This May Just Be the Fabled Sony/Nintendo Console That Almost Was

Via @snescentral. It looks much like one would imagine such a console looking. Nintendo and Sony were going to partner up to make a console in the 1990s, but went separate ways when Nintendo didn’t cotton to using CD ROMS. 

Oh, what could have been! I try not to think about it. The future may have been too perfect to imagine.

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These PS Vita LEs are for a game that isn’t on Vita ⊟ 

Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward expansion is being accompanied in Japan by a series of LE hardware, including PS Vita and PS Vita TV.

Because you can play FFXIV over Remote Play from a PS4. There’s also a limited PS4, which is nice because FFXIV is a game that is on PS4.

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PS Vita TV - Vita, PSP and PS1 games, Remote PS4 capability via theverge

Vita TV is my kind of home console

When I first saw the PS Vita TV, I thought it was vaguely hilarious. But the more I think about it, the more excited I become about the possibilities it holds – possibilities, I must note, that I’m not sure will ever be explored.

The Vita TV isn’t just a tiny PlayStation, or a Vita that you hook up to the TV. It’s a new kind of console that allows users the freedom to choose how to play their games. It’s exciting.

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Slimmer, Faster, Flatter, TVer, WTFer

OK, so the 2DS is a 3DS minus the 3D. And the PS Vita TV is a PS Vita that lets you only play some Vita games. And the new Vita is slightly lighter and thinner but otherwise looks nearly identical to the original. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Are the Xbox One S and PS4 Slim going to be out in December?

With almost 5 days left to go on this Kickstarter, I wanted to try and help spread the word, and maybe convince people who have already given money to maybe give a little more. I know that may be asking a lot, but hear me out.

First, you saw the latest update right guys? With the new contributor tier you can vote on what transformations you guys would want to see in the new game! Not only that, but you can vote on special Powers, and Bosses! What’s more, you also get the Tinkerbat Teir with this one, meaning you get a special, Backers only, transformation!

Who doesn’t like exclusive stuff? No one that;s who. Worth every penny.

Now, the Campaign is almost to the Risky Boots Tier, and i think we will make it by the end of the day today. Which is awesome, because with that tier, we get a whole new story with a new character to play as! But, that’s not the best part. If we reach further stretch goals, like additional chapters and costumes, not only with Shantae’s story by longer with new transformations, but so will Risky’s! See, Wayforward plans to expand every character equally with it goal they reach. So if you get 600k, Shantae will get a new chapter and transformation, and Risky will get a new chapter and Pirate tech. And if we reach 700k, both Shantae and Risky will get 3 new costumes, each differing their playstyle to make for fun speed run’s and challenge runs if you want.

So, you may be saying, I already gave 5, 12, 15, or 25 bucks. I feel that is enough. Well, if the awards i mentioned weren’t enough, let me add this. I did the math, to see how much we can raise if everyone below 60 upgraded to the 60 tier, the voting tier. Here is what I got:

125 $5 teir = $6878
1000 $12 tier = $48000
4847 $15 tier = $218115
1684 $25 tier = $58940
1038 $35 tier = $25950
246 $45 tier = $3690
211 $55 tier = $1055

TOTAL = $362,628!!!

That would bring out total kickstarter money to around $842,628, giving us Risky Mode

2 bonus chapters, with 2 transformations for Shantae and 2 new skills for Risky

and 6 costumes(3 for Shantae, 3 for Risky)

and halfway to Rottytops, Sky, and Bolo as playable!

And if they become playable, they each will get 3 extra costumes, and their story will be as lon as Riskys and Shantaes!

All this stuff in one game… that is easily worth 60 bucks, don’t you agree guys? You will easily be getting your monies worth with 5 playable characters, each with their own story spanning at least 6 chapters each. Most AAA games don’t have that much!

If all of us upgrade, and the new people keep coming… it may be possible to get to this tier, giving us a total of SEVEN Chapters for every character(for a total of 35 chapters!), and 3 extra transformations for Shantae, 3 extra weapons for Risky, and an extra ability most likely for Rottytops, Bolo, and Sky!

Unfortunately, I don’t see us making these 3 just by kickstarter… but maybe via Paypal later. Voice Acting can be done late in development after all. That last chapter will give everyone 8 chapters(total of 40 for everyone), and extra transformation/weapons/skills for the crew. I am very curious what the 1.3 million one is…A Shantae TV show? Animated cut scenes? I will report as soon as I know!

I hope this helps everyone out! Spread the word, tell your friends, and if you can, please give money or up your pledge! Let’s make this a great game most AAA companies would be jealous of! I’ll continue to report one this game as news comes out, and I will share stuff with you as well… I am an enemy designer, so I will show you what I plan to make, as well as some of the other guys, what they plan to make! Also, I’ll share some possible costumes for Risky and the rest based on other Wayforward stuff. Look Forward to it!

EDIT: I forgot to include a link to the kickstarter. Derp. it’s at the top of the article!


Sony computer entertainment president called the Playstation Vita a legacy system and has no plans of focusing on it anymore. Is this the end of the Playstation Vita officially?


Slow sales in Japan haven’t changed Sony’s western release plans for Vita TV

Sony is still deliberating a western released for the PlayStation Vita TV hardware despite relatively slow sales after its initial launch in Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Andrew House told Eurogamer.

The Vita TV was released in Japan on Nov. 14 and sold 42,000 units during its launch week. House said that Sony’s plans for bringing the console to international territories is unaffected, but the way the device is pitched abroad may change.

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Dangan Ronpa 2 -> Playstation TV (aka Vita TV) -> projector -> home theater screen

It looks very good considering it’s been blown up from a Vita screen size to something against a wall. Animation is also very fluid.

Started chapter 2 tonight. Twilight Murder Syndrome is very topical for Halloween.


The PS Vita TV is a curious thing. Is it a TV streaming box or a Playstation console? It’s both. Some confusion has come about from this device, but a lot more interest and fascination has been generated. Will it appear outside Asia? You’ll hope it will after you find out more.

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Here are some Photos
Top 2 Photos are Persona 4 Golden running on the Vita TV
The 3rd Photo is a Vita TV next to an N64 cart (so small)
The last two photos are the PS2 P4 running over component cables

These photos don’t do it justice really (taken with a regular Vita), Golden on the TV looks like 100x better than the PS2 version. I am smitten.


PlayStation Vita TV - Features Trailer

PS Vita TV coming to North America & Europe this fall as ‘PlayStation TV’

It will be launching for $99 / €99, Sony Computer Entertainment announced during its E3 media briefing. A bundle including a DualShock 3 wireless controller, eight gigabyte memory card, and The LEGO Movie Videogame will also be available for $139 in North America.