Angel of music, guide and guardian,                                                            grant to me your glory.                                                                                Angel of music, hide no longer. 

 Come to me, strange Angel!


A little bit ago I went on a small daily painting spree.
Here’s a few of the ones I liked enough to post over on my instagram!

Also credit where credit is due. The reference photos I used you can find right here:
*Lensdistortions (cabin)
*Pablo Castro Fernandez (forest)
*Steve Thompson (lake/mountains)
*This is Wander (snow)

You can check some more of my work on my website!


yay i’m finally glad to be able to share a summary of my work for a redesign of beauty & the beast this term from color & story! this project would have never come to its completion without the help and wealth of wisdoms from celine and grace as well!! the project is not perfect, but i had a lot of fun getting to reimagine my story. for the style and setting, i looked to inspiration from the kazakh peoples of mongolia and ancient chinese dynasties for patterning and architecture! i poured a lot of love into designing my characters for this project so i hope you can enjoy looking through it as much as i enjoyed working on it!