How to Choose Art for Kitchen Areas

Did you ever notice how everyone at a party gravitates to the kitchen? In many homes, the kitchen is the focal point, the hub where everyone gathers to talk, to eat and to just hang out. So why not make it a room you love.

You should decorate your kitchen with the same enthusiasm as you do the living room and bedrooms. Customize it to your personal taste. It’s easy!

One of the easiest ways to make it your own is to add some art for kitchen areas. Now don’t let the word “art” intimidate you. Art doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Art prints and posters are surprisingly affordable. When framed, they make a beautiful addition to any room. Use them to complement your kitchen décor, while bringing color and excitement to what would otherwise be ho-hum functional space.                                                                                          

                                                                                                      Dance Me Around the Kitchen   

Follow These Steps to Choose Art for Kitchen Areas 

Selecting art for kitchen spaces doesn’t require a degree in art history or interior design, but you do want to choose carefully, as you’re likely to keep your framed artwork for many years. Simplify the decision process by following these steps:

1) Identify and measure the space you want to fill. The dimensions will affect what prints will fit and also whether a horizontal or vertical image will work best. Be sure to note any space limitations. Are appliances or cupboards going to get in the way? Open cabinet doors and see how far they go. If they open so wide they almost hit the wall, you won’t want to place any kitchen art in their path. 

2) Choose a color scheme.You can use colors that are already a part of your kitchen décor or introduce a new hue that will complement the existing palette. You don’t need to find an exact match. There’s plenty of room for color flexibility when it comes to decorating with art for kitchen spaces. 

3) Consider the style of décor. Is your kitchen modern and chic? If so, then your art should be ultra-contemporary too. Perhaps something colorful and abstract will work. 

Or does your kitchen have a rural feel? That country kitchen styling can be enhanced with art prints of subjects such as fruits and vegetables, bottles of wine  or an artful arrangements of wild flowers or herbs. 

                                                                            Love With Garlic                

Other popular kitchen art subjects are fruits and vegetables, bottles of wine and vineyards, a steaming cup of tea with a biscuit on the side, and artful arrangements of wild flowers or herbs. You can even choose to frame an inspirational quote

Depending on how they’re depicted, you can make any of these art-for-kitchen themes work in either a country or contemporary styled decor. The look is up to you. So don’t hesitate to show some personality. Select prints and posters that reflect your individuality and unique taste.

                                                                   Baked, Stuffed & Swimming In Sauce

Use a Mat and Frame to Create Finished Artwork 

Choosing your kitchen art print or poster was fun, but wait, you’re still not done. You’ll want to select a mat and frame to better show off your new art and also to protect it from common kitchen hazards posed by water and food.

For mats, the most common choice is a neutral color like white or beige that will draw attention to the main image without distracting from it. Another option is to use two mats to create a look of depth. The narrow, inner mat, usually just a ½" wide, picks up a prominent color from the print itself, while the larger, outer mat is typically in the off-white, neutral range.

                                                                                       Kitchen Goddess

Make sure the mat and frame complement the style of the print. For example, if the picture is a rural scene, consider a frame of weathered wood. If your print depicts an image of Old World charm, go with an ornate gold frame. If your picture is ultra-mod, how about a sleek pewter or smooth black frame?

You can even match the frame to your décor. If your kitchen sports golden oak cabinets, then choose a golden oak frame. Got brass handles on your drawers? Then consider a brass frame.

The best way to decide is to hold different mats and frames against your print until you find an ensemble that looks just right. Similar to shopping for a special dress or suit, you’ll know it when you see it.

Take the time to bring together all the right elements - print, mat and frame - and the end result will be finished art for kitchen spaces to enhance your home’s décor and bring you joy every time you see it.

                                                                                                                   Eat, Feast, Gather & Enjoy

** Photo Credits: All art prints are available at Visuaria