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Now with the official promo images, we can see Rey is wearing black and it appears to have the same texture as Kylo's tabard. I mean, I don't want to jump to conclusions but I can't help but have feelings about what I'm seeing.

LISTEN i’m not going to be like ‘reylo confirmed!’ because of this, BUT the fact remains that films are a visual medium and an incredible amount of thought and care goes into costume details like this.

it’s significant that rey is adding layers to her outfit, keeping some elements of her old jakku outfit, but in grey now. it’s significant that she’s added a black layer, and it’s significant that it resembles kylo’s tabard in color and texture. it’s significant that while rey is adding layers in this movie, kylo is shedding them, both the outer layer of his clothing and his mask (and i’m pretty sure we’ll get a moment where he dramatically sheds the cape as well).

remember when they talked about the very intentional lighting symbolism in TFA? every second was carefully crafted, where the light fell, the direction it came from, where it disappeared, etc. this is the same sort of thing. and it might not prove anything per se, but it not-so-subtly reinforces the general theme of balance this movie seems to be going for, the nuanced morality, and how rey and kylo are going to continue to have a profound effect on each other one way or another.


Detroit: The Dream Is Now by Michel Arnaud

Detroit: The Dream Is Now is a visual essay on the rebuilding and resurgence of the city of Detroit by photographer Michel Arnaud, co-author of Design Brooklyn. In recent years, much of the focus on Detroit has been on the negative stories and images of shuttered, empty buildings—the emblems of Detroit’s financial and physical decline. In contrast, Arnaud aims his lens at the emergent creative enterprises and new developments taking hold in the still-vibrant city. The book explores Detroit’s rich industrial and artistic past while giving voice to the dynamic communities that will make up its future. The first section provides a visual tour of the city’s architecture and neighborhoods, while the remaining chapters focus on the developing design, art, and food scenes through interviews and portraits of the city’s entrepreneurs, artists, and makers. Detroit is the story of an American city in flux, documented in Arnaud’s thought-provoking photographs.

Follow the Source Link for images sources and more information.



-I will do fan art and OC’s.             -I will not do anything NSFW or gory.
-Please provide references/visuals if possible and a good description so I have a good idea of what you want me to draw.
-Payments will be made through paypal. Once everything has been discussed I will send you an invoice. I will only start working on the commission when I have been paid.
-email me at
-I will be doing 3 slots at a time
If for whatever reason I can refuse to do a commission
Additional info:
If you do decide to commission me for a traditional drawing then you can have it posted to you, however this will mean extra charges. Postal charges completely depend on where you’re from. (this is optional)

reblogs are appreciated thank you

Medical School Resources! (and other human biology,physiology,biochemistry-related resources)

Hi Everyone! 

Update: I am now officially done with my second year! I know i’ve been MIA on here for a while now - but that’s only because I was drowning in textbooks and assignments! I will be writing a whole other post on what my second year in medical school was like - so watch out for that :)

I, for one, can not just rely on one method of learning. Meaning, I’ll jump from videos, to textbooks, to flashcards. In this post I’m going to list some of my holy grail youtube channels that have helped saved me. 

1) Handwritten Tutorials

Every video in this channel is short, but not so much that you feel like you’re missing out on information. Definitely one to save as a favourite!

2) Armando Hasudungan

The best thing about this channel is the fact that there are over 300 videos, covering a wide range of core topics in endocrinology, neurology, physiology and pharmacology. Another pro is the presentation of topics (otherwise considered snooze-worthy) in an artistic manner!

3) Speed Pharmacology

Raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen asleep trying to read about the mechanism of action of opioids, their side effects and contraindications. I know I have. Fret not, for this youtube channel will introduce you to a world where pharmacology is actually interesting.

4) Wendy Riggs

Wendy Riggs is a very down-to-earth professor in Northern California, and she covers a wide range of  topics in Anatomy, Physiology and General Biology. 

5) Anatomy Zone

A better way to learn anatomy is to supplement your textbook information with videos from this channel. The explanations and visuals provided are absolute gold.

I hope you all find these channels as helpful as I did!
Social Media Responds to Trump's Claim That Female Staff Should ‘Dress Like Women’
In response to a report that President Donald Trump likes his female employees to “dress like women,” the Internet is responding in kind by showing the politician just what women actually do wear to work.

Taking to social media, users shared that Trump’s perception of workwear — the dresses-and-skirts only policy that female Trump employees told veteran political reporter Mike Allen that they felt pressured to wear while working for Trump on the campaign trail — is far from the reality.

The collective social media clapback has reached a fever pitch with the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman to provide some visual aids to the new president as to what this term really means to so many women.

[Also trending: #DressLikeAWomen] 

Galactic Anthroplogy

“They mass-slaughter this organism called "flowers” and give the bound mass of corpses to their desired mate as a courting ritual, possibly as proof of ability. Truly fascinating.“

An excerpt from the widely acclaimed ‘A Comprehensive Study of the Complex Social Dynamics of Humans’, Section 347-D3, ‘Ritual Wooing

“- Amongst the many diverse cultures of the human hive, a fairly prominent behavior becomes apparent to the observer, unique for the fact that it seems instinctual despite geographic location. This contrasts with much of the operant conditioning observed through their constructed hives and cultural rituals.

As previously indicated, nearly all human colonies display dominion over the surrounding inorganic and organic structure, perhaps as an exercise to constantly re-establish themselves as the apex species on their planet (Though their subservience to particular grain bearing flora and vegetative growths is well documented, see section 235-A6 ‘Human Propagation of Flora and Fauna, the Mass Human Effort known as ‘Agriculture’)

This behavior is displayed further during social rituals to establish further emotional and cognitive bond amongst colony members. The individual human gathers certain flower bearing growths from their surroundings -either from gathering them from the soil themselves, or obtaining them from the local distributor in exchange for currency- and gifts the slowly dying biomass to other individuals for ritualistic purposes.

As practice, the act has much significance socially, ranging from welcoming colony mates who have established familial dens in the dwelling space next to them (though apartment plants seem to be mostly living growths in containers, a behavior that may be linked to their need to display dominion of their environ. See Section 654-H7 ‘Non Species Specific Social Interactions’) yet is diverse enough to extend to gifts toward the individual humans birther on the celebration day of birthers, and to attract both reproductive and nonreproductive mates.

Such an activity is distinctive to humans, and can be attributed to their constant need for external stimulus. The growths serve a multifaceted purpose by providing olfactory, visual, and textural stimuli in a non harmful way, creating a sort of positive reinforcement that is associated with the individual who gave them. This, of course, leads to an enhanced emotional and mental cognitive state between individuals in further social interaction.

(The absence of gustatory stimuli by such growths is often noted, and as such, humans have taken to presenting gifts of carbohydrate rich foodstuff to accommodate the lack of presence in the flora.)

Many actions are taken to ensure the longest amount of positive stimulus is received from the cut growths. Many humans receiving will create a solution of hydro-nutrient feed to extend the life of the growth, and place the container and the flora somewhere in their dwelling or productivity space. Despite humans understanding that the growths would have a longer effect if they were not cut from their subterranean feed systems, it is still most common to give the dying stalks of flora instead of a live organism. Here in lies yet another idiosyncrasy of the species, a instinctual effort dominating an intellectual knowledge, once again exposing their relatively new evolution into sentient beings.-’

How to Write a University-level Essay

Heyo, so school is fast approaching, and seeing as Tumblr is made up of a lot of younger users who will soon be shipping off to college or university soon, I thought I would take it upon myself to help spread my knowledge of essay-writing. Essay-writing is my thing. I love it. I live for it. It’s how I make up for my shitty test marks, and still get by with an 85 average+ in University classes. I’m a historian by trade, so perhaps this information will seem a bit off from what you’re used to, but hopefully, It’ll help you out. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask.

1. Consider your question and find your thesis.

      I know, I know. People always say, no! Never start with your thesis/intro paragraph! Go to the body!! Well i’m here to say forget everything you’ve been told. Forget that, forget the stupid hamburger shit they teach you, forget it all and start reading. 

I ALWAYS start with my thesis. Why? Because you cannot make good paragraphs without knowing what you’re researching. You need direction, and a thesis is your map.

So, the question we’ll use shall be: What is one way in which the Union won the American Civil War?

Now remember, your thesis is your map. It shows you where to go, what to look for. The thesis is the heart and soul of all your work. You want a good, solid thesis. What does that include, you ask?

  • An idea
  • A reason for said idea
  • Evidence to support said reason, and thus validate the        idea.

So, lets do an example. Let’s say I’m writing on the use of media during the American Civil War. I like photography, and wrote a paper on this in my second year, but im gonna be doing this example freehand(idk where I put that essay lol) so lets work with how I got an A+ on that paper. This will be my idea:

                “Photography during the American Civil War influenced the war’s outcome in the Norths favour.”

This is VERY vague. This is an example of a thesis in bloom! Let’s take it further. Look at the above. What questions would you have from this thesis?

  • -Who was taking photos at that time?
  • -Why did it influence the outcome?
  • -How did it influence the outcome?
  • -Who consumed photography as a media at that time?

This is where you STOP, and start the next step.

2. Research

                Start your basic research with your idea, and the above questions in mind. Look at libraries, ask your professor or TA or librarian, or just do some basic google searches to get to know the subject(but for the love of god if you include a google link in your citation I will personally hunt you down and castrate you.)

I like to start with the basics of any inquiry: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW. Who was taking photos? Where were they displayed that caused influence? ect…These, in relation to your beginner thesis, will help guide you in what form your thesis will take.

Once you’ve finished that, and have a general feel for the time period, go back to your thesis.

3. THESIS 2.0

Go back to your original question: What is one way in which the Union won the American Civil War? Now look at your thesis again. It’s too vague, isn’t it?

As you can see, our original thesis was too vague to be a real thesis. So, we NARROW IT DOWN using our WWWWWH progress we focused on during early research!

                “Photography during the American Civil war influenced the war’s outcome by providing a visual for ordinary citizens about the horrors of war, and thus helping to increase donations and awareness to the cause.”

Great! But once again, too vague! Questions that may arise include:

  • Who was taking the photos
  • Evidence for donations?
  • Evidence for social awareness?

So, we NARROW IT DOWN again. I’m going to use Andrew Gardner’s photography during the Civil war, as he was one of the most famous and influential at the time.

                “Andrew Gardner’s photography during the American Civil war influenced the war’s outcome by providing a visual for ordinary citizens about the horrors of war, and thus helping to increase donations and enlistment in the Union through awareness to the cause…”

The above then gives us the following(why and how are sometimes grouped together):

  • Who: Andrew Gardner
  • What: Photography helped the north win the war.
  • Where: Union-aka northern states
  • When: American Civil War
  • Why/How: Because Andrew Gardner’s photography raised social awareness through this new and budding medium

Use this sort of outline to guide you in the next step!

4. Now that we have a thesis, you need to do some more research and evidence gathering.

The way I like to do this is to go check out a few books from the library(look for text books in particular), and leaf through the index for matching terms. Our matching terms would be:

                Photography, civil war, Andrew Gardner, media

From there, you read over the pages, and see if any of the info relates to your subjects. Copy down quotes, page numbers, book title, author, publishing date and publisher. You need these for your bibliography. Pick and choose relevant information. The filter for relevant information relies entirely on your thesis, because it decides what you need to be looking for—this is why I hate when people tell me to start writing paragraphs before I write a thesis! It’s simply impossible and counter productive, and will cost you hours in revision.

So, gather your information from the library, and cross-reference with peer-reviewed articles and data. For our thesis, we would need data on enlistment numbers in an area after a date of Andrew Gardner’s photography exhibit showcases. No matter what type of essay you’re writing, you can always back up your evidence with data, and it won’t hurt one bit. Don’t be afraid of the numbers, kids!

So, if we were to go back to our thesis, we could now expand on it like this:

             “Andrew Gardner’s photography during the American Civil war influenced the war’s outcome by providing a visual for ordinary citizens about the horrors of war, and thus helping to increase donations and enlistment in the Union through awareness to the cause. An increase in  donations and enlistment in relation to exposure to Gardners work is seen in data/evidence point A, as well as in data/evidence point B, which will be fully outlined in the points below.”

This gives you an example of how to lead from a thesis, to your opening paragraph.

5. Data and Evidence Justifications–Paragraph making

This is the section where you can branch your essay into your data and evidence points you gathered in steps 2 and 4. You can have as many paragraphs as you like, just make sure your evidence and data is strong and supported. I personally like to work with my thesis copied and pasted onto the top of every page I write on. This keeps you on track, with your clear goal in mind, and will help you from straying. I will give you an example of how a paragraph might sound.

                Andrew Gardner’s photography during the American Civil War became heavily influential upon the American population at the time, particularly the north, wherein which his work was showcased. The influence of Gardner’s photographic works is seen in the _____, which shows us that without the influence of Gardner’s media influence, war efforts and awareness may not have been as successful as they had been.

This is an alright opener for you to work with. The ___ is where you could put in your data point or evidence piece. The point of the paragraph is to show your support for your thesis by confirming it with evidence.

Your paragraphs should take this form:

  • Present, Confirm, Conclude, Lead.

You present your evidence, confirm its relation to the thesis and confirm the validity of the thesis, conclude by brief revision of evidence, and then lead into your next paragraph. 

6. Conclusion

        Your conclusionary paragraph should be a look-over of the above paragraphs. Restate your thesis, present a summarized version of your paragraphs(one or two sentences only), and perhaps take the time to look at your own views on the subject. An example might look like this:

        “Taking a moment to step away from the above mentioned evidence, I believe it to be scholarly acceptable and even necessary to state my own views on the subject presented. In drawing conclusions, I felt that the above information was correct in that it presented a reality of the time period, in which photography was becoming a medium to be embraced by popular society. People were not only astounded by Gardner’s photographs on a social level, but also a technical level. The astonishment people held at seeing the war-torn battle fields spurred them into action, and even today can still present feelings of dread, fear and loss when looking at his photos…blah blah blah”

Why is it scholarly acceptable and perhaps necessary to state your views? Oftentimes, it is to reassure the reader of your own personal bias’, which exist whether you like them or not, to the subject at hand. Having a small tidbit on your own thoughts about your research ect, breaking away from the third-person droning of an essay can be refreshing and welcoming for a prof at the end of his stack of essay reading. 

7. In summary

  • Thesis
  • Data and Evidence
  • Present, Confirm, Conclude, Lead
  • Self opinions/Conclude

All in all, do unique things. Professors love it when they come across something that’s not cookie cutter! Even if they present you with a list of essay topics, take the leap and ask them if you can do your own research topic!! Take risks with your essay writing, talk to your professors about what you want to do, and try to have fun with your research. I’ve written on everything from civil war photography to Disney princesses in american media, to the religious formation of idea of heaven and earth. Remember, so long as there’s credible, documented evidence, it’s possible to write about it.



ˇˇˇˇINFO BELOWˇˇˇˇ 

>> CONTACT AT !! <<

I won’t draw:

  • Porn (bartistic nudity is ok)
  • Furries (animal features like ears/tails are ok!)
  • Mecha
  • Complicated weapons/armory
  • Gore/vore/things like that (injuries, blood is fine!)


  • Payment is via PayPal invoice. Currency is EUR.
  • I will start working once I receive payment on the invoice I send you. 
  • When e-mailing me, please specify the type ofcommission and colouring you want, so I can calculate a price!
  • Please provide with visual references! If that’s not possible, describe your character(s) in the most detailed/understandable way you can!
  • If possible, you should write a brief description of the character’s personality, it will help me a lot in drawing!
  • You can’t resell/redistribute/trace my art in any form or claim it as your own. With my permission, you can edit it to your desire, but credit is a must. You can print your commission for your personal use.
  • More examples here on my tumblr! Feel free to ask anything via e-mail!!!

Reblogs are really appreciated, thank you! ♥

Insect Magic

The Butterfly


  • Element of air
  • Transformation
  • Regeneration 
  • Souls of the Dead / Ancestors 
  • Renewal

Use in your practice: 

The butterfly can be an aid for love spells and dream work. It also helps when working with the fairy realm and contacting ancestors/spirits.

Use photos or drawing in spells or on your altar. Visualize during meditation.

The Bee


  • Providing and nurturing 
  • Abundance 
  • Community
  • Fertility 
  • Prosperity  

Use in your practice: 

The bee can help in spells that help attract prosperity, unify your family, strengthen bonds in a relationship. Etc. 

Use photos or drawing in spells or on your altar. Visualize during meditation. Honey from bees is also a great offering. 

The Spider


  • Creativity
  • Renewal
  • Aggression 
  • Wisdom

Use in your practice: 

The spider is great when we need support with creativity and developing skills. Visualizing energy as a spider web - ideas, manifestations, outcomes all weaved together. 

Use photos or drawing in spells or on your altar. Visualize during meditation.

The Dragonfly


  • Element of water
  • Shape-shifting / Transformation
  • Change
  • Courage

Use in your practice: 

Dragonflies are useful for dream work and meditation when seeking clarity/truth. Use in spells dealing with change our courage.

Use photos or drawing in spells or on your altar. Visualize during meditation.

The Firefly


  • Element of fire
  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • Energy
  • Guidance 

Use in your practice: 

Great for spells involving removal of negativity/darkness. Adds energy/boost to spellwork. Call on the firefly to give you energy.

Use photos or drawing in spells or on your altar. Visualize during meditation.

The Moth


  • The element of air
  • The moon
  • The soul
  • Seeking the truth
  • Balance

Use in your practice: 

Great for use in divination, defense magic, lunar magic. Similar to the butterfly it is useful in ancestor work.

Use photos or drawing in spells or on your altar for esbats. Visualize during meditation.

The Cricket


  • The home
  • Luck
  • Happiness
  • Security

Use in your practice: 

The cricket is great in all hearth/home magic. Use in luck spells, communication spells, boost energy. Useful in rain work

Use photos or drawing in spells or on your altar. Visualize during meditation.

The Ladybug


  • Luck
  • Happiness
  • Romance

Use in your practice: 

Perfect for use in luck magic. Aids in romantic/love spells. 

Use photos or drawing in spells or on your altar. Visualize during meditation.

(Source: ‘The Magic of Mundane Garden Creatures’ by Sandra Kynes -  
Llewllyn’s 2018 Magical Almanac)

last call (for now) for the trans portrait gallery!

my name is eli, and for the past six months i’ve been working on a project called the “trans portrait gallery.” essentially, i am drawing portraits of a wide range of trans people and compiling their stories to display in an online and easily accessible gallery.

 i love art and i wanted to blend my love of it with activism, so the project aims to create a sense of empathy and humanization for the trans experience through visual stimuli, and to provide a visual contrast to the fact that trans people, most often trans women, are portrayed as a caricature or the butt of a joke. i also want to show that we come from every background and situation– country, age, race, socioeconomic class, religion, sexual orientation, ability, etc.– and explore how these factors interact with our lives and our gender identities.

the response to this project so far has been amazing, and i’ve felt so honored to draw everyone’s portraits and be privy to their stories. i’m hoping to have the first iteration of the website up in the next few weeks! however, i’d still like to have more portraits, and in an effort to streamline the process, i’m sending out one last call:

if you’re transgender or nonbinary and willing to have your portrait drawn and posted on the trans portrait gallery, along with excerpts from answers to a few interview questions, i am going to be using the tag #transportraitgallery to draw the last round of portraits! 

here’s how you can go about this:

1. take a straight-on photo of your face

2. answer the following questions. you can be as concise or as longform as you want!

  • How has being transgender/nonbinary interacted with or impacted other facets of your identity (e.g. race, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, etc.)?
  • What have some of your negative experiences related to being transgender/nonbinary been?
  • What have some of your positive experiences related to being transgender/nonbinary been?
  • If you could tell every cisgender person in the world one thing about trans people/the trans experience, what would it be? (You can have more than one answer.)
  • If you could have a phone conversation with your younger self (whatever age(s) you’d like), what would you say to them?
  • What has your experience with your family been like?
  • What else about being transgender/nonbinary would you like to write about?

3. post your photo and responses to the tag “#transportraitgallery” on tumblr! if you feel uncomfortable sharing your photo/responses on your blog, you can also submit your photo/responses to me at

if i decide to draw your portrait, i will reach out to you to double-check that you’re all right with it. additionally, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

thank you so much for working with me throughout all of this! it would be excellent if people, cis or trans alike, could reblog this to get the word out.

–eli (genderists)

As amusing as the idea of Clint and Matt meeting in a dumpster is, I also really wanna see stuff totally unrelated to that for those two. You can’t just take two disabled characters who have a lot in common ASIDE from the fact that they’re disabled and relegate them to dumpster jokes. Like:

• Clint allowing Matt to relocate some of the people like Elena into Clint’s building.

“I know it’s almost 40 minutes away, and I have some Russian bastards too, but the rent is low and I take care of my people. I protect them; I promise.”

• Joking about how a priest makes better coffee than Clint does. Clint insisting lattes are for prisses and black is the only way to drink it.

• Patching each other up at 2:30am when they’re too exhausted or embarrassed to call their other friends and too hurt to do it themselves.

• Watching movies together. Clint providing descriptions of the visual, Matt providing lines whenever Clint misses them or they’re hard to hear over the sound effects.

• Sitting on rooftops and having contests to see who can “see” farther. Clint using his A+ eyesight and Matt using A+ hearing.

“I see a kid dropping an ice cream cone three streets away.”
“Bullshit, there’s no kid there; that street’s deserted aside from that one window wiper.”
“Damn, you got me.”

• Lucky’s fur sticking to Matt so Karen and Foggy start getting the idea that Matt actually /has/ been looking into getting a service dog.

• Clint keeping Matt’s canes in his quiver so Matt doesn’t have to throw them all willy-nilly when he has to go be Daredevil.

• Clint going to ‘Nelson and Murdock’ when he gets arrested for doing some good deed that goes wrong. Foggy is excited they get to help an Avenger. Matt is just like “r u fucking srs right now.”


Hello everyone! Eth here, so, im up for commissions once more! This time with a little more options!.


  • Must provide good visual references for the pose and the character that you want me to do. This is very important to avoid any undesirable outcome. If you can’t provide any visual references, please be as specific as possible.
  • Payments only after i send you the rough sketch for the drawing, unless they are doodles or icons.
  • PayPal payments only! Here’s a little tutorial of how i will be accepting them! Mostly to not have any problems.
  • Depending on the complexity the prices may go up.

I won’t draw:

  • Nsfw, this includes kink art, etc. 

I can however, draw MILD gore

Here are some drawings im particulary fond of

If you are interested, contact me: OR if you prefer it, you can send me a PM.

Really, any question you have, feel free to ask me via e-mail or via Tumblr.

updated commission sheet as of 17/7/17

additional rules:

  • all prices listed are for one character only, with $5 per extra character
  • backgrounds will be charged extra depending on the complexity of the request
  • i highly recommend for you to provide visual references for characters i’m not familiar with, as well as reference images for the pose you have in mind.
  • all transactions will be done via Paypal. you will only need to pay after i have accepted your request and shown you a rough draft of the artwork.
  • i reserve the right to decline a request without disclosing my reasons why.
  • i can be contacted here via tumblr PM or at my email


  • All transactions are Paypal only
  • To give you proper credit, provide a link to your Tumblr when sending your request.
  • You reserve a slot by paying upfront after I accept your request.
  • Please provide VISUAL references for your character. (A current full body reference.)
  • Complex designs might modify the price.
  • Pose references aren’t required, but it would be very helpful for me.
  • No NSFW. Pinups are negotiable.
  • You can request characters that aren’t yours as long as you let me know where they’re from so I can give credit properly.


Got an idea for a character you’d like drawn? Interested in seeing your pre-existing character being given my personal spin on their design? Well, now’s the time to see it happen!

all rules for regular commissions apply with a few additional ones

If you want me to make  character from scratch, I’ll need a shot description of them along with reference pictures to help me get an idea of what you’d want them to look like.

For original characters, you may use the design for personal use as long as I am given proper credit.

If you want to request someone else’s character, you’ll have to get permission from them first.

Contact me at if you’re interested in placing an order! 


Made a new commission sheet! Commissions are currently my only source of income, so any and all are appreciated greatly (all money goes directly to paying for food/bills).

  • Please provide a visual reference!
  • I prefer to send invoices!

If there is anything you are curious about, or something I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to ask me about it! Commission me at:


How to Create a Comic - Tutorial Section I

(I’m making this since it was requested of me by @cat-astrophye, so I hope it is interesting for anyone else that wants to learn more.)

First of all, I want to preface this with the disclosure that I am not a professional. I do have some education and experience in art, but my knowledge of the comic process is through reading several books and websites (including other comics/manga), watching many videos on the subject, and my own trial and error. I will do my best to cover the majority of information that is important, but be aware that there could be details or steps I may miss, or techniques that others are aware of that I do not cover. This tutorial will also be quite long so I am making it into a series. I hope my instructions are helpful in teaching others about some of the process that goes into creating sequential art and comics.

Let’s get to work!

Keep reading