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A very big Happy Birthday to the deliciously cute guitarist, Kei.

You are truly intoxicating with your refined and handsome looks. That stare, I could gaze into those eyes all day, like getting lost in Wonderland.

We wish you all the best and hope you Have a very special day today you adorable prince.
All of the love and support from us girls at Dirtygaijinsecret- Tiger & Cat

La: Sadie's ラサディース 1995 -1997 DIR EN GREY 1997 - 2016...

La: Sadie’s was created in 1995 by Kyo , who, like the three other members of the group are now known throughout the world as Dir en grey.
This young indie visual kei band released many demos in just a year and a half of its existence , although we can not say that they had a distinct style of its own . But this does not mean that they did not know how and what to do. On the creativity of the group influenced a lot of musicians , such as Kuroyume , because Kyo was a fan of Kiyoharu.
The idea of ​​the creation of La: Sadie’s belonged to Kyo , the vocalist of the future group , who had previously worked in a team of technical personnel groups such as Kuroyume and Albatross. After working in several bands in Kyoto , he decided to move to Osaka , hoping that he finally lucky enough .
He was joined by his friend Shinya ( former drummer in Siva and Ruby) and bassist Kisaki ( ex LAYBIAL, SHEY ≠ DE, Stella Maria et al . , As well as a temporary musician in Ruby) . At the # 4 and seine from Stella Maria , they created a team Haijin Kurobara Zoku. This group is mainly copied others and doing cover songs D'erlanger, Luna Sea and, of course , Kuroyume
After a while, # 4 and seine left the band , and the remaining trio has created an entirely new - La: Sadie’s. They began to look for new musicians . Kisaki invited Shio, with whom they played SHEY ≠ DE. Later, they found another guitarist , Die. For participation in the La: Sadie’s , he left his group However, somewhere in the early 1996 Shio decided to leave and was replaced by Kaoru ( ex CHARM).
Now with the full complement of La: Sadie’s finally started recording the material. Soon after Kaoru band released their first demo tape entitled Kakuu to Genjitsu (300 copies)
They took part in numerous assorted concerts and mini-tours, and basically bought a demo of their most loyal fans. All nine records (although some were merely the cover of various colors, and the same tracks) were sold during the year, and now they can sometimes be purchased at various online sites. La: Sadie’s participated in a small tour in Nagano with the band D + L and quickly became friends with them. They also released objexxx single that sold on its recital Nishikujou BRAND NEW.
When everything seems to be beginning to build, there was disagreement between the participants in the group. Kisaki wanted more control over the group, and presumably he wanted La: Sadie’s were indies, but others, on the contrary, were ready to become the majors. They have not been able to agree, and as a result Kisaki left the band in early 1997, the Group has not broken up, the place of the departed invited Toshiya, bassist D + L (which by that time had played GOSICK).
Then Kaoru became the leader of the group, they played several concerts in Nagano called DEATHMASK (perhaps this name has appeared thanks to Kyo love of Kuroyume), and on February 2, they officially became Dir en grey, is now known all over the world.
Shio after leaving La: Sadie’s was part of Snow, Remage, SLEDGE and HISKAREA, but now , it seems, never played . Kisaki wasted no time in vain and opened an indie label Matina, played in several projects : Mirage, Syndrome and Kisaki Project, which was the vocalist Jui from Vidoll. Now he is in a group of Phantasmagoria and manages a new indie label called UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

Discographie :
* Demo-Tapes :

1996/01/14 - Kakuu to Genjitsu…  

1996/04/15 - Kaerazaru Kioku…


*1996/05/10 - Furan Yue ni…

Juujika ni Sasageru Yume (All Types)  

1996/08/10 - Juujika ni Sasageru Yume… (aka)
1996/08/10 - Juujika ni Sasageru Yume… (midori)
1996/08/10 - Juujika ni Sasageru Yume… (ao)

1.maimu -舞夢-

2.furan yue ni… -腐乱ユエニ…-

3.kaerazaru kioku… -還ラザル記憶…-

4.setsudan -切断-

1996/10/21 - Seimei no Tsumi 「Nokosareta Kioku no Monogatari」

1.Seimei no Tsumi

2.Kuroi Namida

3.Kakuu to Genjitsu

1996/10/27 - Norowareta Rakuen no Kage.

1.Norowareta Rakuen no Kage



4.Kaerazaru Kioku

5.Furan Yueni

6.Kakuu to Genjitsu (live)

* Singles :

1996/12/20 - objexxx  

1997/02/14 - Lu : Ciel


1.Shoukei/Doukei Hatan Sekai2.Lu:Ciel

* VHS :

1997/00/00 - Last Live

La:Sadie’s - 舞夢 Butou Yume (LIVE @ Ichikawa CLUB GIO)

La:Sadie’s - 切断 Setsudan (LIVE @ Ichikawa CLUB GIO)

La:Sadie’s Last Live VHS - 腐乱ユエニ (furan ue ni)

La:Sadie’s Last Live VHS - 憧憬破綻世界 (shoukei hatan sekai)

La:Sadie’s Last Live VHS - maimu

* Omnibus :

1996/08/02 - DEAD ONE 2 Shuunen Kinen ~Omnibus demo~ (Setsudan (Short version) )

* Book : 1997/02/14 -… Ketsumatsu… 

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