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All good comments & articles about Leeteuk replacing Kwanghee on best secret to cooking & how well he hosts

“leeteuk looks more comfortable”
“atmosphere became brighter, the cooks have brighter expressions”
“indeed his visual”
“gives off a real bf feel”
“they keep using close ups now, visuals are important”
“I never cared about him but seeing him, he’s quite charming & really good at hosting" ©

Mario Kart (m)

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pairing: mark x reader

word count: 1,911

Mark had been blowing up your phone since 1 o’clock, asking you to come over because they just got back from wherever they were in the world a week ago, and he still hadn’t seen you. And yeah, sure you’ve missed him, he’s a great friend. But today was supposed to be a lazy day, you’d been looking forward to it. Chilling at the crib in some sweats and a sports bra, hair up, no make-up, looking busted. And you had told him this several times already, he just wouldn’t leave you alone! Texting you stuff like ‘i’ve already seen you at your worst,’ ‘i missed you,’ and ‘what are bff’s for?’

And that’s what led you to where you are now. Since you had adamantly refused that you would leave your flat at any time today, he he decided to take that as permission to come to you instead. And not only did he bring his uninvited ass over, he also brought the maknaes. Imagine your surprise, when you heard a knock on your door, knowing it could only be Mark wanting to be annoying. 

You got up to answer the door not really caring about your state of undress, since it was just Mark, he’d seen less than that. The first person you noticed was Mark, and he was already eyeing you up & down, admiring your cinnamon colored skin, smirking, not even a hello. Then Bambam and Yugyeom, who were trying at least to be respectful and avert their eyes with rosy cheeks. Mark finally noticed your glaring at him and threw his hands up with more enthusiasm than necessary, “Surprise!”

Not even bothering to give a response or cover yourself, you immediately tried to shut the door back, but someone shoved their foot in between the closing object, “Woah! Hey that is no way to treat your friends, that came all this way to come see you, who missed you dearly.” Mark said with the greasiest smile knowing it would piss you off more. But the maknaes were there, they didn’t need to see their hyung get his ass handed to him. So you just let out a deep sigh from your nose, and stepped aside for them to come in. The maknaes stumbled in, in a rush of flailing limbs and loud greetings, even though they were still blushing a little. 

You just smirked at them giving them a small ‘Hey.’ Turning back to Mark, who had a smug smile on his face with arms spread open to initiate a hug. You just stared at him a little longer, hoping to make him feel at least a little guilty about barging in, but his smile grew and he just wiggled his fingers as a sign of impatience. You gave into the hug, burrowing yourself in his chest, head tucked under his chin, inhaling his cologne. His arms came to wrap around your curvy frame squeezing you, as he ducked his head down to your ear, “I missed you  >>>.”

Not saying anything in return to piss him off, you quickly ducked out of his arms skipping towards Yugyeom and BamBam who were making a commotion in the living room, with a dismissive arm flick, “Who wouldn’t miss me Bro?” Letting out an indignant noise, he just followed you , causing you let out a laugh. You saw the maknaes pulling out the Wii, it was almost tradition at this point to start with that gaming system. Plopping yourself on the couch, and Mark dive bombing next to you. “So what game are we playing first boys?”

They both turned to look at you, one with a pout, and the other a grin, “Mario Kart!” You let out a groan, knowing it was going to be nothing but chaos for the next couple hours


Mark was very done with with BamBam’s antics. Mark had been on a continuous losing streak, it only served as entertainment for you and the maknaes though. But starting to fear for BamBam’s safety, by the gleam in Mark’s eye, you start to intervene. You paused the game, and tossed the controller, ignoring the shouts of exclamation, “Hey Boys, can you go get a pizza from the place down the street,” they had already started making small noises of protest, “I’ll pay damn!”  They agreed after that of course. After giving them the money, they filed out of the door with calls of, “Don’t miss us too much!” and “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” 

As soon as the door slammed shut, Mark’s mouth was on you. “Dude what the fuck?” you spluttered trying push him a back a little for an explanation. Looking at him, his pupils were dilated, and he was already sporting a half chub. “I haven’t had a good orgasm in like 2 months >>>, come on! At the most, we’ve got about 30 minutes before they come back.” he groaned out, already slipping your sweatpants off. You just laughed at his desperateness, “Awe, Markus was your right hand not enough?” teasing him.

“Shut the hell up.” he called as he slipped his tank top over his head, and grabbed your neck with one hand to bring your lips back to his, you let him this time. Slipping your hand down in his joggers and boxers, palming his hardness to a full. He moaned into the kiss, nipping your full bottom lip, and slipped his hand into your panties thumbing your clit to get you wetter. You let out a whimper against his lips, and pulling off to skim your swollen down his jawline to his neck, adding sucks and nips trailing down to his exposed collarbones. He grunted pulling his hand away from your neck, and started pushing the joggers down, you stopped him, “Don’t take them all the way off, they’ll be back soon. Plus i’ve always wanted to have sex with my clothes on.” winking at him. He let out a choked out noise, that was caught between a laugh and a moan.

You got down on your knees pushing his legs apart to get in between them, looking up at him. He already had his erection out, pumping it up and down, you could see the beads of pre-cum and licked your lips, “take your hair out, I want something to pull on.” he grinned down at you, eyes already half-lidded, as your breath caught in your throat thinking about what he was meant. You could feel yourself dripping now, you reached up to your hair to pull it out of it’s messy bun, letting your curls fall. 

You moved in towards his erection still looking up at him, palming it in one hand first, then licking the tip. Mark let out harsh breath, head falling back to the edge of the couch, you could see his adam’s apple bob. His hand reaching for your head, not gripping your hair yet, but just running his fingers through it for the time being. And without warning, engulfing him all until he hit the back of your throat and moaned. He let some curses, looking at you choke yourself on his dick, his thighs automatically tightening around you, and pulling on your hair to keep you there a little longer.

You started taking deep breaths through your nose, and waited for his grip on your hair to loosen so you could pull back. When he finally did, you pulled up but not without dragging your tongue up the vein on the underside of his erection. “Fuck my mouth.” you demanded, letting your hand fall down to your core, where you were steadily dripping, and started pumping your fingers in and out, moaning. He wasted no time dragging you back to his erection, one hand gripping your hair, the other hand on your head pushing you down. 

Hips set at brutal pace, he loved seeing the tears at the corner of your eyes, and hearing you slurp, and gag for it. All you could do is moan, loving the feeling of being under his power, and hearing all the pretty noises he made in pleasure. Mark finally pulled you off him, your lips slick with a trail of cum and saliva connecting, “I don’t wanna come like this.” he panted out. He let go of your hair, and pulled a condom out of his pocket, bringing it to his mouth to tear it open. You quickly got off your knees, watching as he rolled it on, in disbelief and amusement. “Oh so you knew we’d be fucking today, huh?” you asked with a small laugh. “I really didn’t, but I had high hopes,” he shot back with a smirk of his own.

Making eye contact with him, you could see his adam’s apple bob again, he was flushed, hair all over the place, and the sight of him made your mouth water slightly. “Shit you so look good,” he mumbled. You could imagine how you looked, cheeks red, your breast rising and falling heavily with your chocolate colored nipples peeking out of your sports bra , hair damp and disarray from all the tugging, and lips slick and swollen, glistening core, what a pretty visual indeed. 

Snapping out of your trance, you moved in for a quick dirty kiss, “We gotta hurry.” You straddled his lap, licking along his neck, holding your hips up so he could position himself, the other hand on your hip, you were starting to get impatient. Angling your hips down to meet him half ways, and when his tip finally pushes into your entrance, you both moan out in relief. Feeling the slight burn at the stretch, only made it better, the feeling of being full was just too good. When you met his base, you let out a quiet groan, you could literally feel Mark restraining himself from giving it to you. But you were having none of that gentleman bullshit.

You looked him dead in the eye, “fuck me like you mean it, don’t hold back now.” His eyes were black and clouded by lust at this point, but he nodded. With your arms placed on his shoulders and both of his hands gripping your hips tight enough to leave bruises, snapping his hips up. A whimper escaped your lips, you meet him thrust for thrust, grinding back every time you meet again. The only thing that could be heard was the slapping of skin and both your cries of pleasure, and your hands were leaving scratches all along Mark’s back. 

You were both so close, he was filling you up so good, your slick walls clenching around him, was almost too much, but he wanted you to come first. So taking one hand off your waist, he brought to your front to pinch your clit. Your breath punched out of you, as you felt the orgasm ripped through you in waves, and your walls rippling around him was the tipping point. He came into the condom with grunt. 

You climbed off his lap, falling beside him on the couch, both of you trying to catch your breath. Before you could say anything, you heard a gasp from the doorway. Both your heads whipped around to see BamBam and Yugyeom with pizza in hand. Faces red, flushed and shock written all over them. Yugyeom controlled his expression into something cocky, “So is this what we get if we lose?”

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if each member has a video with an accompanying song,i mean their videos have really high production which was a pretty good use for bighits money i mean spring day was one of the most beautiful videos i've ver seen? So these new videos might be even more lit? I mean they have even more money now probably???

exactly what i’m thinking right now, since the beggining of bangtan’s career their videos (even if low budget) have been really good and well produced, and Spring Day was indeed visually pleasing, aesthetically pleasing, one of the most beautiful videos i have ever seen as well, the colors and the theme!!!! And now they have even more resources to produce even better quality videos, the new ones they are planning on releasing will sure be way more beautiful and with high quality production!!! they sure do have more money, expect something that will shock the whole entire world lmao

Recent Chanyeol Cnetz Reactions Compilation

[Instagram] Caught a cuuuuuute volcano puppy 

[+659] I’m about to be Chanyeol-ed 

[+485] His eyes are huge!! Ah!! How is it possible for a boy to be so cute!!! 

[+430] Damn it, this is too cute! 

[+382] Damn, is such cuteness even allowed???! 

[+372] Chanyeol’s eyes are huge already, they don’t need to be enlarged (tn: the filter used makes your eyes bigger) 

[+298] Omg do you have to be so cute 

[+283] Ahhhhhhhhh my fish you are too cute!!!! 

[Naver blog] #ParkChanyeol little prince’s sparkling eyes~captured your heart or no? 

[+372] I’m a passerby. I’ve been killed by the third pic 

[+309] I’m a passerby. Pic 6 = I’m dead.

[+262] lbr, he indeed has outstanding visuals, handsome and cute at the same time 

[+197] He has a face that no one could resist 

[+168] Dear lord, he is the cutest cutest cutest 

[+175] Indeed incomparable visual. Our multi-talented babe has so many hardcore fans and casual fans as well   

[instiz] The scene of #ParkChanyeol in the preview of next week’s #InfinityChallenge became a hot topic among Knetz 

 [+616] Passerby thinks Chanyeol is indeed very good looking. I already liked him back when I watched Roommate (tn: show that Chanyeol was on)

[+588] A random shot of our little prince became a hot topic. Indeed very popular

[+460] If you look at him this way, a bit handsome (tn: admitting he’s handsome while in denial) 

[+451] Indeed handsome…his facial features are so exquisite 

[+405] Honestly, this kid is too handsome 

[+352] He is so handsome 

[+306] I could brag about such visuals for a lifetime 

[+283] Passerby thinks Chanyeol is indeed very handsome. Impeccable. 

[instiz] #ParkChanyeol updated Instagram with the new maknae #YooJaeSuk #And new Maknae’s Manager #JeongJun-ha 

[+967] Damn it, I, a YG stan, is crazily fascinated by his visual 

[+713] Too handsome, Park Chanyeol. I’m a passerby 

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[+467] Chanyeol…indeed so handsome. So cute that I’m gonna die. Help. 

[+421] Our Chanyeol is so good-looking. Our Chanyeol with beautiful visuals and a kind heart.

[302] Chanyeol still has comma hairstyle. Handsome. 

[317] Love our double visuals: Chanyeol and Jae Suk oppa looool 

[+281] Incomparable visual Park Chanyeol 

[+287] I’m a passerby but these two pictures of Chanyeol are really so handsome that I’m gonna cry. Superb eye makeup. 

[+241] Volcano baby looks really charming when he smiles. Upvote me if you agree. Master Yoo is indeed well-rounded

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What are the reasons to like Takuya? I saw your post about seyoung and I really like it^^

Oh my I just saw this, so sorry anon… please don’t go anon I desperate to chat (;-;) 


We all know that he is the physical embodiment of beauty but we often overlook these things:

1. He is one of the first Japanese Idol in Korea that first came as an unknown and barely could speak Korean (hence why he barely get lines on debut) to the Japanese idol icon of Korea who speak fluent Korean. From this: (Series of Predebut Takuya learning Korean & eng sub version )

to this:

(Takuya won International Exchange Daesang at the Korean Hallyu Awards)

He achieve that with hardwork and a massive mental fortitude (an interview). He went to casting and joined Abnormal Summit on his own accord. An Idol, a JAPANESE relatively unknown idol from JAPANESE company representing JAPAN in a tricky 1.5 hour show entirely in Korean commenting on Korean society. He gambled a lot and walking on a thin thread.There was even a kimigayo incident when the show use the national anthem of Japan on tv. But he pulled it off and even made himself a nickname “Soft Hand Takuya” because he is to polite to cut off and wave his hand instead to talk in discussion (thank you for all the cast members too, seriously watch that show it’s gold) (Abnormal Summit)

Now after Abnormal Summit name peaked up (and withered after enes scandal and ultimately the reshuffle) he still had his name as the Japanese Takuya that people love, to the point if people search  타쿠야 (takuya) on Korean browser, he will pops out even though classically someone like Kimura Takuya would appear instead. (This statement aired on some variety ^^;)

2. He has a sweet distinct voice and also plays piano well. One of the most refined and multitalented “visual” idol indeed. 

3. He is a model and actor (one of it is “Run60″) in Japan before debut and still do amazing work as those (or even better) in addition to being a singer and dancer. He was a runway model and often pose for fashion magazine even before debut.

look at those long legs~ He is official 188cm and  even more since he seems to got taller recently.

4. He was appointed leader of Cross Gene before their Japanese Debut on 2013. After our J.G left he put down the title and there was a different arrangement on the team. 

Despite that leader seems like it’s a natural position of him since he also was a team captain for his middle school baseball team. (This sounds so out of place after mentioning J.G but well ;-;)

5. Cross Gene members absolutely adored him and dote (tease) on him on daily basis. He even share a queen size bed with Sangmin. (takuya and the others on top of him lol)

(takuya on top of seyoung ^)

6. He sleeps like a log. Seriously by the members confession he is the one who can sleep anywhere anytime. You have work hard gorgeous <3

The flower in John’s hair

Thank you @isitandwonder for tagging me on your post, you’re actually the reason why I discovered there was new flower content! <3

It is very likely we will John on screen with the flower; John wears it on his left ear (left side = sentiments, emotions).

This reminds me of course of TPLOSH:

#John Watson #drinking because you’re afraid #repressing your sexuality #international reputation

The red flower in the movie is obviously connected to Watson’s sexuality, a sexuality he visibly represses. The scene is absolutely brilliant, as Holmes has led the Russian man to believe he and Watson are in a very happy relationship, and the man tries to set him up with ballet dancers, one of them bisexual.

When Watson understands the insinuation, he is bewildered, outraged, visibly afraid (I remember he tells Holmes about the Northumberland Fusiliers “You don’t know how they are”, implicating the Army is deeply homophobic and he would be violently rejected), he then confronts Holmes about their respective sexuality - Mark Gatiss’ favourite scene of the movie.

The red flower means deep sexual desire here, as well as danger. Watson lives in a time when acting on homosexual desires is dangerous. Repressing his homosexuality and preserving the facade is vital for him.

I’m not sure if the flower is a red carnation (screaming symbol for “yes!”, plus, the carnation is an important flower for gay history!), it could potentially be a dahlia (a lasting bond and commitment between two people in Victorian times, staying graceful and kind despite challenges, balance between adventure & relaxation)?

In the show, it seems the flower will be associated with Rosie, and generally John’s feelings. A white flower has a more peaceful and pure connotation.

The question is: what is this flower?

As a preamble, I should mention I dislike the idea that Dr John Watson would put a baby in contact with a poisonous plant, and surely not his own daughter? I mean, okay, she apparently doesn’t touch the flower and her mother is associated with toxic flowers anyway, so if I guess it could be possible, but I’ll be more reluctant to consider poisonous flowers.

Most likely a Begonia

I’m almost positive John’s flower is a begonia obliqua (on the right)

The begonia sends a message of watchfulness, caution and vigilance. Its meaning in Victorian floriography is “beware”.

The flower symbolises the refusal to be lulled in a false sense of security, and be cautious/watchful in new situations. It can represent a warning about future challenges, or a sign of dark/unpleasant thoughts that distract you from happiness.

The begonia also has a positive symbolism, of gratitude (more specifically, paying back favours) and harmonious communications between friends and family. The flower can be symbol of individuality and standing out from the crowd. The begonia is edible (and apparently quite tasty) and has medicinal purposes.

It would make sense for John to wear the flower, especially around his family. John has to stay cautious and vigilant around Mary, especially with the baby. John stays on alert, he watches out for Mary’s threat.

He also most likely has to repress his feelings around her (may it be anger towards her, anxiety or longing for Sherlock). John isn’t fully free to be himself. John’s potential happiness is clouded by the threat of Moriarty (=Mary) on Sherlock, Rosie and him.

The message of “paying back a favour” is interesting too, in my opinion => 1) gratitude towards Sherlock, the man who saved his life, who died for him twice. Will John die for Sherlock too? Twice: faking his death and 3-Garridebs moment under his wife’s gun?), 2) pay back… Mary’s shot, Moriarty’s plot against Sherlock?

Other possibilities:

A rose to play with Rosie?

The white rose is a symbol of balance, love, hope in the future. It is also a flower associated with secrets: a white flower can mean secret love; in Ancient Rome, a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where secret or confidential matters were discussed; the phrase sub rosa, or “under the rose”, means to keep a secret. 

John was wearing a white rose at his wedding with Sherlock. It makes sense for the character to be once again associated with a different white rose at this seemingly important moment of his life.

A Christmas rose/Hellebore

The season is definitively Christmasy… or is it? Beginning of a new series in a new year => new era.

Warning: the flower is poisonous…  I’m really not sure about that one. It seems however that the flower had medicinal uses in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, prescribed as a purgative and a cure to madness.  The flower belongs to the family of buttercups (potential association to The Princess Bride).

In Victorian times, the Christmas rose conveyed the message “relieve my anxiety”. Interestingly, the hellebore is a symbol of scandal and calumny.

The legend says the flower sprouted in the snow from the tears of a young girl who had no gift to give the Christ child in Bethlehem.

If I can see why John would want to be relieved of his anxiety, the notion of scandal, especially in association with his emotions (left ear) and sexuality (TPoSH) is interesting. We remember how Moriarty used the press against Sherlock spreading lies - what if someone lied about John having an affair with a man (Sherlock)? One lie hidden in a pile of damning material (love story with Sholto, proof John is bisexual, always at Sherlock’s side or in 221B…) is enough to break someone’s image.

A rock rose

Funnily enough, the flower is bisexual and is a great source of nectar for bees (Sherlock = “busy little bee” in the show)

Here I’ll be considering both the cistus and helianthemum (also named the sun rose - John = sun in the show).

The cistus is used in the perfume industry, and we know how Mary’s perfume was determinant in her arc.

One species of cistus (not the one on John’s ear, but also white) symbolised imminent death in Victorian floriography. A sign of impending Three-Garridebs? Or a bad omen for the baby? :(

Besides, the rock rose was a symbol of popular favour in Victorian floriography.

An anemone

As @loveismyrevolution observed, visually, the flower could indeed be an anemone, either nemorosa, or sylvestris:

I do like the subtext behind anemones and I believe the flower would be quite relevant and compelling in the show. However, since the flower is extremely poisonous, I have much trouble considering it. If it was only on John’s ear, why not, but playing with the baby, almost touching her face? It’s a bit far for me.

Nevertheless, I adore the symbolism behind the anemone, and I believe it is very likely they’ll use the flower on the show (or already have?).

The symbolism behind the anemone is very rich and complex:

  • Loss of a loved one to death in ancient Greece.
  • Forsaken love and affection in Victorian floriography.
  • Anticipation/excitement for what the future holds: The flower petals
  • Protection against evil and diseases: the flower petals close up as a storm approaches
  • Bad luck or ill omens in Eastern Culture. (Mary is often linked to China=> lucky cat, hidden tattoo, oriental perfumes…)

The anemone is associated to the story of Adonis and Aphrodite. The Goddess of love fell in love with Adonis (Eros’ arrow might play a role here, and we know how important Eros is in the show). She decided to entrust him to Persephone, who later refused to give him back as she had also fallen in love with the beautiful man. The dispute ended with Zeus’ decision that Adonis would spent a third of his time with Aphrodite, another third one-third of every year with each goddess and the last third wherever he chose. He chose to spend two-thirds of the year with Aphrodite. When Adonis died (his death is associated with jealousy: someone kills him to make Aphrodite pay), Aphrodite wept over his grave and her tears for her lost love grew into Anemone flowers.

It’s fascinating to read the story with Adonis as John (a beautiful hunter who’s very skilled with an arrow/gun), Aphrodite as Sherlock, Persephone as Mary (the Goddess of death)!  Sherlock entrusted John to Mary’s care as he fakes his death. Yet when he comes back, Mary refuses to give him back. John has to spend his time between Mary and Sherlock by obligation; he is however eager and willing to stay with Sherlock.

John might “die” because of jealousy (Mary shooting him while aiming at Sherlock?), Sherlock will cry over his wound three-garridebs style. Symbolic death/murder => aka, falling in love.

The subtext behind the anemone, especially on John’s heart:

  • Bad foreshadowing for Mary. Possible death?
  • Anemone means “daughter of the wind”, and thus the genus can also be named “windflower”. This reminds me of the East Wind from HLV. John utters a threatening line at Mary and Moriarty as he sees Sherlock flying back as the East Wind who’s going to end them: “Better wrap up, there’s an East Wind coming”. [could there be a link with John’s daughter, the baby somehow bringing Mary’s end?]
  • Hope for Johnlock, John is excited about what the future holds for him (something good will come soon, John anticipates this time of happiness).
  • The imminent end of John’s time being torn between Sherlock and Mary.
  • Three Garridebs moment (John’s heart wounded by jealous!Mary?).

Once again, I adore the anemone theory, but I’m really not sure, as I don’t see John bringing a poisonous flower to play with his daughter.

As a conclusion, to me, John’s flower is most likely a begonia. John is watching out for Moriarty and Mary’s threat, especially with a baby and Sherlock returning on the plane with drugs. John has to stay cautious in this new beginning. Threats are looming over him and his loved ones. John has to stay in control of his feelings while danger is lurking… but with good communication, he will soon be free. (Who I Want to Be?)

Alternatively, John could bring a white rose to his Rosie (either an hellebore, a rock rose or wild rose). The flower is a symbol of pure love and secrets, quite fitting for John this series.

I am not a specialist in flowers, it has become a passion of mine! :) If anyone has better theories and findings, please feel free to share them! 

Chapter 133: The FIRST PEACEFUL night of SLEEP

你丫上瘾了 Note: Read the notes at the bottom for clarification on certain things, if anything, leave a comment or message me if something still doesn’t make sense. Remember, NO SPOILERS PLEASE, in the comments or anywhere on this account. I have not finished the novel. I stopped reading for now so I can translate. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes are highly appreciated.

One a side note, this chapter is also quite long….well all the chapters are getting longer and longer,  so it once again it took me a while longer. Since, I knew that this chapter is probably the chapter that everyone has been waiting for, I made sure to describe everything as best as possible. Which meant that I had to add a lot  of  words that were not in the novel in order to better describe things. BUT, rest assure, it does not change any of the content. I PROMISE! This chapter was delicious to translate, now now, not what you guys are thinking. | ू•ૅω•́)ᵎᵎᵎ

As always, THANK YOU for reading and enjoying the journey with our two INSEPARABLE boys:


*ଘ( ॢᵕ꒶̮ᵕ(꒡ᵋ ꒡ღ)zZ‥


Chapter 133 ::  The FIRST PEACEFUL night of SLEEP

After they cleaned and tidied up the mess in the room, they enjoyed the sticky rice balls with its’ sweet soup, took a shower, and laid their tired bodies on the bed. By that time, it was already past midnight.

Unable to control the apprehensive emotions that ruptured in that pulsating muscle of his, Gu Hai let his voice sound of softly in the silence of the room.

“Another year past, time really flew by quickly.”

Bai Luo Yin simply laid beside him, his two elongated arm wrapped securely onto the pillow in front of him as he rested his chin comfortably on top of it. Those earthen eyes slightly narrowed in amusement, seemingly enjoying the tranquility that quietness brought with it.

There’s only two people in the room, their eyes only held each others visages, their ears only took in the sound of the other person’s voice, whatever else that happened in the world outside, had nothing to do with the space that they are confined in. Right here…right now.


Gu Hai placed his hand on Bai Luo Yin’s neck, feeling the vein beneath his palm throbbing vigorously. A nameless serenity streamed into his heart, fortifying itself there.

Like a drug addict, who had strenuously endured the pain of withdrawal for countless days, and finally being able to have that addiction surge inside those blood conveying veins, was pure bliss. The effect of the drug would quickly disperse throughout his body and even the crevices under his bones were elated.

Bai Luo Yin narrowed his eyes, swept over, glancing at Gu Hai up and down.

He was still the same person, a little thinner, with some seriously stubborn stubbly encircling his chin. The contour of the side of his face was even more distinctive than usual.

“You should shave.”

Gu Hai crude and unrefined fingers touched the lower half of his own face; the existence of those prickling stubbles now obvious to even himself. It seems, a long time had passed by since he last shaved. He had long forgotten the date, and even worse, he couldn’t even recall the last time he had washed his face.

“Having a little bit of beard gives off an even more manly demeanor.” Gu Hai lazily consoled himself with this shameless excuse.

Bai Luo Yin snorted for a second before he couldn’t help but let laughter follow afterward.

“Perhaps on other people, it would make them look a bit more handsome. For you…forget about it. You just look old.”

An air of displeasure swept across Gu Hai’s eyes, “Why do you always say I look old? Where have I grown old?”


Gu Hai teeth clashed roughly against each other as he gritted them tightly. He pondered and contemplated in agony of a particular flaw that Bai Luo Yin’s body possessed so that he could counterattack said boy with. But, in the end, he discovered that every part, every inch was visually attractive. It was indeed, eye candy for him every time his sight fell upon it.

There was absolutely no flaw…not even one, that he could pinpoint.

Bai Luo Yin got off the bed, faced the bathroom and walked in. In less than a minute, he reappeared with a towel hanging loosely on his arm.

“Lay over there,” commanded Bai Luo Yin, pointing toward the two people sofa near the front door.

Gu Hai slowly straighten his body, “For what?”

Bai Luo Yin mischievously swayed the shaver in his hand, left and right…left and right. It was quite clear what his intentions were.

Lights reflected in Gu Hai’s dark pupils, causing it to wavered for a second. It was as if he had reached some sort of epiphany. One that caused a smile to plastered itself on his face. And his cheeks stuck out, just like the stubbles that adorned his chin.

Before, it was Gu Hai who washed Bai Luo Yin’s foot, shaved Bai Luo Yin’s beard…how is it that now, Gu Hai, himself gets to enjoy this kind of treatment!

Bai Luo Yin, himself, willingly returning to his side, had already made Gu Hai faced the heavens, lower his knees and bow, as he banged his head five hundred times against the cold hard ground. If Bai Luo Yin was even a bit good to him, that would have been enough for him. But, to be able to taste such bliss was more than his heart had asked for, had begged for. Not to mention any other divine euphoria.

When Bai Luo Yin caught sight of young master Gu’s mouth stretching out from ear to ear, grinning, he knew that this despicable guy was probably indulging in his own delusional fantasy. At first, he just wanted to use the towel to moisten Gu Hai’s face as to prevent his wild fantasy from being even more insatiable. But now, perhaps, it would be better if he let him wipe his own face.

With those thoughts, he flung the towel on Gu Hai’s face, and went to the bathroom once again to grab the shaving cream. Bai Luo Yin flipped the bottle of shaving cream over and squeezed some onto his hand. He spread the cool cream evenly on the lower half of Gu Hai’s face and waited until the beard soften under the magical control of the cream.

Gu Hai leaned back against the softness of the sofa. Intense eyes, the exact shade and dimension as a handful of freshly turned soil, cracked open. They seemed to scintillate fire, so beautiful and soft as he looked closely at the visage hovering in great propinquity to his own. His vision was clouded by Bai Luo Yin, and his brain took everything in, imprinting every detail into his memory.

At first, the distance between them seemed pretty far, but as Bai Luo Yin held the shaver with steadied hand and began to move against the surface, his face inched closer and closer. So much so, that Gu Hai can feel the heat permeating from Bai Luo Yin’s lips as it floated against the surface of his own chin that had been shaven bright and cleanly. Bai Luo Yin’s expression was not only cloaked with seriousness, but cautiousness as well, as he continued to let the shaver kiss away those invasive stubbles.

Apparently, it was the first time that he allowed himself to shave someone else beard. So, as to avoid any accidental injury, he took great care in his process.

Gu Hai’s hands inch by inch, slowly but surely, stretched out and levitated closely to Bai Luo Yin’s cheeks.

Bai Luo Yin swiftly avoided those hands, “Don’t move around.”

Gu Hai’s hand lingered stiffly in the air and remained there for a long while. Only until Bai Luo Yin’s movement ceased, did Gu Hai’s hands suddenly hook onto the back his head, pressing the boy’s cheek against his own cheek.

The faint musky smell of the shaving cream intermingled with their breaths, as they drew closer to each other. Bai Luo Yin felt intoxicated, his consciousness became somewhat blurry, as if beckoning him to give up and cave. But, it was just that, with his body bent over in such an awkward position, it made him feel extremely uncomfortable. Hence, he struggled free of Gu Hai’s strong grip.

“You have to wipe it clean after it’s shaven, otherwise it’ll be uncomfortable,” said Bai Luo Yin.

A blazing red flame flashed across Gu Hai’s eyes and in a low and seemingly husky tone, his lips breathe life into the words that strung out.

“There’s no need to, I can’t wait any longer.”

With those words said, Gu Hai suddenly exerted all his energy, hook his arm around Bai Luo Yin’s waist and pulled him toward his own body. He then, intentionally knocked his feet against Bai Luo Yin’s feet. Caught off guard, Bai Luo Yin lost his balance, stumbled and fell forward. Gu Hai allowed Bai Luo Yin’s body to crash heavily on top of his own. He didn’t give Bai Luo Yin any time to respond or even the slightest chance to retaliate as he simply clasped said boy’s face within his warm hands and……kissed him.

Once their lips touched, sparks of electricity erupted and a beautiful dance ensued within the boundary of that tightly seal space. In that moment, their breaths became eager, impatience delved deeper and deeper into their anxious lips.

At first, it was Gu Hai, whose lips latched securely onto Bai Luo Yin’s thin lips, tasting, teasing, and nibbling, unwilling to release it from within his own hunger stricken mouth. But afterwards, Bai Luo Yin’s tongue snaked out, seized Gu Hai’s tongue with his own and pulled it into his ardently awaiting cavity. Gu Hai’s heart stopped, the mere contact of their tongues, sent shivers through his nerves, shivers that made his whole body tremble in ecstasy.

Like two famished kids that haven’t consumed anything for several days, the moment they saw their mother’s breast, they would gnaw at it as if their life depended on it. They would continue to nibble and bite, locking inseparably on those precious teats until those areolar glands produce the liquid needed to sustain life, as it continued to mixed and melt together with their saliva.

That is when the taste of remembering, of missing and……of longing to see what’s precious again, has reached its’ pinnacle.

Deepening the kiss, they reveled in each other taste as their tongues intertwined and wrestled about. The need to know and explore each other was an assurance……an assurance that they existed in this time and space, together.

For the longest time, their hands searched for each other in agony, and it was only when they firmly grasped each other, did their search ended.

Separation, is a painful and……….an excruciatingly torturous, yet trivial matter. But, never having felt separation, you will never experience the deep feeling of love that you have for someone.

As it turns out, I miss you……I long to see you.

In every lonely night.

Under every cold blanket.

Only then, did I realized, how much……I needed you.

Bai Luo Yin gradually brought his own actions to a halt. Slowly and deliberately, yet somewhat reluctant, he shifted his face away from Gu Hai’s. He then, nestled his own disoriented head into the crevice of Gu Hai’s anticipating shoulder. His lungs cried out in need and beckoned him to allow air in, so slowly and unhurriedly, he breathe, somewhat panting. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and……. then, his eyes open in realization as it gazed straight in the direction of Gu Hai’s bouncing Adam’s apple.

Gu Hai tilted his head slightly to the side, feigning anger as he peered down at Bai Luo Yin, whose brows had somehow managed to knit together, creating those lines that laid ignorantly between them. The tone of his voice was infused with the complaint of a person who was about to face death.

“This entire month, you’ve almost tortured me to death!”

At long last, it was today, that Bai Luo Yin finally came to understand and gain more knowledge on what the idiom, ‘the villain sues his victim before he himself is prosecuted,’ meant.

His soft and tender face, which was normally a seldom sight to come by, immediately tightened in dismay, frustration clearly evident along the lines of his statuesque countenance.

“You fucking have the nerve to say it’s me? Who’s to fucking blame for this?”

Gu Hai thought about it……the cause from the past that affected the events of today and possibly the future. But even then, he could not find anything that would put him at an advantage.

Ultimately, he had no choice but to admit, “Blame me.”

Bai Luo Yin coldly grunted, humph! Before his hand curled into a fist and ruthlessly smashed into the pit of Gu Hai’s stomach for a while.

Gu Hai took the chance, seized Bai Luo Yin’s hands and secured it with his own. He then pulled said boy’s hand close to his quivering lips and gently kissed it. Even then, his heart was still a bit unstable as it continuously throbbed within the cavity of his tight chest.

“Even if I’m to blame, you also shouldn’t have been so cruel and heartless, right? You adamantly said you wouldn’t see me anymore and you really didn’t……and you said you’ll walk on the streets with other people and you really did. We’ve been apart for such a long time, isn’t it even a bit unbearable, a bit painful for you as well?”

Bai Luo Yin pulled his hand back and sat upright, “Even if I am in pain or can’t bare it, I still won’t let you see it!”

Gu Hai sat up, both of his arms encircled Bai Luo Yin’s frame from behind. Hugging him with great care as his chest rested devotedly against it. His chin snuggled their way atop Bai Luo Yin’s shoulder, remaining comfortably there.

And, with great interest, he asked, “In what ways did you suffer? Tell me about it.”

“What is there to say about this?” Bai Luo Yin became annoyed, somewhat angry.

Gu Hai’s seductive lips slowly caressed the nape of Bai Luo Yin’s neck, before he softly stated, “I want to hear it.”

His sultry voice and the heat that secreted from within his lips, made the hair on Bai Luo Yin’s neck stand on end.

“You know, you’re an especially despicable person. You always take pleasure in other people’s pain and suffering.” Bai Luo Yin also recalled Gu Hai’s previous statement, “You even said I’m cruel and heartless, am I more heartless than you? You got two soldiers to beat up relentlessly. So tell me, how much have I suffered? If it happened to you, how would you feel?”

Just because of a misunderstanding, the person who usually showed the most consideration and took the best care of you, actually hits you when he said he would……. every single time Bai Luo Yin thought of this matter, a fit of rage would consume his mind for while.

Gu Hai immediately straightened up his body, his gazed locked with Bai Luo Yin’s. As a sense of urgency ravished the expression in his eyes.

“I have to explain this matter to you. That’s right, I did order those two young soldiers over, but I absolutely did not instruct them to attack you. They misinterpreted my intentions and thought that the person I like was Shi Hui. So. when they saw the two of you being intimate, they just……”

Bai Luo Yin felt as if two persimmons had smashed right on to his skull. His heart felt someone disgusted. What do you call this? It just like being arrested, for no reason at all while strolling the streets, then dragged to the police station, then locked up. Before you know know it, you’re being beaten up for an entire day and night, only to be told early the next morning, that they caught the wrong person………

Bai Luo Yin’s face darkened as he got up and off the sofa. He silently walked back toward his own bed.

Gu Hai’s heart also became tormented.

“I know I’m an asshole because of that. Later on, every time I thought about it, I also felt especially tormented, but at that time, for the sake of venting my own selfish anger, I gritted my teeth and refrained myself from going to see you. Tomorrow, I’m going back to the army base. There’s still some things that I have to bring back. Come with me, I’ll retrieve those two young soldiers, you can punish them however you like. What do you think?”

Bai Luo Yin shot a deathly glance at Gu Hai, “You’re the person that should be punished the most!”

Gu Hai laid back down on the bed and sprawled. His four, long and lanky limbs stuck out in all directions. He glanced over, eyes engrossed in and obsessed with Bai Luo Yin’s prepossessing appearance.

“Come, you can punish me however you want.”

Bai Luo Yin did not pay any attention to him. He simply squeezed himself into the blanket.

Gu Hai used his leg to nudge Bai Luo Yin, “I gave you such a good opportunity and you choose not to cherish it.”

Bai Luo Yin’s indolent voice transmitted from within the blanket, “Forget about it, just let the past remain in the past. I was also wrong. We don’t need to blame each other. Let’s see what your actions are like later on.”

Imitating Bai Luo Yin’s action, Gu Hai also squeezed himself into the blanket. He then placed his hand over Bai Luo Yin’s shoulder.

The sound of Bai Luo Yin’s voice thundered in the room when he gave said boy a warning, “Sleep.”

“I wasn’t thinking of doing anything else!”

While Gu Hai said this, he grabbed onto Bai Luo Yin’s entire body and turned him over, so that his face was facing his own. His hands snaked around Bai Luo Yin’s waist as he affectionately hugged him. Perfectly contented, he closed his eyes.

It’s been longer than a month…

….and this, was the first peaceful night of sleep for both of them.



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