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Melanie Huber and Blake Vitale have been friends since high school, best friends since college. While his career took off right away she stayed in the background before she finally got her big break. As Melanie climbs the ladder of Hollywood success, Blake finds that sometimes you have to crash and burn before you can really achieve your dreams.

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Author Note: The final chapter, thank you so much to everyone who has read this. If you have any questions or comments about this please feel free to message me, I am down for any and all feedback. Kat


Early on a Saturday morning Melanie walked around the flea market, her iced chai in her hand that she sipped on occasionally, while looking for nothing at all but that piece that would call to her to be redone, turned into something new. Something to distract her when she wasn’t working on Dr. Neil, or making love with Lucas, something to put her energy into so she would stop thinking about Blake.

How did he do this to her? How did he always find a way to sneak into her thoughts?

“A penny for your thoughts.” The voice melted into her brain and caused her to look up before she walked right into him.

“Xavier, long time no see.” She sipped the last bit of her chai as she studied him, a man she almost married.

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Lesbian genre fiction is vital. Literary fiction about lesbians is important, but you’re far more likely to find Tragic Lesbians there–women who die for loving women, or who never find someone to love them back. But in lesbian genre fiction, we can actually find many of the stories that we don’t usually get to have.

Being reflected and having positive and varied narratives you can see yourself in is absolutely necessary. Stories about lesbians as detectives, warriors in fantastical lands, or explorers sailing through space are important. Stories where women get to be together and happily stay together are important. It’s essential that lesbians are not tied only to brutal realities. We deserve to be able to imagine ourselves joyful, and to imagine ourselves as heroes.

Getting to see women like me in stories makes it so much easier to see myself in a happy future, and we all deserve that. These books are sustenance in this heterosexual wasteland.

Lesbian genre fiction keeps women alive. It gives hope and possibilities where we have been denied that. It widens the world for young lesbians who feel like their fates are vague and bleak, and there are few things more important than that.

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