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Great work guys with the director's chair series I enjoy it, but if I may add a thought, the wonderful cinematographers/cameramen David Klein and Georgio Scali deserve some recognition too. They work closely with the director and discuss ideas but many of the visuals and camera/lighting choices you describe is their artistry. They're the Directors of Photography, not just camera holders channeling the director's vision. Anyway, love what you do, not a critique, just a thought. Cheers! ;-)

Absolutely! Why do I get the feeling you’re associated with HL? :-) I’ve been on set and seen the hard work David and Georgio do!

We could probably be a little more specific wrt whom we attribute credit and will try to do so. Just as we often give Gansa credit (or otherwise) for the story, we’ve done the same with the directors - possibly too casually. In the mean time, everyone, meet David:

“On Homeland I tend to make my version of natural and raw lighting look like real life but with more contrast and less color.”

(And, for fans of Kevin Smith movies out there - me! - Klein worked on Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy.)

Georgio Scali keeps a lower profile but, damn, he has the coolest house EVER (here)! And, for any Foo Fighters fans out there, he worked on this hilarious video (here).


Because I am the biggest SAP on this planet, here is a sappified version of the beautifully sappy dance scene from Trollhunters <3 (WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T!!) I am a lost cause. I had a fun little Angor Rot epilogue to this set, maybe I will update it later :D More fanarty goodness to come, gotta hit some of the beloved trolls, hee hoo haa hee.