RIP Long Haired Harry

in memory of his hair.

the hair that grew with his confidence. 

It made him not care what other’s thought of him.

His cute shake, run fingers through and push back thing.

this one. you know.

and when he only pushes it back aw.

he never stops touching it.same.

i just realized i will never be able to touch this hair now. i am sad.

blowing it the wind :)))

that flip. fuck. yes baby.

when he was so sassy with it.

like bitch pls

no more bun!harry :(

no more pretty ballerina buns :((

i will miss the bun the most 

no bun tutorials :(

no more harry putting his hair up randomly on stage :(

and lastly, the braids . 

those pretty braids we only got to see once.

he’s an angel. his hair will be missed, but some lucky little kid will have it. His hair made himself feel confident and now it will make another kid confident.

rip Harry’s long hair. Loved and never forgotten. He’s beautiful with long hair, short hair, no hair– he’s just a beautiful human. I will miss his hair, but him without it doesn’t make me love him any less.