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girugamesh about their very last mini-album “chimera”

VKH: What was your original goal when you produced your most recent album chimera?

Яyo: Since the day we debuted, we always put more and more meaning in our songs and had certain mottos like for example “Konoyaro!” (F*** you!) or “Bukkoroshiteyaru!” (I will kill you!). Now that 12 years have passed we wanted to express those negative and aggressive feelings from an adult perspective and thus compare our current emotions to our earlier and more childlike ones. So the goal was to show this development too.
Hence, the themes of chimera are negativism, complexes, and anger.

VKH: Can you explain more particularly why you chose such dark themes for the song “chimera” and its music video?

Яyo: We have been a visual kei band for a very long time. Back in 2014, we wanted to try many new things to somehow cross that field of what is considered visual kei. So in a way, we wanted to stay the visual band we are but also become an ordinary rock band at the same time.

Since the time we chose this path we basically kept on working with the notion of saying: “We don’t give a f*** if our band is considered a normal rock band instead of a visual band!”. Unfortunately, no one seemed to understand the new way we chose and the new music we produced, so this angered us a lot. Additionally, our new looks also met with criticism in Japan.

We really didn’t know what to do back then, so naturally we got very angry. And in the end, all those memories were the reason why we chose such a gloomy theme for the song “chimera” and its music video.

Originally published on VKH in May 2016. Read the full interview here:


Reita: We Rock! 2016 by MSilenceART

I only recorded some of it because I feel that I tend to draw slower when I’m screen recording, afraid to make noticeable mistakes……This was done for the Reita spam we are having at fygazettefanart. All day we are re-blogging Reita fanart. This is the 2016 version because in 2011 I drew: Be Hypnotized.


Monster Hunter Stories Ride On TV anime PV and key visual.


Director: Mitsuru Hongo
Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi
Character Designer: Takuya Saito
Animation Production: David Production