visual graffiti

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R▲ – Russian visual {linguist}, whose graphics and m o t i o n perceived in sync with sounds, reveal __hidden/ introvert codes of virtual and material realities. Inspired by electronic music and video***games, he created the artistic language 0f urban poetry rhymed with electric scent of ozone, city wires, asphalt, reinforced concrete/ and glass, giving an u n d a t e d impression of statics and movement and a painful idea of something you`ll never know and very unlikely see 0_j.
His artwork in P r a g u e is a visual magnet, a motion graffiti reinterpreting traditional Russian __script (‘Vyaz’) in a modern glitch,,,aesthetics. The saying [means] 'You are here’ drawing a parallel between city mapping and every m0ment self-awareness. The lettering shows __the e f f e c t of seamless repeating changes in motion due to particular animation tricks, though the viewer`s eye ±±± cannot catch the moment when it actually happens. Urban context is changing ~Z~ every second you just need to open your mind and feel it………………………“”“;