visual workouts

I did not realize it has been a month since I moved already. Had to wait two weeks for my stuff to get here. My computer started acting funny, and it took a week of me trying to fix it, realizing I can’t fix it, then sending it off to a repair shop twice to have it fixed. Luckily nothing was majorly wrong, mostly loose, it was a cheap fix, and I even had some malaware deleted that I didn’t know.

Still having trouble getting back into the groove of updating Vanishing Woods, but I have two pages scanned. I would only like to update them once I know I have my schedule figured out. Until then, enjoy this background. It’s time to get riiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppeeedddddddddd.

Bullwhip is a WIP wrestling-themed gay anthro visual novel. It is being designed by Bullwhip(NSFW!).

just running


A relaxing 6 miler around town on a brisk windy evening after a couple of days off.  A nice run, just an enjoyable run, not concerned about aches or pain during a taper before a marathon, not thinking about breathing ahead of workout, not visualizing form before a 5k.  Just running.  

Good night.