I guess I am the only one who dresses up for Halloween in my office. My co-workers were wondering why I was wearing a dress shirt and tie. I simply said, “It’s Halloween. I’m a business person.” My office head creative director chuckled… It’s not supposed to be funny. #visualvomit (at iCrossing)


Here are pics of the mural I did last week at Atwater Village. I was really stoked to do this especially since I found out that my friends Matt and Mike who are twins used to surf professionally and somehow gave more sense to the mural. Matt’s daughters, Kira and Hoku, who were keen enough to help out in painting some of the mural happens to just love mermaids and another friend Jesse who had a birthday there on Friday happens to be into mermaids as well. 

Visual Vomit. “ Open Up To The Energies That Let You Accelerate From Sweetness To Fury In The Blink Of An Eye So You Can Feel Where The Spectrum Stretches In The Unmappable Landscape Of Yr Mind” #visualvomit #doodles

Visual Vomit. “Surrender Yr Ego To The Flow That Can Help Transform Even The Everyday Events That Lean Towards Entropy And Chaos Into Meaningful Experiences” #visualvomit