information because I couldn’t see why they were mad at me for doing it. Was there a factual error? Did I leave out a vital detail? Were they already aware of these facts and wanted different ones? And on, and on. In reality, it wasn’t the information that they had a problem with, but the presentation and/or general setting (of which I usually remain blissfully unaware).

But nobody said, “Hey, that’s nice information but your tone of voice is really off-putting.” or heck, “I’m not interested right now, maybe write it down for later,” or even just “stop talking please.”

So I continuously thought that the problem was in the information, because to me that was the only constant variable. The people I was sharing it with were different people, in different places, at different times. I changed facial expressions and I did my best attempt to portray some form of nonchalant body language. The problem was in my tone though.

I can’t tell what my tone of voice is when I’m speaking. I have trouble controlling my volume as well and talking at a normal level.

But nobody thought “this small child has no idea how she sounds,” and stopped to tell me. I messed up more friendships than I care to count because of this problem. Without knowing what was wrong or how to change it. I stopped trying to talk with my dad about most things, because of the risk of being punished for being disrespectful.

And this is just one of the many ways that autism can be disabling for people. You don’t see anything but snobbery. I don’t see anything but random anger.

I’m better at regulating tone now, but I still tend towards a monotone no matter what. I also still very frequently struggle maintaining the correct tone (or picking it out to begin with) if I’m stressed or tired. And that’s the thing: I have to think and be careful about how I sound all the time so that people don’t misconstrue my intent and get mad.

It’s kind of nerve-racking tbh and I like writing much better.

“Red magic has two aspects, firstly the invocation of the vitality, aggression, and morale to sustain oneself in any conflict from life in general to outright war, and secondly the conduct of actual combat magic. A variety of god forms exist in which the War-self can be expressed, although hybrid or purely idiosyncratic forms work just as well. Ares, Ishtar, Ogoun, Thor, Mars, Mithras and Horus in particular are often used. Contemporary symbolism should not be neglected. Firearms and explosives are as welcoming to the red gnosis as swords and spears. Drums are virtually indispensable. Sigils drawn in flammable liquids, or indeed whole flaming circles in which to invoke should be considered.”

— Peter J. Carroll, Liber Kaos, pg. 121