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Yuuri gets to Saint Petersburg and Viktor expects him to be a fragile wilting summer child who has never really experienced winter in that precious seaside temperate town he comes from where they get half an inch of snow twice a year and the temperature hits ~-1 Celsius on a bad day. 

“My poor, beautiful Yuuri,” Viktor thinks to himself in the days before Yuuri arrives in Russia, “How will he survive?”

Then Yuuri gets there and Viktor is watching, slack-jawed, as Yuuri wanders around in January in Saint Petersburg with his coat open and no gloves in negative five degrees, doesn’t seem to care that his cheeks and nose are turning red, doesn’t huddle into Viktor for warmth and use him as a human shield from the wind.

Viktor was expecting to be used as a human shield. Viktor wanted to be used as a human shield. Viktor would make a very good human shield.

That’s when Yuuri sees Viktor making a face at him that is the visual equivalent of ??!>>!>!??! and says, “Viktor, my first year in Detroit I didn’t have a car and we had two weeks where the temperature didn’t go above negative ten. Fahrenheit. I remember standing at a bus stop in windchill that made it feel like negative twenty-three outside. It felt like my ears were bleeding.”

“Ah,” stutters a certain five-time world champion who may or may not have ever realized that Detroit actually got that cold. 

Then Yuuri says, “Three weeks later, it hit eighty. Michigan is literally Hell,” and Viktor develops a minor fear of a mitten-shaped state that he’s never even been to.

That last Talks Machina episode when Laura played with Taliesin’s hair and he just.. fucking… insta-puppied and had the most content expression I’ve seen on a human being’s face got me thinking.

Percy laying on Vex’s chest, after, all of his long limbs tangled up around her, and she’s slowly stroking his hair. That’s it.

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How about Tyler x Mute Reader, I thought it'd be cute.


- You have a text-to-speech app on their phone, and also a little pocket device incase your phone dies, so that you can talk with people
- Some people get really weirded out by the computerized voice and that makes you feel awkward but Tyler’s never made you feel bad about it
- You both take a sign language class and get to make signs for your names
- (You really want his sign to be “Stone Face” but he refuses)
- He likes looking at your hand writing and when you ask him why he says it’s kinda like the visual equivalent of what your voice would sound like
- Sometimes you feel self conscious because you can’t talk and you think that Tyler would rather be dating a “normal” person but he says that he loves you just the way you are
-Tyler makes sure that if you guys are hanging out with Teamiplier that you get to be part of the conversation
- Everyone is super impressed at how fast you can type to keep up with the conversation
- When Tyler first introduced you to Teamiplier they all took turns listening to how the text-to-speech app pronounces their names. Mark and Ethan get you to do their intros and then make you do the “I’MMMM TYLER”
- Sometimes when just you and Tyler are chilling and cuddling you like to rest your hand on his neck so that you can feel the vibrations of his vocal cords when he talks and laughs


“Ohhh?” Metatron mused, flipping through the pages of a novel. “I think I understand you better than you’d think. Sorry you didn’t like the script though,” he waved the Winchester Gospel into the Holy Fire. “A bit over-the-top.”

“You probably could have consulted some older scripts. You seem pretty oblivious to what I’m capable of, Meta-douche.” Gabriel grumbled, clenching his fists tighter.

so i did a whole meta write-up on gabe and my urge to be all things gabriel was so strong i had to transform it into the visual equivalent too i wANT HIM BACK

I ought to be drawing Chopin instead, what with it being his birthday-ish and all, but instead I got hit with the visual equivalent of a drabble, so. Because, even though Erlkonig actually translates as Alder-king or (often) Elfking, the Japanese kanji (Ma-O) actually could be read (I think) like ‘King of Evil’. And well, as some stories go, the king of hell was once upon a time the brightest and most beautiful angel. And Schu’s music tends to manifest in light. And I only just realized that his composer baton sort of looks like a sword. And then I wanted to draw him with a flaming sword/baton and wings. So. Anyway.

I doubt the anime will look anything like this.

#190 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “one where you’re taking a photography class in high school and you run into teenage van who insists on being the ‘model’ for your assignment, you go to the beach for the shoot and he ends up pulling you in the water ? (the camera is safe tho) and then you go back to his house to dry off and cute stuffs happens”

Note: Thanks to @you-andthebottlemen  for last week’s brainstorming session for this fic!

“Didn’t you drop out? Why are you even here?” you asked. Van laughed and nodded. “Then I’m pretty sure it’s like, illegal for you to be on school grounds,”

“You gone all goody two shoes since I ain’t been here to keep ya on your toes?”

You’d never really been proper friends with Van, so you weren’t sure why he was calling you over to behind the bike shed. There were a few classes you shared. Even then, Music was the only one you talked a lot in. In English you’d urge him to actually try the assignments because he could so clearly write. He’d always claim to have better things to use his skills for though; lyrics and melodies. And, he was right. 

Since he’d dropped out, you had listened better in class. It was easier to be a good student without his beautiful distractions. 

“Shut up. What do you want?”

“Need ya camera. And you. We wanna take some photos and stuff for the band. You’ll help, right?”

You sighed. “Can’t. I have too much homework. And I have to do this assignment for Art and Miss is letting be do photos instead of draw and I still have to find something to do it on. I don’t have time to take photos of you and your weirdo friends,”

“Oi. They ain’t weirdos. Please? I’m begging,”

“Can’t you just do them yourself?” you asked, quickly looking around in case there was a teacher on yard duty. They wore fluro vests so they could be spotted in an emergency situation, but really they just allowed kids to duck away and keep track of their whereabouts.

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I don't really know that much about Victor Hugo but I seen you mention his Opinions about foreheads a few times, would you mind explaining them to me?

Sure, this one’s pretty simple! As Victor Hugo things go XD 

In Western Europe/the US in the early 19C, High Foreheads were considered a mark of an intelligent, superior, moral etc nature. The whole proto-phrenology/phrenology thing, you know? You keep your brains there, OBVIOUSLY High Forehead= More Awesome Brain Power! 

(this is of course not at all how it works but like they were taking mercury internally as a recommended medicine, so. Terrible Theories were abundant.) 

So that was in the popular culture already. Then ENTER VICTOR HUGO, who had..a Forehead. Like, it’s in all the caricatures of him. It got mentioned when people talked about him. As @fuckinwordsmithery  has said, Hugo had a Fivehead.  And he was SUPER PROUD of it. 

(And he was also SUPER FAMOUS. So for a while in the 1830s and 1840s, Aspiring Artistic Trendy types would do what they could to increase their own foreheads, including shaving and plucking back their own hairlines. The Hugo Look!)

So pretty much all of Hugo’s Very Attractive characters, especially men, have SUPER FOREHEADS. Marius? a lofty and intelligent brow. Enjolras? Much Forehead, Very Wow (like Much Horizon in a Landscape). Etc.

Just like Victor Hugo himself! What a wild coincidence! 

(and conversely characters with LOW foreheads are the visual equivalent of getting an Ominous Background Theme Tune.) 

Anyway, with the High Forehead thing, Hugo was using a reference he could rely on his contemporary audience to recognize–High Forehead=Superior Nature– and also reinforcing his own Super Hotness. So he does it a whole lot. XD 

(Phrenology was Very Much a Thing, and had all the complicated social implications of most science of the day.A very few Links About Phrenology That Aren’t Just Wiki:
-used in discussions about slavery
-in American social philosophy
-a very basic explanation)

Live Blog TWP Ep. 6

This week I had just over 5 pages of thoughts as I watched the episode.  The timeline has become so convoluted I just can’t.  I think I nit pick more at the historical side of things in this one (not comparing the historical story of Henry & Elizabeth of York to the show, but rather other historical aspects).  Enjoy!


The whole royal fam turned out for this thang.  The fact they’re all wearing the same clothes lets me know this takes place on the same day William was arrested…. Come on, I know it was the medieval times, but surely they had more than one or two changes of clothes in their wardrobe.  They are the king and queen after all.

Lizzie grabs his hand like “don’t listen 2 the haterz.”

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Jon Hamm is definitely not a fan of social media,

as he made clear during an interview with InStyle on Friday. Unlike many Hollywood figures, the “Mad Men” alum does not have a social media presence — and he intends to keep it that way.

“The point of life is not to put dog ears on yourself and post it online for everyone to see,” Hamm said, referencing Snapchat’s popular filters. “It’s fun, it’s adorable, but it’s the visual equivalent of masturbating — there’s no point other than immediate gratification.”

😂 T RU T H

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I actually had teachers when I was taking art classes in primary and middle school that made it like references were a bad thing... unless you were doing stuff like still life pieces. I wish they weren't allowed to give such crippling advice. x_x;

This makes me angry. Using reference is the visual equivalent of doing research before you write a fic. 


I’m definitely taking part in DRFanMonth, it’s too fun not to! And if anyone thought I wouldn’t be doing Kuzudams I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll probably be taking a crack at this weeks other two prompts too, because I love any excuse to draw these two, but here is the Talentswap prompt for now.

Kuzuryuu is the SHSL Gamer, while Gundam is the SHSL Visual Kei (equivalent for Ibuki’s SHSL Light Music Club Member/Musician). This talentswap AU is a collaborative effort with @robokatar so credit for Kazoo’s design and the idea behind SHSL VK go to her. (If you can’t tell that’s a light gun in Kazoo’s hand.)

Of course the only video game worthy of Gundam’s time would be a GuitarFreaks/Guitar Hero/Rock Band one. Bonding over rhythm games is the superior method of obtaining hope fragments really.

Tumblr it’d be nice if you could make these picture sets look nicer.

Okay, so I know the lack of fist-bump for Emil and the meltdown Lalli is having will ultimately make for a better story, but I’m still going to need like 10,000 words or equivalent visual art of an alternate universe where the two of them just get to be cute boyfriends.