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Okay, everybody, I don’t talk much on here but this is important and I can’t find any other posts about it here.

There’s a little app called Be My Eyes. It’s been on iPhone for a while now and on October 5th, it’ll be out for Android too.

What is Be My Eyes, you might wonder? Well, it’s a community of people helping people. Namely, sighted people helping blind people with simple tasks that require sight to be simple.

See the picture?

(for those who can’t see, the picture shows the app I’m action. It shows a phone camera pointed at two red cans of food. Text above depicts a sighted person explaining the right can is a can of tamatoes.)

In short, if you’re blind and have every had trouble finding your blue shirt, the app was made for you.

If your sighted and want to help, the app is for you too.

If you’re not, reblog and spread this so more people can see.

Thank you for reading and reblogging.

Mate. Claim. Home. 

Sterek AU: Alpha Mates

Stiles found the perfect gift to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of their Mating ceremony. Who knew a tattoo of Derek’s cherished triskelion in the midst of his claiming bite would drive the born wolf frantic in all the right ways? 

Stiles could have only hoped.

It was the rarest of occasions,True Alpha mates torn apart for hundreds of years, cursed to tread the earth forever in search of a part of themselves long lost; restless, without an anchor. Until one day, fate found a way. A sliver of light upon a hidden path, a way back to each other, a way back home.

A little glimpse into a fic I’ve had in the works for the past 7 months. 

(The drawing is transparent!! Please do click on it to see it correctly!)

I love these books so much jfc. I wanted to make something other than the 15 pages worth of sketches I have in my notebook, and so here we go.


“hey how was ur night”

“u know it was pretty great i put the heads of the incubi onto roosters”

damien brush your fuckin hair

- admin mcflyster


Visual development of my short minute film this semester

(working with the lovely conversation of two old friends, hope it’ll be on the bbc site soon .o. )