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Softly wheezing because @inashibe made this wonderful little thing for me.
I love my friend and I also love my baby Poth child, Vital. He’s lovely.
Yall should go check out Shibe and their art.
Goth belongs to @nekophy
Palette belongs to @angexci
Pastel belongs to @torosiken
Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies
Reaper belongs to @renrink
Ink belongs to @comyet
And finally, Dream belongs to @jokublog

I’m pretty sure there are more Poth kids out there but I literally am only aware of Pastel because of @blogthegreatrouge

Im…gunna put all that extra information about Vital in again…

• His name more or less refers to life-or-death situations.
• Not so much ‘shy’. He just doesn’t talk much.
• As you can see, he’s blind in his right eye. There was something wrong…at birth that caused all these glitches picked up from Geno
• He’s pretty small, only about 4'4". Just a little shorter than my Mad Scientist/Inventor Sans (around 4'6" to 7")
• He’s generally pretty calm and collected.
• Vital has the ability to at least prolong a death but not grant immortality.
• Unlike Palette, he isn’t very artsy with paints or the like. However, Vital does like to take pictures. His hobby is photography.
~And here’s some more added things~
• He enjoys small animals quite a bit
• Vital inherited his blush (kind of) by Ink
• He’s camera shy
• If anyone tries to hurt his family he will try to stand in the way of danger, even if it means getting hurt himself

More detail on his personality and Stats:
Vital is more of a quieter skeleton. He isn’t shy as he just never really sees a point to speak unless he needs to. Usually he’s laid back, even if someone makes him mad. Once he does reach his breaking point he’ll turn and book it. He isn’t going to deal with anyone’s shenanigans if he’s ticked off. Overall he won’t pick fights with anyone. Being as quiet as he is, it’s a little harder to make friends.

LVL: 3
ATK: 15-20
DEF: 10


Seven Chakras and their Main Characteristics.

Key Issues - Sexuality, Lust, Obsession
Inner Aspect - Grounding Spiritual Energies
Physiological System - Reproductive
Spiritual Action - Security
Blockages - Insecurity, Fearful, Absent-Minded
Clear - Secure, Grounded, Stable
Element - Earth
Sense - Smell


Key Issues - Relationships, Violence, Addictions
Inner Aspect - Feeling
Physiological System - Genitourinary
Spiritual Action - Enthusiasm
Blockages - Impotent, Frigid, or Over-sexed
Clear - Patient, Enduring, Nurturing, and Secure
Element - Water
Sense - Taste

Key Issues - Power, Fear, Anxiety and Introversion
Inner Aspect - Opinion and Personal Power
Physiological System - Metabolic/Digestive
Spiritual Action - Growth
Blockages - Powerless, Greed, Doubt, Anger and Guilt
Clear - Self Motivation, Personal Power, Accepts Responsibility for Creation
Element - Fire
Sense - Sight

Key Issues - Passion, Tenderness, Inner Child Issues and Rejection
Inner Aspect - Unconditional Love and Compassion
Physiological System - Circulatory, Lymphatic and Immune
Spiritual Action - Devotion
Blockages - Immune Deficiency, Lack of Joy, Insensitive and Sad
Clear - Love, Compassion, Acceptance and Fulfillment
Element - Air
Sense - Touch

Key Issues - Self-Expression, Communication
and Will
Inner Aspect - Expression
Physiological System - Respiratory
Spiritual Action - Security
Blockages - Boredom, Unfulfilled Creativity, Hearing & Speech Problems
Clear - Good Communication, Inspiration, Creativity and Expression
Element - Ether
Sense - Hearing

Key Issues - Balancing Higher/Lower Selves
Inner Aspect - Intuition
Physiological System - Endocrine & Nervous
Spiritual Action - Meditation
Blockages - Detached & Distant from Others, Difficulty Focusing in Life
Clear - Expanded Imagination, Enhanced Psychic Abilities & Intellect
Element - Spiritual Vision, Inner Sound
Sense - Telepathy, Empathy

Key Issues - Inner Wisdom, Death of Body
Inner Aspect - Release of Karma
Physiological System - Central Nervous System & Brain
Spiritual Action - Unity through Transcendental Consciousness
Blockages - Depression, Anxiety, Worry
Clear - Perceive Cosmic Love and All-Knowing of our 5th Dimensional SELF
Element - Cosmic Energy
Sense - Multidimensional and Extrasensory 


i needed to sketch this out as quick as i could bc it pumped me up so bad, i have more images in my brain i need to draw but i also like, need to be alive and i havent lately. this is based on @squidbiscuit’s idea for a game called lure, a fishing game where your boat sits on top of a lake full of old, old beings. you can fish, stay human and survive or become one with Them

eating strange fish changes you, and opens your eyes to things your human mind delluded you from seeing for the sake of validating your small ideas of reality. the lake (sea?) is abnormally calm. it has fish, other boats, but theres still no wind, and no current. you dont know how you happened about this boat, fishing. the boat has a small engine that seemingly doest run out of fuel, but it stops running after a certain point.

i was imagining mechanically for it to be a game with a 3d build, but with 2d assets for specific things like seeing your character profile and other npcs close up. i think playing in first person would be interesting. the rendering on humans would be blockier and stylised whereas eldritch style abominations would have a more organic, detailed build and animation.

anyway i know this sketch isnt much i just needed to get this out while i was pumped for it. i love games i love the idea of making games and i love new game ideas so!!! i was pumped. heres a link to the original post if you guys wanna give it a read, its super exciting!!! i would love to develop this if i knew two shits about actual game making


She loved him wholeheartedly. And love meant accepting all of him—even the sadistic, hollow parts.

so i recently read the (h)ichiruki fic impunity by ichilover3 and i fell in LOOOOOVE with it it’s so good i just had to pay tribute to it somehow so i drew one of my favorite parts…… this was so much fun i got to draw so much ichiruki (love)

this was supposed to be outertale but then it turned into something else idek what it turned into ill just call it a mess cause that’s what it looks like

To Balance your Heart Chakra, try this Meditation to help support your Growth, Fulfillment and Ability to Rise above it All.

The Heart Chakra, known as the Anahata in Sanskrit, helps activate your Emotional Center to foster Energy Circulation, the Expression of Love and a Sense of Empathy, while dispelling callousness and anger.

Location: Center of the chest
Sanskrit name: Anahata
Color: Green
Number of Petals: 12
Element: Air
Mantra: Yam
Mind: Passion/Compassion
Emotion: Love of Self as well as others
Spirit: Devotion