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Chiamami faccia d'angelo e ricorda, che il diavolo era un angelo con due ali di scorta
—  Luchè - Fino Alla Fine (Ft. Jake, Emis, Vit, Ensi, Exo, Surfa, Vacca)

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How long do you think a girl should wait to have sex with her boyfriend?

seksi mendoj eshte nje vendim personal edhe sidomos momental, nuk ka rendesi nqs je dicka apo sje dicka, ka kaluar 1 dite apo ka kaluar 1 vit, nqs ti e ndjen te nevojshme te kesh dicka me dike atehere shijoje

Field Trip


It looks like I’ve taken on the responsibility of having to make pickups. I’ll be flying to Diagon Alley tomorrow to grab some much needed supplies. This means two things

  1. The school will be without either of its IT people for a day.
  2. I’ll be conveniently close to The Ministry and can take a certain somebody out on a date.