Hairgate aside, the DGHDA fandom is actually an incredibly problematic fandom.

  • It’s a small fandom, but it’s not that small, so despite everyone being super super nice it’s impossible to follow everyone and still keep up with my dash. This is incredibly disheartening.
  • There are so many amazing artists in this fandom, and they produce some of the best art I’ve ever seen, and yet I can’t reblog every piece I come across otherwise I’d end up flooding peoples dashes and I don’t want to be rude. It means liking instead of reblogging a lot of stuff I’d really like to reblog and this makes me really sad.
  • Likewise with writers. There are amazing writers in this fandom, but I only have so much free time so I can’t read everything. This breaks my heart.
  • The cast/crew are so utterly perfect and problem free I’m convinced they come from an alternate dimension. At some point that dimension is going to want them back and frankly that terrifies me.
  • It hasn’t happened yet, but at some point someone’s going to declare Farah’s jacket collection superior to Dirk’s jacket collection, or visversa, and the resulting war is going to be horrible.
  • When hairgate gets back to Max and we do end up with technicoloured hair Dirk, the fandom is bound to schism into opposing factions. I don’t want to start this prematurely, but I am definitely Team Blue.
Life is Strange Theories

So after playing episode 3 I have a theory (or two) about the game
theory one being Max is actually Rachel and visversa which makes sense because Max was not in Arcadia Bay during the time Rachel was. Future(ish) Max knew this and using a picture she travels back in time and makes herself Rachel to figure out what is really happening.
leading to my second theory: the black circle marks on the walls you see placed around the game with “hole to another dimension” written next to them are how Max is going to travel back/ between the 2 (or more) timelines created.

You can not just sit there and think that madison does not like jack or visversa and tbh jack is going to be the stupidest person on the planet if he dates her. Just remember you got a literal army that doesnt like Madison. Smh madison be wanting a fucking panda bear so bad why doesnt she fucking get a stuffed one since shes childish af and a little 12 yr old. Wtf