I posted a while back about this vine because I was unable to identify it. It started fruiting, which allowed me to ID it as peppervine (Ampelopsis arborea). It’s an attractive, vigorous, native vine that produces clusters of very small, green flowers that are extremely attractive to pollinators. The fruits start out white and go through various shades of pink and purple-red before maturing to a deep, glossy black. There’s some disagreement online as to their edibility; the fruit contain large amounts of oxalic acid, but others do eat them and use them in wine and baking (they’re a member of Vitaceae, the grape family). I tried one for science and they have a faintly sweet but mostly insipid taste, followed by telltale oxalate tingling. Cooking might mitigate this. That said, it wouldn’t be my first choice for foraging, but the vine has excellent wildlife value within its native range. (It can be very aggressive, so I would not suggest introducing it outside that range, or anywhere where its rapid growth would not be acceptable).

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