Visual Development Project based on Brandon Sanderson’s novella „The Emperor’s Soul“.
Based on an Asian-inspired fantasy setting, we follow the story of Shai, a so called „forger“ with the magical ability to change an object’s appearance and history by applying a „soul stamp“ to it.

Shai’s Prison cell - specifically designed to hold people with magical abilities like hers. 


Characters I’ve been working on for my Visual Development Portfolio. 

A “hijabi” is a Muslim women that wears the headscarf. “Hijabee” is a play on the word because I like puns. Anyways, my girls here are just five roommates sharing a beehive as they try to get by in this terrible economy.🐝🌸


Moana Visual Development, Part 3

The vignettes. 

Here are some story vignettes that I did for Moana– Moana sailing off to sea, The bioluminescence of the sea rescuing Moana, and a take on the “Underworld”. Fun fact: There used to be a totem sculpture/tiki-inspired character in the early stages of development, that you can spot in the third underworld piece.

Courtesy of Universal Studios.

Here is a visual research I did for SING. To be honest I am not sure if I can already post some of my art on the movie. I am only gonna post that image for now, until someone tells me to remove it :) But In few month from now I’ll definitely be able to show some more. So everything will work out at the end. Peace