visual consciousness


Understanding Shapes and Images with Your Third Eye

We will focus on deciphering shapes and images with this particular exercise.

Some people feel more relaxed with music playing, others prefer silence to focus.

These images are always present as your consciousness is usually occupied in more than one reality of thought. Most people don’t pay attention to the images because they are not programmed to analyze these images in a higher frequency. Waking from a dream not imply that your soul has stopped experiencing that level of reality.

Consciousness is multidimensional and ceaseless. It is about learning slowly in third dimension, but gradually increasing the pace as it spirals upward in frequency.

Prepare as you did in Lesson 1.

Focus on the screen in your mind behind your forehead again.

You will soon see a shape or an image appear.

Make a mental note of the shape as it may be an archetype that your cellular memory has set in for you at this time, one without physical analogy.

Few shapes may remain stationery, while others become animated and holographic. Observe as if watching a filmstrip, reality is nothing more than projected illusion, a consciousness hologram - in which souls experience virtually.

If you see nothing, practice with meditation, or the like. It will help you tune into to the images. It’s like any other skill, the more your practice, the easier it becomes.

Blockages may come from mental illness, substance abuse, fear, lack of understanding what you see or seeking an answer that is not shown.

Examine the images and later record what you have seen. They may mean one thing to you at present, and something else in the future.

By K.Nagori

I haven’t written anything for Queer Dean Month yet, which is a crying shame. So I thought I’d talk about the tilt scan, which many have noted with regard to the famous shot in A Little Slice of Kevin, in a little more detail.

The tilt is a technique in cinematography that is instantly recognizable to most consumers of visual media whether they consciously know it or not. In a tilting shot the camera remains stationary while rotating on a vertical axis called the tilting plane. It is often used to indicate the sexiness of the female body as an object. The first gif in Google image search for a ‘sexy body’ is a tilting scan of a half-naked female body.

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