Chewable Monday with VitaCare

A recent Lion'esque Style Discovery!

We’ve recently discoverd VITACARE: a whitening gum that is sugar free, gluten free AND has vitamins PLUS calcium.

While chewing away you feel like you just went to the dentist for a cleaning but without the pain.

While chewing you will feel refreshed with a mint filled burst of tooth paste in your month minus the foam! The flavor is long lasting for hours. 

The most effective way to chew “as per their packaging” - To improve hygiene and freshen breath chew two pieces for 15 minutes between brushings. 

Vitacare… you freshen my breath all day!

- Lion'esque Style approved by Eliza Rodriguez 

Ótima dica 😉

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Vitacare Whitening Gum Cool Mint Freshness + Pomegranate

Location Purchased: Whole Foods

A simple sleeve/tablet package that comes with 12 pieces of gum. This gum is packed with vitamins, is sugar free, and gluten free. Two pieces makes a serving.

The pieces are soft with a thin candy shell. It’s an enjoyable crunch. The mint is soft and fresh and the fruitiness of the pomegranate gives it a sweet taste. The pomegranate is very light in flavor. The flavor fades into just mint and then goes to a powdery taste from the vitamins. It’s better for refreshing your breath and not the marathon chew.
New favorite cruelty-free toothpaste: Vitacare Whitening Plus Toothpaste in Key Lime (with mint)

I’ve been using a Trader Joe’s anti-plaque toothpaste for quite some time, and it’s been okay, but I figured it was time for something new, something that will give me better check-ups (because I’m sick of having more and more cavities despite brushing even more frequently and cutting back on sugar) and whiter teeth. I spent about ten minutes in front of the toothpaste section at Whole Foods and was getting tired of being asked repeatedly, “Can I help you with anything?” so I grabbed a tube of Vitacare, especially because it was about $.40 cheaper than Kiss My Face.

I’ve been using it for about a week now and have already noticed a difference in the color of my teeth. They’re a lot brighter and feel so much cleaner than they ever have with any other toothpaste. Every time I brush, I feel like I’ve just had a cleaning; it’s so nice. The flavor is subtle, not quite as minty as I’d like, but it’s pleasant, and I love that there’s no sugar in it; instead, they use Xylitol, which has been shown to improve the health of teeth. The toothpaste is a little on the thin and runny side, so you won’t get the foam you might be used to if you use conventional toothpastes (I never got any foam with my TJ’s one, so I’m used to that), but it certainly gets the job done.

Another thing I love is that it’s cruelty-free, fluoride-free, free of artificial colors and flavors, and contains no SLS or parabens. It does contain Vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as calcium, aloe, and cranberry extract, and it tastes nice.

I highly suggest this toothpaste, especially because the flavor is so interesting. They have it in key lime, acai, and pomegranate, all of which have a hint of mint, as well.

Vitacare Cool Mint Freshness + Key Lime

Location Purchased: Whole Foods


The normal tablet/sleeve operation here. There are 12 pieces of whitening, gluten-free, sugar-free (sweetened with xylitol) gum that is enriched with vitamins A, C, D, E, and calcium. I love the sleek design, it’s clean and refreshing with the limes in the background.

The pieces of gum are thin, the package does say that two pieces make a serving, and I agree.


Right as it touches your tongue you can taste the cooling xylitol sweetness with a hint of lime. The first crunch of the gum lets loose even more lime flavor. I hardly taste mint, it’s just the cooling sensation of it. I think if they added morenmint that it would have to be a mojito! I enjoy the initial the taste, I’m a sucker for lime or lemon anything so I can’t help but to be a little biased. The aftertaste is not appetizing, it gets bitter and nasty. The gum will actually start to fall apart, especially if you let it sit in your mouth for a while without chewing it. 

I think this is a good gum to chew for 15 minutes to freshen up your breath. It leaves the mouth cool and refreshed.

Vitacare Whitening Gum: Cool Mint Freshness + Acai

Location Purchased: Whole Foods


This gum has a lot going for it! It’s a super functional gum! It’s whitening! It has 20% of your vitamin A, C, D, and E, as well as 2% of your calcium! The gum is sugar free, but sweetened with xylitol! It’s your normal tablet gum/sleeve operation. Slide it open to find 12 pieces of gum with a serving size of 2 pieces.


The candy coating is soft, just like the gum inside. It’s a bit chalky in taste, but don’t let that stop you. It’s interesting! It’s sweet and lightly minty. I wish I knew what acai tasted like so I could say one way or another about that. There is a taste that I can’t place and that could be it! The flavor gets get muddled after a while, but the package does say that you only need to chew it for 15 minutes for the benefits of the gum. The consistency is weird, but it doesn’t seem to break apart.

I would keep this gum around for a breath freshener, it can’t really do a marathon chew.