I needed to update my portfolio, and I discovered that I don’t have very much viz dev stuff for Never Normal. I miss making concept art, but it’s been incredibly difficult finding the time to do so. Here are some story sketches and studies of Pip and Alistair’s interactions.  I wanted these sketches to have some kind of story behind it, or at least highlight some moments of the story of the comic.


Characters I’ve been working on for my Visual Development Portfolio. 

A “hijabi” is a Muslim women that wears the headscarf. “Hijabee” is a play on the word because I like puns. Anyways, my girls here are just five roommates sharing a beehive as they try to get by in this terrible economy.🐝🌸


Moana Visual Development, Part 3

The vignettes. 

Here are some story vignettes that I did for Moana– Moana sailing off to sea, The bioluminescence of the sea rescuing Moana, and a take on the “Underworld”. Fun fact: There used to be a totem sculpture/tiki-inspired character in the early stages of development, that you can spot in the third underworld piece.


A little park-scene i created. I tried out to add some diffrent textures with colored pencils. I am happy with the result :)

Courtesy of Universal Studios.

Here is a visual research I did for SING. To be honest I am not sure if I can already post some of my art on the movie. I am only gonna post that image for now, until someone tells me to remove it :) But In few month from now I’ll definitely be able to show some more. So everything will work out at the end. Peace


Because I am the biggest SAP on this planet, here is a sappified version of the beautifully sappy dance scene from Trollhunters <3 (WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T!!) I am a lost cause. I had a fun little Angor Rot epilogue to this set, maybe I will update it later :D More fanarty goodness to come, gotta hit some of the beloved trolls, hee hoo haa hee.