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I spent all my life as a wine consultant, tasting, buying and selling wine and spirits. Teaching people a lifestyle, how to live well. I was very good at this job, so much it drained my soul especially during the holiday season.
It took years of shedding my soul of marketing and public relations to see what life was about. Not until I became a beekeeper did I achieve my inner peace.
Bees came into my life four years ago as a swarm, and with this gift I became a beekeeper. Not the honey for money guy you see at the market but the passionate advocate of my winged friends. Teaching responsible beekeeping consumed my life. Finding a balance between helping them and allowing them to find there own way.
Only in the past few years have bees given me honey, wax and propolis. I received these gifts with awe and incorporated them into my life. Toothpaste, mouthwashes, creams, hair pomade, wood wax, mead, and candles to name a few. You name it and I make it.
What I learned from these products is the simplicity of life, how I wasn’t an inventor, but just exploring techniques and ingredients that were in use by common house holds less than a few hundred years ago. Where you made what you needed without a carbon footprint, preservatives and marketing machines.
Beekeeping has changed the way I live. I am far from being granola but I have a learned a respect for the planet, its inhabitants and my small part I play here. I never thought much about legacy and what it means to have the gift of life. But I can tell you I am a better person for taking a step back and looking at life from the eyes of a selfless insect.

Lip balm and rough spot suave
¼ cup bees wax
¼ coconut oil
¼ Shea butter
One or two drops of lanolin
4 vitamin E gel tabs squeezed of the contents
10 - 15 drops of essential oil

Melt everything except the E and essential oil in a double boiler. I use an old espresso milk frother dedicated for my wax melting and mixing.
Add the Vit E and essential oil of your choice at the last minute to preserve its potency.

I use only vanilla, propolis or lemongrass for my oil. You can buy metal tins, lip balm containers or use used Altoid Smalls containers.

Enjoy and live life well.

"Letra e fundit" - S.Olldashi

Kjo eshte letra e fundit per ty…

Po filloj te lodhem nga pak.

Ti s'lexon, s'pelqen, as kupton,

S'e di ne ka me kuptim ta zgjas.

U nis diku larg, a kujtohesh?

Ne korrik,e mban mend? Ishte nate.

Ne qytetin e madh plot me drita,

Me mushkonja,me zhurme e me vape.

Ti, nje harabel i shushatur.

Une qe kerkoja pak drite,

Sado e vogel te ishte,

Shpirtin ta nxirrja me nxit.

Pastaj, gjithcka erdhi rrembyeshem,

Si perroi nga mali kur zbret,

Kapercen cdo gje qe gjen para,

Oshetin, ateher kur se pret.

Kam kaluar kohe te paqta me ty,

Vit e muaj te mbare,

Jave dhe ore qiellore,

Minuta, sekonda plot zjarr.

Te kam dashur, te dua pafund,

Ashtu si di une, qetesisht.

Pa zhurme, pa dekor, pa rremuje,

Te kam dashur dhe te dua marrezisht.

Floket pakrehur dhe syte t'i dua,

Ashtu si ngrihesh nga shtrati ne mengjes,

Dua aromen e lekures pas dushit,

Dua takimet kur vjen me vonese.

Atje te kolibja prane detit,

Kur perendimi eshte i kuq e i gjate,

Ku gatuanim shpejt e shpejt te dy

E mjeshterine servirnim ne pjate.

I dua grindjet e tua pa fund,

Llastimet e tua lakuriqe,

Xhirot e gjata ne kohe,

Mendimet, si rrobat m'i hiqje.

Une te dua. Ti s'e di.

Ndoshta duhet ta tregoja, s'ke faj.

Mbase une jam shume vjeshte per ty,

E ti per mua shume maj.

Megjithate s'mund te thuash s'te dua,

S'mund te thuash se u bera mizor,
Nuk kam faj per vjeshten me shira

E ti s'me do me cader ne dore.

Do ta mbaja pa u lodhur gjithehere

Te te mbroja nga shirat e mi,

Ti s'do vec kete, ti do qiellin tend,

Ku asnje re mos te te nxije.

Kjo nuk me ben te pandreqshem,

Kjo nuk me ben genjeshtar,

As ty nuk te ben fajtore

Dhe as nuk te ben te marre.

Ti vrapon nder agime,

Une capitem ne muzg,

Ti freskon frymen zymbylare,

Une djeg cigaren ne buze.

E dija, patjeter e dija,

Qe nje dite mund te vinte si kjo,
Me kot u mundova t'i fshihem

Kur iken, te gjen vete ajo.

E fundit eshte kjo kenge per ty,

Nuk e di ne e do dhe kete,
S'mundesha ta mbaja perbrenda,

S'mundesha ta lija pa ze.

Tani, bej si di ti,

Une te premtoj vec nje gje:

Sido qe te zgjedhesh ne fund,

Une do t'vij o do t'iki,
… pa ze.

anonymous asked:

Arush dudushi :) viti i pare? 21 vjec? Ok dhe une do e le shkollen dhe do filloj prap nga e para atje ku me do qefi bcs i hate the one I'm at actually dhe ska asgje t keqe qe nje 21 vjecar t jete viti i pare. U are awesome and funny bro🐻❤️

Ti rrofsh per mbeshtetjen po nuk e kam len ndonjiher shkollen tho. Gjimnazin e kam mbaruar ne Harry T. Fultz dhe aty esht 4 vjet jo 3. 1 vit bera gap year sepse kisha disa gjera me te mira se shkolla ne dor qe me duheshin per te shkuar shum lart ne te ardhmen( tho shkolla esht e rendesishme stay in school kids). Prandaj kte vit po mbaroj vitin e par uni.

Magickal Uses of Wood Betony

Planetary Association: Jupiter

Gender: Masculine

Element: Fire

History and Folklore

A humble, and common herb of the Mint family, it is difficult to comprehend the ancient’s adoration for this herb. Culpeper recommends it for practically every disease under the sun and a little pamphlet dedicated to Wood Betony ascribed to Antony Musa, Caesar Augustus’ personal physician, mentions its use for no less than 47 diseases. (However, some doubt the author’s identity and deem the text to be much younger). Popular sayings, such as ‘Sell your coat and buy betony’ (Italy) are also widespread and it was widely believed that a house where Betony grew was protected against all evil, particularly that arising from snakes.

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Field Trip


It looks like I’ve taken on the responsibility of having to make pickups. I’ll be flying to Diagon Alley tomorrow to grab some much needed supplies. This means two things

  1. The school will be without either of its IT people for a day.
  2. I’ll be conveniently close to The Ministry and can take a certain somebody out on a date.
È la gelosia che mi porta ad odiare il vento che ti sfiora in ogni momento quando sono via, è una malattia che ti sento così dentro..ti sento così dentro in ogni melodia.
Potrei scappare come tutti ma sei casa mia, potrei mentirti come tutti ma tu, tu sei mia.
—  Maxi B e David Vit, Amoressia.