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Do ya Think if is necessary the Rework visual to Pantheon?

// He most certainly in in need of a visual rework. The whole color scheme of his is all wrong, that strange orange just really does not fit in my own opinion. personally I think he needs a VU more than warwick, his feet are cancer and his waist is way to thin, he is so terribly disproportionate. Looking at his design he suffers terribly. There are so many ways to design a hoplite/war god/greek themed warrior. Back in 2009 when he was released he fitted into the bright color champ pool, but over the years the colors grew dimmer and thus more realistic. Another point I really hope that they remedy is his size, he is so tiny in game because most older models were small. Jinx is taller than him which Imo is bullshit. He suffers from the vegeta syndrome. Gameplay wise he also needs an update, I hope they dont give him something like MF where they slightly tweak the contours. Id really look forward to a rework that is somewhat sion/poppy sized. Where they keep the basic theme of a greek hoplite warrior but re imagine how he fits into the game, because right now his gameplay is a failing one trick pony. I have so many Ideas to customise his appearance and adjust/modify his gameplay but thats just my personal rambling.  


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age officially announced for Playstation 4! Coming out next year with improved visuals and reworked gameplay!

Well it’s about time this was announced.


Tomorrow, Valve releases a new Half Life 2 Standalone Update and it will feature countless bug fixes as well as a complete visual overhaul (reworked lighting, detailed shadows, new particles and improved fog effects).

 It also offers Community Commentary mode (who are spoken by Brutalmoose, Ricepirate, ProJared, Balrog the Master, Ross Scott and more)

Riot Ironstyle Discuss About Sivir Visual Remake

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IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

So, again, can’t disclose much, she’s not releasing any time soon. But, we have a solid direction, and it allows us to take her current look and update it significantly. It means changing it in a direction that makes it right contextually with her background while trying to maintain, what, if anything, people find in her current look that resonates. I would submit that not much really resonates in her current state. Yellow, black, copy-paste-front-back tabard, yikes.

That said, there’s some iconicism that we have to maintain. She doesn’t need to be decked out in anything too heavy, she needs to be light and swift, she’s the warrior-princess archetype, she should have some badlands/wasteland/desert/nomadic feel. Maybe a little female Laurence of Arabia jazz. For lack of a better term, Battle Jasmine. 

The goals are for her to feel like an actual character, not a one-off, not something obtuse and obscure, but something that hits on familiar tropes but still feels uniquely “Sivir”. It’s hard to nail that, but I think we have a solid solution. She needs to feel connected to the world, and have a look/feel that plants her in that world, and the aesthetics to fit into her faction/region/super-friendship. Artistically with costume, leathers, cloths, a little bit of metal armor here and there, about as much as she has currently, but better defined with nicer material separation and texture work.

Right now Sivir violates a ton of stylistic rules we’re implementing. Her silhouette is unique right now but for all the wrong reasons most likely. Pizza feet. noodle arms, rigid static swoop hair, etc. We’re want to keep large reads, flowing hair, top/middle/bottom blocks of form and color, boots (not huge though), gauntlets, weapon, etc. 

She’s extremely loud and noisy, a lot of flickering in her texture. She has a lot of detail that reduces to noise. We want to eliminate that. That will come from decreasing contrast. No blacks to yellows to whites. Those transitions are too intense and don’t allow the detail to breakdown into graphic shapes when zoomed out. There’s no material separation currently, and we’d like her costume to feel appropriately weathered or used, not just cards of flat color pasted onto her. 

She absolutely needs actual.. anatomy.. removing the spaghetti arms, and probably giving her the more “Heroic Female” build ala Wonder Woman (Note: gotta keep the midriff!) I don’t think she needs as much boobs as she needs kick-ass abs. The boob area is ripe for some interesting costuming and storytelling components, rather than the bikini top it is now. It’s wasted real estate I feel, we could be giving her something more interesting/fitting/pretty/stylish there. Gotta keep the sexy, but have to crank it in one direction.

Right now she’s a bit of everything and a lot of nothing. It’s hard to make sense of that, but we’re taking what we can graphically break down as identifiable Sivir iconography and transplant it to a new body and costume. We have to imbue that overall look with what’s appropriate for her origins and story line. The artistic really has to gel with the creative here. That’s what I feel yields the most powerful result!

Oh, also, that weapon has to mean something


[Q]Please at least just don’t do to her what you did to Soraka. Sivir looks like she should be older than average and an experienced veteran, not some girl who’s barely a teenager.

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

What did we do with Soraka? She wasn’t.. anything.. until her relaunch. 

Either way, yeah, Sivir shouldn’t be terribly young. Honestly, my brain puts her somewhere in her late 30’s, but still.. ya know.. really hot..


[Q]Sivir and Sion probably have the exact same problem going on.

I imagine they are going to be executed in a very similar way. You are taking the fan interpretation of the character and making it the real deal. 

People see Sivir as this sexy battle goddess so you guys are going to make her more of that. People see Sion as this undead killing machine so you are probably going to drop his derpiness and make him more gruesome.

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

Ding, ding ding!


[Q]Well, considering she’s supposed to be super athletic, at least from my interpretation, I’d assume she’d have awesome abs but smaller breasts.

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

This is our feeling as well. RiotTeaTime has helped me a lot in ideation and execution. She certainly knows the ladies. One thing we very much agreed on is that this isn’t the voluptuous body type of Miss Fortune, and it’s not the svelte athletic body type of Akali. This is tall, a bit amazonian perhaps, and more muscular. Our “heroic female” body types probably encompass such champions as Leona, Sejunai and Sivir. Women who don’t have as large of a bust size, rather they have a more powerful frame. Usually still a fair amount of curves, but nothing as intense as to boarder on overly seductive. Wonder Woman, Xena, all of those tropes apply.


[Q]So Stylus, what you’re saying is you want Sivir to be the cougar of League (barring nidalee)? I can get behind that concept.

Definitely needs some more muscle, throwing that giant boomerang about and running as fast as she does should give her a more solid build. Not Sejuani solid, but solid. Like a slightly buffer fitness model. Given that she runs a lot, her butt and calves should be very well defined. Unfortunately this would make her cleavage suffer because lower body fat=smaller bewbs. However, some tastefully done clothing with the right accents could more than make up for this.

If the lore department does decide to move her to the Shurima Desert, give her that swoopy Egyptian eye makeup and some gold dangly things. I like the theme of Battle Jasmine, like a more armored belly dancer with a giant circle of death she throws at people.

However, she is the Xena of League and should probably scream “AIYIYIYIYIIIAIAAAA!” whenever she kills someone or deals a crit.

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

I like how you think


[Q]Please emphasize more on the battle, and a little less on the goddess (without tantamount to giving her broad shoulders and a deeper voice).

Right now she just feels clunky and I want to play her like she’s used to the battlefield, like it’s her home. Like a female Xin Zhao.

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

Well, she’s a lot of nothing right now. I honestly don’t feel much when I play her other than, “Holy **** I can steamroll!” and “Ugh, I wish she looked better!”


[Q]Will she keep her circlet of sorts or will she don a different kind of headgear?

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

Circlet/tiara sort of things are pretty.


[Q]So Iron, what can we expect from you with our little Battle Mistress?

What type of things do you want to see on her, if you could elaborate a tad more on that please. (That is if you can)

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

Abs. A non-Anglo face. Material definitions such as regionally appropriate cloths and leathers. The blade to have some sort of significance. Some asymmetry. A mature and commanding character that has a lot of confidence without being hokey.


[Q]On the Battle Jasmine theme you mentioned, how do you feel about a drape over her lower face?

This may give her more of a warrior-esque feel

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

I think a neck scarf would feel nice.


[Q]I hope you get to keep her playful character in tact, I think she’s battle hardened but to that point where she can just smile and joke about violence and dish out more.

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

I think that should stay the case. That’s more VO/creative stuff. But I think she certainly needs a bit of playful sass.


[Q]When you say “asymmetry” do you mean just clothing, or can we maybe expect an Oro/Baiken style one-armed-badass kind of thing.

IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist

Wouldn’t really be feasible to cut off her arm :/

Asymmetry in her costuming. No need to have such consistency from left to right, top to bottom, given that she’s not in any formal role. I think she needs a little something different on the throwing arm. That blade is dangerous!