visual camouflage

If Nekoma Had Superpowers

Kai and Fukunaga’s were a little harder to pin down because there’s not a lot of stuff to go off with them…

Kuroo: Reactive Adaptation- able to develop the powers/skills/adaptations necessary to respond to an immediate threat, Kuroo is bad to go up against, able to read the bad guys quickly, he’s ready for whatever they can throw at him

Kai: Dynamic Camouflage (visually blend into immediate environment) – Kai’s power makes him a good team with Kuroo, with the two of them able to adjust to their environment and wait for their opponent to make a mistake to take them out

Yaku: Invisibility – not flashy or attention centered, Yaku stays out of the limelight, waits to read the villains move so he can end up in front of them once it’s too late for them to choose a different path

Yamamoto: Enhanced Physical Strength – a good power to go with Yamamoto’s tendencies to get into fights often, not always one to think one out, he has the power to walk the walk along with his talking…  His body is also enhanced so he can take more physical damage than most other humans.

Kenma: Enhanced Senses (Awareness, Vision, Hearing) and Telepathy – a more subtle power, most people don’t realize that Kenma is paying attention to everything going on and able to come up with the best plan of attack all very quickly, able to send the information to his teammates in seconds

Fukunaga: Clairvoyance – blessed with seeing this before they happen, Fukunaga is in a world of his own, choosing to stay quiet, watching how things will turn out, finding it amusing knowing what will happen before others.  This power lets him be part of the group’s main attackers, able to put his knowledge to use.  

Inuoka: Energy Emission – bright and flashy, Inuoka’s power reflects his cheerful and friendly personality; a little inexperienced he’s not always out there, but when he is, he brings a smile to people’s faces while using his energy beams to block his opponents

Haiba: Volatile Constructs (generate bombs and explosives) – it can never be said that he doesn’t try, however, due to his lack of precision, his fellow heroes have been known to have to dodge a few of his constructs…  however, when he’s in his groove, no villain wants to go up against him, the power behind his attacks is sure to stop anyone in their tracks

Shibayama: Teleportation – Shibayama’s power just manifested so he’s still trying to learn how to control it, however, he works with Yaku to learn how to end up right in front of a villain, stopping them in the act

(Ask me about my au headcanons because I am a loser who has thought too much about this and needs to stop watching/reading boku no hero academia)