Dracul Mihawk is like…the most serious stone-cold mf to roam the seas but I can’t shake this idea/hc of mine that he’s so down-to-earth and unfazed by literally everything that when Zoro and Perona went to live in the Gloomy Kingdom during 3D2Y, they discovered that he’s just weird. Like, not bad weird. But just…he’s so used to just doing things on his own that even though two other people are now in his castle his “by-myself” habits just really show. 

Like, Zoro wakes up super early and expects to be trained but Mihawk slept in until like 1pm and when Zoro gets angry about it he’s just like “I train at night”

Perona is out in the halls and stumbles upon Mihawk in boxers and nothing else and he’s hauling laundry down and he just looks at her and says “Tuesday is laundry day”

After a rigorous training session he mysteriously disappears into his room for hours and when Zoro and Perona go to like talk to him about something they find him curled up in like fifty blankets bingewatching whatever the Grand Line equivalent is of Netflix. 

Zoro comes back from training with the baboons to find an elaborate feast spread over the table for him and Perona and Mihawk is sitting at the end of the table eating Lucky Charms

Zoro and Perona make a bet to when Mihawk will get up from reading a book. They learn a lesson about patience and perseverance when Mihawk literally does not move from the chair for 8 hours.

Perona one weekend finds Mihawk sitting outside in the gloom of the castle in a lawn chair with a full cucumber/charcoal mask on, wearing a fluffy robe. He then indulges with her a conversation about the importance of vitality and skincare, before going inside and kicking Zoro’s ass. 


“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters


anonymous asked:

When did you lost your virginity?

lady bracknell, i admit with shame that I do not know. i only wish i did. the plain facts of the case are these: on the morning of the day you mention, a day that is for ever branded on my memory, i prepared as usual to take my virginity out in its perambulator. i had also with me a somewhat old, but capacious hand-bag in which i had intended to place the manuscript of a work of fiction that i had written during my few unoccupied hours. in a moment of mental abstraction, for which i never can forgive myself, i deposited the manuscript in the basinette, and placed the virginity in the hand-bag. and i left it, god forgive me, in the cloakroom of one of the larger railway stations in london. victoria.. the brighton line. i lived for that regret ever since. i would never forgive myself. 

Mcflyeon’s Top Male models and body builders

Attila Toth

Attila Toth

Bryant Wood

Zander Hodgson 

Calum Von Moger 

Matt Newman 


Danny Kaganovich 

Connor Rudelhoff 

Connor Strongman

Dylan Mckenna, David Laid and Qwin Vitale 

Quinn Biddle 

Nick Sandell 

Austin Scoggin 

Michael Dean 

Daniel Peyer

Chase Ketron

Josh Burkard

Tanner Chidester 

Stephan Michaels 

Alex Valley 

Trevor Van Uden 

Ryan Sage 

Jeff Seid 

Brandon Flihan

Brett Maverick Lange

Elliot Robinson 

Derek Duszynski 

Alex Sewall

Dmitry Averyanov

Ryan Casey 

Brian Lewis 

Matthew Noszka

Byron Chandler

Ross Cook

Charlie Kennedy

Danny Walker 

Cameron McElroy

Cody Deal 

Honourable Mentions: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Murphy, Joseph Sayers, Hugo Matthew, Luke Holbrook, Zack Horton

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