visually imparied

Just because they are blind or visually impaired, doesn’t mean that they should be kept between four walls, treated like they cannot have a normal life.

Who are we to tell them that they cannot be whoever they want, or do whatever they desire?

has t ever accrued to you that maybe being blind helps seeing a better picture, purer image, one that is not limited by the images that one see everyday and leaves more to imagination? … This was proven to us by kids (7-16 y.old)

On a day out of their school, we took them to a nursery school in Amarat, where they got a better chance to play around, make some crafts, play music and other activities.Some of the kids were making some beautiful craft pieces. I was amazed when one of those kids was asking if there were other colors of one of the pieces he was putting onto his work, so he adds more style to it. I wondered to myself, what does he know about colors?

But only him, knew how his world looked like, inside of his head.
What amazing people!