Playing a pathfinder game last night.
High (16) level characters consisting of an elven fae sorcerer with a big cat companion, a human vitalist, a gnome oracle, an elven arcanist and a half orc bloodrager.

We did time shinanigans and screwed up history, now we were trying to get back into an ancient buried church that we had used as our base, preparing to teleport.

Sorc: we don’t know what’s going to be down there, we should buff and stuff before going.

Party: listing off a couple spells/powers used before going

Bloodrager: I’m gonna go enlarge.

Party snickers like school children.

Sorc: don’t do that, I can’t take you if you go enlarge.

Party dies.

The period of vitalistic religions (third and fourth millenia BC) is identified with the symbol of Taurus in which powers of natural fertility were deified. Natural fertility is indeed the keynote of the Taurus type of human being. And the men of the great agricultural cultures of this Age believed that man could only grow through his attachment to the rhythmic powers of nature

Age of Taurus

Dane Rudhyar 

See, I wasn't going to do this.

Why? Because there’s such a risk of it being misinterpreted. Of people thinking that by writing this, I am endorsing doing things half-arsed, opr not bothering with discernment

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised I should say something; that people have been conditioned by the divisive Spirit of the age to pigeonhole such things. I admit, the original realisation has taken years to integrate, so I’m not going to be surprised if people do misinterpret what I’m about to say. But honestly, this isn’t for them. It’s for you, the folks on Tumblr who are serious about what you do, but end up tying yourself in mental knots with what-if’s and maybes.

So, here it is:

There is literally, at the most fundamental level, no conflict between the ‘astral’, the 'real’ and the 'Imaginary.’ Each of those words, and the places and states of experience they describe, are merely conditionalised frameworks.

Without getting to hideously complex arguments over whether say, pop culture deities are as real as those honoured by other religions or recosntructions thereof, I want to explain something to you now:

You are Dreaming. Right now. Your mind is processing input and generating a world for you to inhabit. There is no 'real’. There is only You. And You are Not what You think You Are.

I’m a crazy bastard. I’ve spent too long in places full of spirits, sitting in a wheelchair  while my associates have left me alone, as I requested. Unable to move. Unable to escape.

I’ve been blindfolded in graveyards in the middle of the night while sitting on graves as things hoot and howl around me. I’ve lain paralysed in bed, unable to move because my muscles just decided they weren’t going to answer me. I’ve been beaten, set on fire, had stones thrown at me by innocent children.

And when all that happens, there’s nothing you can do except be. Anger means nothing when you can’t move. A hundred thoughts of revenge will never provide sustenance if there is no way out. When your nerves flare into agony and the painkillers do nothing, all you can do is be. All you can do is allow yourself to exist, to your fullest, in the face of that.

So, understand friends - the world you live in comes from Within. When you’re meditating and those thoughts intrude and distract you, don’t fight. They themselves are agents of your primordial nature, conditioned and bent out of shape by society. Pay them homage as long lost divinities, as chained angels, daimonic creatures in need of aid. They are fellow-travellers driven by a need they do not understand, desiring as you do, to return Home to the Primordial.

Because the Primordial is that which is Beyond Good or Evil, it is feral and joyous, glorious and terrifying. And it exists in all things. This is why friends, the work entails Love.

Because Love is the recognition of the Primordial. Of that which gives rise to You, and all other things. Klages would call it the Cosmogonic Eros, the vitalistic principle which animates all things. But it’s a mistake, friends, to see this like a battery which powers a clockwork universe. The clockwork was originaly built as a demonstration a method of perceiving that same vitalistic principle.  The Kosmos is a manifestation of that Principle - a glorious Multiversal Worlds’ Fair.

So those ordinary mundane distracting thoughts you may have, or those imaginary conversations or whatever - they are also doors, portals to recall what you are. Even the basest, crudest form of matter contains, with the proper application of awareness, a seed of the Primordial.

The Work is training yourself to recognise and reveal the manifest forms of the Primordial in such a way as to slip the conditioning which has been applied to you. Understand that, whatever occurs, some portion of the Primordial remains, it is there for you to recognise.

By traning your heart and mind and body, even for a moment to call out to the Primordial in a given situation, you will make a connexion, you will rediscover roots which will benefit you and others around you.

Now, of course,some phenomena may be more easily perceived as portals to the Primordial. We might call them sacred objects, rites, or beings. We might find ourselves transported to the Venusberg by a play or a piece of music. We could be influenced from childhood by a book, a fim, a tale told at bedtime. It doesn’t matter.

You are already a Realised Being -already an Immortal, already a Buddha. You just don’t remember it, and even if you do, the work is in remembering this fact in spite of the thrills and spills of the Fair I mentioned.

You’re going to fail though, going to slip back into conditioned responses  - everyone does. But the importan. thing is that you realise that the fall is also quite capable of revealing the Primordial too, just as the corpse provides us with a pre-eminent method realising what we are.

The Gold and the Shit are the same thing, which is Neither of them.

SZ: Till Lindemann about desire
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung: So Rammstein won’t die?
  • TL: Rammstein is absolutely not going to die. The band is always number one. But the comparison with the wife lags a little since I don’t have to sleep with the boys.
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung: And that’s what the tour parties are famous for.
  • TL: What can I say? I have to let off some steam after a show. It’s too much adrenaline in the body. Most times, the promotor arranges for a club. And there, drugs and alcohol are playing a part too.
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung: You are 52 years old.
  • TL: I don’t party as hard as I used to. The balance is important. What you really want is to go home and spend time with your family and friends. But in a way, the parties are also part of the job. And breadwinning always comes before fun and God.
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung: Are you a man of faith?
  • TL: No. I’m as atheist as they come. If anything, I would call myself a Vitalist. I believe in the inner desires. Women. Fishing. Hunting. Everything that’s fundamental, even if it’s seen as offensive in our society. I’m convinced that things would be very different if more people only followed their desires instead of subverting them.