Because it’s about meji
And so happens to be what this page is about too.
Let’s talk about the fake tzk y'all all think is real.
Now I now we are all sad that tzk deleted like a year ago, and ppl still haven’t gotten over it, and this _tzk_cristate came around posing to b the real deal and fragile hearts latched onto it.
It’s fake guys.
Don’t be stupid. It makes us look dumb since this is a case of obvious foreign fan stupidity.
Koichi ain’t following him, Meto ain’t following him, Mia ain’t following him.
It’s fake.
Tzk talked about this in line, telling y'all to not feed the fire.
I don’t want no war, and it’s prolly just some kid out there, so don’t hunt him down and murder him.
Just a report. If u support tzk, tzk said it himself.