The Everthere - a post-reunion Korrasami roommate modern AU (ao3)

“Stay with me.”

It was the last thing Korra expected to hear. She was expecting to hear nothing, truth be told; because even Asami had her limits, and she wasn’t like Korra was; she withdrew when she was upset. It took more than a moment for the words to penetrate, and when they did Korra struggled to calibrate them - it was painfully easy to feel the strange weight under them, and equally rather difficult, in the moment, to draw out the reason, what with her heart twisting -

It sounded like something Asami could have said six months ago.

“What?” Korra said somewhat breathlessly.

“My house,” Asami said, as if that explained everything, kind enough to overlook Korra’s obvious confusion. “You need somewhere to stay, right? Well, I’ve got lots of room to spare. Rooms, actually.”


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Visuals from Gorillaz’ latest Anti-Trump track, Hallelujah Money, featuring Benjamin Clementine. 

The song comes after a six-year hiatus and debuted on the eve preceding Trump’s inauguration. Their album release date, according to UPROXX, will come later in the year. 


Happy Birthday to Aoiさん (aka Koneko-chan)

I want to thank him for all his amazing work and wish him all the best in this day and in every single one after. If I hadn’t seen a photo of Aoiさん 4 years ago I’d probably never went into Visual Kei. THANK YOU!!! <3

(To be honest I’m not sure which bday he celebrates today. For me he still looks like 30 and has spirit of 26 xD)