visually stunning anime
Revolutionary Girl Utena (sub) on YouTube

Nozomi Entertainment has posted the show to watch for free, 100% legally.

Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) is a visually stunning, symbolically dense anime with an amazing and unique soundtrack. The action centers around Tenjou Utena, a girl who has decided she’s going to be a prince (not princess) when she grows up, getting caught up in a series of sword duels which she ends up fighting to protect Himemiya Anthy, a mysterious girl in her year.

It’s an anime about fairy tales, the confusion that comes with growing up, how patriarchy hurts everyone but the patriarchs, and escaping cycles of abuse.

It’s also an anime where one of the characters has a boxing fight with a kangaroo, another character spends a whole episode thinking people lay eggs, and a yaoi-lookin’ dude repeatedly rides shirtless on the hood of his corvette.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is probably the best anime I’ve ever watched.

I’m not sure how long Nozomi Entertainment is going to leave it up - normally they only have a few episodes available at a time - so my recommendation is that, if you haven’t seen this show already, you should jump on this opportunity ASAP.

Edit: I should note (thanks to rebloggers for reminding me) that the show does have some potentially triggery stuff in it. You should… probably look up a TW list if that might be a problem for you.