Website Design on Adobe Muse

I have started trying to design myself a website from scratch using Adobe Muse software. Although it’s taking me a while to get to grips with it and trying to make it look the way I want to, I think this is the programme I am going to use to create my website with. Although it may not be quite as professional looking as a website with a theme installed for me off wordpress I feel that I am able to customise my website more to how I want it to look with Muse and in order to overcome the site possibly looking a little amateur and homemade I have starting off by making it as simple looking as possible. This ensures that I can get all the information I want into my site and get the layout and content right before I look into making it more unusual and individual. Also at this stage as my personal logo is still in progress the whole site is still subject to change, however, I wanted to start to get something up and running so I can familiarise myself with the programme.