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PS Vita TV - Vita, PSP and PS1 games, Remote PS4 capability via theverge


These PS Vita LEs are for a game that isn’t on Vita ⊟ 

Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward expansion is being accompanied in Japan by a series of LE hardware, including PS Vita and PS Vita TV.

Because you can play FFXIV over Remote Play from a PS4. There’s also a limited PS4, which is nice because FFXIV is a game that is on PS4.

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Vita TV is my kind of home console

When I first saw the PS Vita TV, I thought it was vaguely hilarious. But the more I think about it, the more excited I become about the possibilities it holds – possibilities, I must note, that I’m not sure will ever be explored.

The Vita TV isn’t just a tiny PlayStation, or a Vita that you hook up to the TV. It’s a new kind of console that allows users the freedom to choose how to play their games. It’s exciting.

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Slow sales in Japan haven’t changed Sony’s western release plans for Vita TV

Sony is still deliberating a western released for the PlayStation Vita TV hardware despite relatively slow sales after its initial launch in Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Andrew House told Eurogamer.

The Vita TV was released in Japan on Nov. 14 and sold 42,000 units during its launch week. House said that Sony’s plans for bringing the console to international territories is unaffected, but the way the device is pitched abroad may change.

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Dangan Ronpa 2 -> Playstation TV (aka Vita TV) -> projector -> home theater screen

It looks very good considering it’s been blown up from a Vita screen size to something against a wall. Animation is also very fluid.

Started chapter 2 tonight. Twilight Murder Syndrome is very topical for Halloween.


Sony computer entertainment president called the Playstation Vita a legacy system and has no plans of focusing on it anymore. Is this the end of the Playstation Vita officially?



The PS Vita TV is a curious thing. Is it a TV streaming box or a Playstation console? It’s both. Some confusion has come about from this device, but a lot more interest and fascination has been generated. Will it appear outside Asia? You’ll hope it will after you find out more.

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Here are some Photos
Top 2 Photos are Persona 4 Golden running on the Vita TV
The 3rd Photo is a Vita TV next to an N64 cart (so small)
The last two photos are the PS2 P4 running over component cables

These photos don’t do it justice really (taken with a regular Vita), Golden on the TV looks like 100x better than the PS2 version. I am smitten.