i am everything i’ve learned and more, still it calls me… and the call isn’t out there at all - it’s inside me! it’s like the tide, always falling and rising! i will carry you here in my heart, you’ll remind me; that come what may, i know the way! i am moana!


Hey Guys! Here is the final set of keys for my personal project. Today is the last day to sign up for Part III of the Colorscripting Masterclass on which goes into process on these and the entire color script. There is over 4 hours of content for those looking to learn more about color scripting. For more info visit the link.
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He was 6 weeks at the Yacht Club and they let him go. He wasn’t supposed to eat the food, but he was always in the pantry eating all the fresh foods and whipped cream he could get and all the fancy foods he could eat. He would grab them and take them to his locker.” From Mrs Ferris conversation with Al Carlisle. Mrs Ferris was an elderly woman who was a  pastry chief at the Seattle Yacht Club who helped Ted getting a few jobs in 1967.

In another report from investigators, Mrs Ferris informed that Ted would often befriend older people, gain their confidence, then as an apparent favor, take items to the junkyard, or take their shopping list to the store, often not returning with food or money.

“with you” - 5SOS visual smut+imagine

just a lil thing because i’m too lazy to write anything and you guys deserve a little something extra :) thanks for all of you who have stuck around with this blog aha so keep reading and enjoy!!

its not the best work/writing i’ve done but the gifs are hella cute


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Michael Carini | Behind The Paint

Sometimes I post images that show a painting at several phases and it will prompt someone to comment that they prefer the painting at an earlier stage than the stage of completion. What they may fail to realize is that my goal is not to paint a pretty picture. My goal is to tell a story. Not every story is clean and pretty. Some stories are muddy and stormy. Of course many would prefer a clean story…a pretty story that is simple and without chaos. Sometimes the stories life paints aren’t quite as we hope or plan though. They just are what they are. Whatever those stories are and whatever form they take, if those stories are honest, they are beautiful. These are my stories and I make no apologies.
BvS rewatch

Olsen isn’t dead, it’s just a CIA agent using his name; one of the men at the base of operations called him “Talon”, meaning that Olsen was a false name. All those people crying that they killed Jimmy Olsen don’t have to worry now.

When Lex is tapping his fingers and saying that the red capes are coming, he says “one if by land, two if by air”

There’s a part of the beginning of the Waynes’ tomb scene where the sound of the Wolrd Engine can be heard

The bat monster coming out of Martha Wayne’s tomb seems to imply that she is what influenced Bruce to be Batman, not his father

The KGBeast was standing behind the senator and his wife at lex’s party

Lex saying that he and Bruce should partner up on something is nice foreshadowing

There’s the sound of Superman’s sonic boom right after he pulls on his tie to go save the little girl

Seeing all the real life people during the interviews and tv segments makes me realize that this world, with all its fictional cities, is more grounded than the mcu and its fake news commentators. Weird, the mcu has Manhattan and other real cities, but the dceu has the real life people

Diana puts down the drink she was offered at the museum by the curator

In fact, every time a dream sequence is about to start, the sound of the World Engine is used to signify that

There was a batarang thrown during the knightmare scene

The cowl is separate from the cape, which was a problem in the animated show and other live action movies

Could the possible lack of oxygen have lead to Clark seeing his dad at the top of the mountain? Maybe.

A full day passed between the bombing and the big fight. The night of the bombing was when Bruce stole the kryptonite and made it a weapon. The next evening/night is when they fight.

Lex tells Clark where he’ll be for him to bring “the head of the Bat”, he even calls it “his [Clark’s] ship

The baseline theme from WW’s theme plays without hitting those iconic WW theme notes when we see the meta videos

The humidity in the air from the rain kept the kryptonite gas from dispersing as quickly as it would

Bruce elbowed Clark in the throat on the roof. Rude, Bruce

There’s a moment where the movie focuses on Clark breathing the kryptonite free air once Bruce jumps him to a lower level; there’s another small moment like that immediately after Clark throws Bruce through a wall; foreshadowing and using the visual medium fully. Anyone that says this movie tells and doesn’t show can stay quiet

Clark got his invulnerability back but not all his strength, as evident by his struggle to throw Bruce across the room

Oh. Bruce’s mask gets damaged because Clark punches it before the gas takes him out a second time

When Bruce fired at those cars outside where Ma Kent was being held, he only took out one truck; that truck took out the rest

When Lex said Clark’s sin is existing, he meant the fact that Clark exists on earth. I always took this line to be about Doomsday for some reason

They took out the "what have you done” line from the TC out during the Doomsday reveal

When the military came for Lex, there’s some chit chat you can hear coming from where lex was. Something was taking to him

There’s a “Kennedy Dead” newspaper shot as the camera pans over the interior of the Daily Planet. Meta.

The General with Major Ferris took the flag they folded for Superman

And that’s it! It’s still a great movie and re-watching it in its entirety has got my mind going for more posts about it.


A month worth of mini illustrations I did for my instagram! follow me at : skyneverthelimit . some character designs for Agni and Kali. I also brought Yo Kai Watch and I love it and wanted to draw my witch Opal interacting with these ghostly creatures!

I will be moving back home in two days 


I’m not going lie. This was very, very, very FUN.

I wasn’t born in the 80s but I was raised on Spielberg, John Hughes, Devo, the Cars, and Duran Duran. I think I have good a good handle on the source material.

Despite that, I did do my share of research for making Elwood’s room look like an authentic 80s boy’s bedroom. That meant looking up screencaps of kid’s bedrooms from E.T., Close Encounters, Adventures in Babysitting, The Goonies, and the opening of Princess Bride (That kid’s room is packed with great material!). Not to mention the crazy research on 80s toys using forums and ebay (You won’t believe how much people are selling those things for!)

So yea, blah blah blah I did the research. 

BUT the most exciting part about designing this room was how much of myself I put in this thing. When I was a kid born in 91, I never had all the cool crap that kids in the movies had. I mostly had cheap 99 cent knockoffs and a few lucky finds from Goodwill. The spirit of this piece involved harnessing my inner kid to discover what Elwood and I would have in our dream room. We both share an interest in sci-fi, music, junk food, and airplanes. I’d imagine we’d both have the same room upkeep. 

So here’s to bringing out your inner child and letting him or her inspire your work. *raises imaginary glass of rootbeer*

Our Kickstarter project is live!!! Please help us spread the word!

In this interactive novel, Lilya Martel has the opportunity to test a revolutionary virtual reality console, made by tech developer Jacob Lessard, that feels more “real” than reality itself. But when everything Lilya and Jacob assume about reality is thrown into question, they must confront their own beliefs about the nature of existence.

[^ screenshots from the demo]

There is a free alpha demo available (at the top of the Kickstarter page) if you want to get a sense of the game. The demo contains chapter 1 (of 10).

The story has elements of both sci-fi and fantasy, and is a character-focused exploration of some heavy metaphysical questions - what is “real” - and does it matter? To what extent do our perceptions define our realities?

Whether you can pledge or not, we would be incredibly grateful if you would take a look (watch the video!) and share it with your friends, or followers on social media. Every new person who knows about the campaign is important to us! Thank you!

#dttrisk - His Thoughts (When You Don’t Resist)

@your-sweet-mistakes​‘s ask:

“I found this game last night, and I am addicted to it. A thrilling plot, great art and wonderful voice acting. I would love DTTR to be prolonged but I also can’t wait to play Beauty and the War too so I can know more about Loup (thats how I’m calling him). If I am allowed a question, I wonder what was “Loup” thinking when he asked the heroine if she would let him have her way with her. I feel like at some point he was trying to scare her away (depending on the route).”

Ooh, I’ve been waiting for an ask like this.

Now, this will be a mild spoiler for those of you who haven’t played the game or told him you loved him and then encouraged him to call the hotline.

Once the heroine reveals she’s there to get him help, “Loup” is indeed trying everything he can to scare her away. (It’s the reason I always leave an option to run. He isn’t ever trying to trap you.)

Now, that’s the gist of what he’s thinking, but I’m going to write it more thoroughly from his perspective below, starting from when he kisses you.

This will be as if your choices were:

“Call the suicide hotline” >> Any choice (then “I don’t trust you” if you chose to say “I don’t know how to help you. They can.”) >> let time run out

His Thoughts (When You Don’t Resist)
Rating: 13+ for suggestive language

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Fandom Advent Day #3 - Old *Mute, Hate Plus

“…You were the biggest pain-in-the-ass in my entire career.” - Councillor Smith
“…Seconded,” - the entire Council, the crew, the player

I GOT REQUESTS TO DO BUT I PROCRASTINATED WITH MY A.I. QUEEN IM SORRY - I was legit crying as I played “Reading Comprehension: The Game” because *MUTE. So bitchy and extra. I love her! I want her to wife me really hard with her virtual security baton PLEASE

And I love YOU GUYS for sending me HILARIOUS FRICKING REQUESTS JFC I will go get started on them ASAP LMAO. YOU GUYS.