> You pause in your traveling to collect your thoughts. Did you remember to gather everything you needed for the next few nights? You won’t have time to go out and grab more reagents once you begin this next brew, so you need to be absolutely sure that there is nothing you’ve forgotten. 

>So absorbed are you in your recollecting, that you fail to notice the sound of someone coming a tad too close to where you stand. 

thEE concept of quadrants exists onlYY to control the EEmotional tIIes of trolls and peghole them into a controlled monogamYY. it is also a way of rEEmoving what the EmpIIre considers ‘defective’ genes from the slurrYY, as a mutantblood or non-sterEEotypical member of a certain caste has less chance of acquIIring concupiscent partners. 

bYY controlling the sexual desIIres of trollkIInd through fEEar tactics and caste oppression, II can safelYY say that the quadrant system is not beneficIIal. 

OOC: She just wants to have more sex.