visual design


Concept art of my Dream Project that I been playing around with for a few weeks now…I’m thinking of making an art book would you guys be interested?

- Queen of Night as Madame X

- Palace Sun Guard character design

- Palace Sun Guard expression sheets

- Gossip between royals

- Expressions of the Gossipers 

- Playing around with the interaction between the dream-walker and the Palace Sun Guard

-interactions between Dream-Walker and the Queen 


Here’s another preview of my concept art and the last character sheets I’ll post on my Tumblr. As the month comes to an end my stress level rises. After I finish up all the characters I have to move on to the settings, backgrounds were never my strong point.

If you want to see all my concept art, I practically have a book by now, support my patreon, Thank you~!

Skull-Kidz! © ValeriaM
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