So I thought this would be interesting to share on tumblr. I finally found this scan of a Seventeen Magazine article where they interviewed this japanese girl about what’s cool in japan. This was back in 2004 and it’s the first thing I read that mentions the creepy/cute phenomenon in japan. Originally I thought teddybear  on her phone was gloomy bear, but it says it’s from an anime. (I wonder which one?) I think Kimokawaii( gross and cute) was a trend back then and she seems to like visual kei bands and style.

Have you ever asked yourself what

“Abyssus abyssum invocat” actually means ?
Here’s an explanation for you:

Written in latin this sentence is standing in the bible.
( Vulgata, psalm 42,8)

Abyssus is an old synonym for brink.

But Abyssus is also another word for underworld or even hell, especially used in the Greek Mythology.

So literally the meaning is “Hell calls hell”

But if you consider the the religious background; the true meaning behind is

“One misstep leads to another”

It’s more like a warning,
“that the first step in the temptation to go astray from what is right (or morally correct) is difficult to prevent. However, we must always be on guard to strive for what is ethical and honorable.”

This phrase embodied the challenges an individual faces and the ideals it strives for

So you can also say

“One must descend before ascend”
or “Descend to Ascend”

So compared to the whole Projetct Darkage , Dogma, Ugly, Undying….

This is very clever Mr. Ruki ;) ;) ;)

PS: I tried my best to explain it well, hope you’ll like it, thank you


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