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I’m going to post now, just as the 13th of May is ending here, what I just posted for all to see on my Facebook. 

The insanity and infirmity or what happened to me at 2:30am this morning, well, yesterday now, by 1 minute, just won’t stop hitting me and I honestly don’t care who thinks I’m weird. 

I have had the best day, ever, from getting THAT notification, to writing songs infront of an INSANE sunrise because I couldn’t sleep, to seeing my school friend and having a fangirling lunch… 

 I have never, ever walked around feeling so happy or unashamed of myself and my “craziness” before. I always thought I was comfortable with myself before, but after events today, I’ve realised that words of encouragement from one of those people you value the most really do lift you. I’m used to being seen as weird, what with having a physical disability and all, added to the fact I’m apparently quite outgoing and can be quite fierce because I don’t do things in half measures. When I love, I really do, and that, a lot of times in my life, frightens people. 

Which brings me to my main point. 

 I love Taylor Swift so much I can’t breath thinking about it. I say this these days and lots of people roll their eyes at me because she’s a superstar and everyone knows who she is - “she has millions of fans,” they say, as though the fierceness of my love is wasted on this blog because I’m one of many. However, I love her only more today than I did that first day god knows when when I was an awkward, self-deprecating, lost little girl of 10 or 11. I had no idea where I was going and didn’t know how to fit in, but a sweet, young, kind artist’s voice spoke to me, and introduced me to a style of music that has completely shaped my life. 

I’ve loved Taylor for nine years from so far away, and I really thought that it would remain that watching until recently, when she’s been blogging with us. It has made me so happy to see her interact with the amazing group of people she’s brought together, because we’re not just a load of strangers on a blog site. We’re really not. 

Anyway, this same woman I have always admired, daydreamed about writing songs with, laughed with over memes on the internet, seen on stage in a room of thousands of people… today took time out her multi-millionaire superstar, jam-packed day to defend ME from a bully… and in spectacular fashion.

Words cannot describe how I feel; it chokes me up and I just can’t articulate anything. So, all I’ll say is this. I feel as though today I have been taught such a life lesson.. I will forever promise to ‘keep on groovin’ (making the moves up as I go, even though I don’t move the way other people do.. Aha), and, of course, *Brownie saluts* I PROMISE to always use correct grammar. 

Now I’m all weepy again, so I’m going to go to bed, since I didn’t sleep until 5am last night because I was so happy. 

See you soon, Swift. Sarah enchantswift and I are coming for ya. 😘❤️ #ThanksLucky13