Alexander Tsiaras work explores the unseen human body

Alexander Tsiaras born 1953 in: Nashua, NH,  Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of TheVisualMD, has been called a “Digital Age Leonardo da Vinci”. He is a technology innovator, whose roots are based in his art and science photojournalism background. 

Tsiaras has developed cutting edge scientific imaging software that enables him to scan and record the human body at every stage; from a single cell at the moment of conception, through the biological development of man and woman and he tells compelling stories of wellness and prevention with them. 

“My goal is to visualize life in all its glory. And to see how daily lifestyle decisions affect the choreography of all of our cellular activity, causing disturbances stored in trillions of X, Y, Z coordinates.”

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This is a magical exercise I used to practice for the fun of it. It is a good way to learn visualization and quite interesting, too! In this exercise you will attempt to ‘open up’ a picture and send your mind to it, so that you can experience whatever is going on using your magical vision (or if you are very skilled, projection).

You will need a variety of pictures. Any tarot deck will work great. Images on your PC may be okay, I’ve never tried it; a picture book like a photo dictionary or encyclopedia would be fun. A children’s history book would be great! Basically, collect interesting pictures that you want to “jump in”.

There are 4 basic steps:

  • Opening the picture
  • Jumping in
  • Exploring
  • Exiting and closing

Opening the picture

Make your hands in to a triangle shape, and view the picture through the triangle. If you like to use charms, say to yourself, This triangle manifests the picture in to magical reality. Imagine that there is a thick, clear glass cover over the picture. Think to yourself, open, picture!

Imagine that the glass cover of the photo swings open, and suddenly underneath you can see the image moving and coming alive. Remember you will see this with your magical vision – and that means, inside your imagination. As a goddess recently told me, “it doesn’t matter if it’s real – it’s happening.” So if it is happening, don’t wonder if it is “really real” or not. Just enjoy the fun of the exercise.

Jumping in

There are many ways to 'enter’ the picture. You can imagine that you become very tiny, and a little figure of yourself jumps from your forehead, between your triangle hands, and in to the picture. As soon as the figure lands you gain their perspective and will see the picture from first person perspective.

You can also imagine that you are falling in to the picture, and tumbling through your hands until you land inside.

Or, you can come up with a method all your own.


Any way you do it, the result should be that you now magically view yourself as being inside of the image. What you see should have 'come alive’ and be animated and moving. You should be able to move freely within the image and interact with whatever people or beings you like.

Try using all your senses. Smell, touch, see, feel, and hear what is going on around you. Observe characters from the scene that are moving. Try moving around the part of the picture that is printed, then move beyond the borders of the picture in to a greater world.

Exiting and closing

When you are done, imagine being lifted back up out of the picture, back through your triangle hands, and back up in to your body.

If you prefer, you can blink and know you are back where you belong, in your cozy body.

Remember that the glass pane over the image is still open. You must close it. Imagine that the glass swings closed and say to yourself, close, picture!

If you wish, ground and center after this exercise.

Warnings & Miscellaneous stuff

My earliest adventures in picture-jumping were tarot, and some of the images can be quite scary when you are suddenly immersed in them – especially if the cards are reversed. Try choosing pleasant, enjoyable images to jump in to.

I chose to jump in to tarot cards so I could learn their meanings by viewing the cards in a new way. I learned a lot by doing this. Try picture-jumping with sigils, too. When you think you have the feel for it, try picture-jumping with things like herbs, crystals, objects, and even other people. If you are like me you will gain a great deal from this exercise.

Goldilocks Planets, Visualized 

This interactive visualization, created by Jan Willem Tulp, shows all of the known exoplanets that reside in the Goldilocks Zone, the region around a star where liquid water could exist. In addition to showing the exoplanets that reside in the habitable zone, this visualization explores their similarity to Earth, their composition, atmosphere, mass, and temperature, as well as the amount of energy that they receive from their host star.

This visualization is hosted at goldilocks.info. The data is retrieved from the Planetary Habitability Lab at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo.

Let's Practice Positive Visualization

Imagine yourself traveling to beautiful places all around the world. Imagine yourself buying whatever you want with ease. Imagine yourself living in a home that you absolutely love. Imagine yourself waking up whenever you want and going to bed whenever you want every day. Imagine yourself spending every single day doing only what you love and enjoy. Imagine yourself having fun. Imagine yourself feeling amazing every day. Imagine yourself feeling inner peace, bliss, joy, and freedom every day. Imagine yourself with a partner that you consider absolutely perfect for you. Imagine yourself feeling really loved. Imagine yourself being fulfilled with your life.

How Excitement Can Attract What You Want Faster


Think about the last time you truly felt excitement 💭💃. What were you doing? What was happening around you? What were you consistently thinking about? How did your body dominantly feel? What physical changes did you experience in your body?

What about when you’ve been very doubtful about something? What happened when you tried to feel positive while you actually didn’t feel that way? Did you not just step in more foul smelling shit 💩? Didn’t the stinky shit just keep getting more and more stinky 💩💩💩💩?

We all inherently that we each have drives that originate from within us. Like when we are hungry for example, are we not continuously reminded in some way until we finally eat something?

Well, we also have a drive within us that desires to thrive and feel good in positive and healthy ways. So if we should happen to have a habit of negative vibration, it will keep manifesting in some form until we decide to do something about it, right?

We literally attract from the vibes with which we are the most familiar with. When you frequent this blog it’s just one of the many different ways that you get more and more “familiar” with abundance vibes in positive and healthy ways.

Resistance comes when something challenges what we happen to be familiar with. When what we are familiar with gets challenged, it naturally may cause us to question what is we know as our sense of self in those moments from whatever perspective we gave at the time. What happens is we fear that we will cease to be who we have become familiar with being. So we pay more attention to what is familiar with what we are familiar with as ourselves at that time, and we identify with that.

Meanwhile, in the back of our minds we know that our current circumstances are the old news of our old vibrations and thoughts. It is only our familiarity with the circumstances, and our attraction, energy, and focus, that keeps attracting them into our realities.


Because that’s what we believe to be true.

When we desire to attract what we want, and it’s not familiar to us and our current vibes, we have to tune into the vibes of what we want and then make them familiar to us.

People who want to make positive changes will recognize that our subconscious minds will change what pay attention to based on what we are familiar with.

Ask yourself, “Am I familiar with lack through repetition?”

Ok, so our subconscious minds will change what we pay attention to and then reflect that-lack-back into our realities. Then we give that lack attention, attract that lack, then look at that lack and believe it to be the only truth. As the loop continues…Frequent readers of this blog and the many other blogs on here that provide value on here will know that we do have a choice in how we respond.

Guess what else?

There’s this emotional state called excitement!!! Instead of stepping in shit 💩💩💩💩👈😤, excitement is more like doing whatever is your favorite thing to do in positive and healthy ways.

Plus there’s a bonus…Anytime you involve your body as much as possible, the attraction can happen faster.

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You can combine the value provided here with the value provided there in whatever ways work for you the best.

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These posts all work together beautifully, and I deeply appreciate that.

Truly think about it though, when you listen to your favorite songs, yeah…you might feel good…but it’s when you start singing along and dancing that the good feeling emotion really get super strong. So, apply that to your attraction process. Use your imagination. When it’s tough to use your imagination, follow your positive and healthy excitement and your energy will shift.

When you pay attention to what excites you in positive and healthy ways, you start making those vibes familiar to you. Which is really the entire idea here, to tune into the abundance vibes that are already within you. As they become more familiar to you, it’s easier to take productive actions in that direction too.

And as they become even more familiar than that, things in likeness are easier to attract as well. Which, of course, makes you attract what you want faster!

Peace be with you.

Can’t count sheep? You could have aphantasia

If counting sheep is an abstract concept, or you are unable to visualise the faces of loved ones, you could have aphantasia – a newly defined condition to describe people who are born without a “mind’s eye”.

Some people report a significant impact on their lives from being unable to visualise memories of their partners, or departed relatives. Others say that descriptive writing is meaningless to them, and careers such as architecture or design are closed to them, as they would not be able to visualise an end product.

Cognitive neurologist Professor Adam Zeman, at the University of Exeter Medical School, has revisited the concept of people who cannot visualise, which was first identified by Sir Francis Galton in 1880 A 20th century survey suggested that this may be true of 2.5% of the population – yet until now, this phenomenon has remained largely unexplored.

Simple wealth spell

Materials- dried basil, a thriving houseplant, a coin, a green candle

Light the candle, sprinkle a bit of the basil on the soil, Imagine that as money coming into your life “raining” over you.  Stick the coin into the soil where you sprinkled the basil, so it’s half in, and half out of the soil. Water the plant, snuff out the candle and put the plant back back where it was.
When new money comes into your life, replace the coin with a new one.

anonymous asked:

hi! do you have any meditation tips? i'm a beginner i suppose, i'm exploring my beliefs and deciding if i can really commit to this practice. i have terrible ADD and have never been able to meditate well. i really want to try again, but am not sure where to start

Hello there ~☽♡☾

Sure, meditation is something I try to do very often!

Meditation Tips

  • Be sure to elevate your back when meditating; not only does this help to retain posture, but having a strong, straight back allows for stronger energy flow. Sit on a small pillow at the end of your spine, yet make sure that your crossed legs are not elevated. (Sit with only the back half of your back-end on the pillow, in other words!)
  • While meditating regularly has it’s benefits (daily or weekly), as a person with low motivation and energy at times, I know how difficult it can be to keep on with it. It’s absolutely alright if you cannot bring yourself to meditate regularly, though you should certainly try! On a related note: meditating for as little as 5 minutes in the beginning is still very helpful; it doesn’t always have to be for long periods of time
  • If you cannot focus while meditating in the traditional way (sitting up, legs crossed, eyes closed) there are many other ways you can do it! You can set up a focus point to keep your eyes on as you clear your mind (I find that a tea candle in a dim - not dark - room is nice), you can lay down if your back is prone to pain while sitting straight, you can use ‘visual meditation’, etc.
  • When meditating, the ultimate goal is often to clear your mind. The point you want to reach is a feeling of peace, floating, and just ‘being’ without actively thinking about those things at all. In the beginning, however, it’s totally fine if you have to focus your mind on a single thing! For example, I will often focus on my breathing in a particular pattern, while visualizing a lotus flower opening with my inhale, and closing with my exhale. 

That’s all I can think of for now, but others are more than welcome to contribute ~  I hope this helps, and wish you the best of luck with exploring your capabilities and practices! 

➺ Rainy