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Ok but has anyone else talked about how in Moana, Maui acknowledges the existence of non-binary genders? In a Disney movie??? Like, that’s really important!! 

It was when he was correcting Moana about his title, the line went something like “Hero of men, and women. And everything else, it’s not just a guys-and-girls thing.”

to be quite frank, keeping the art style simple in mob psycho 100 was bloody genius because thats kinda the point of the whole show. it runs off the fact that mob is an average everyday kid and that despite having psychic power his life doesn’t change drastically, he’s not popular for having them, he still struggles with expressing himself and he doesn’t win the girl he likes over because he has powers. and that reflects itself in the art style of how he is every normal day.

and then theres the switch where all his emotions come rushing out, even the lineart starts to move and he explodes when he hits that 100% and all of a sudden he looks really damn intense and cool and the juxtaposition of him changing from an average kid to this makes for some really awesome visual contrast.


Some awesome apps i have for stimming. Most are free, I believe Shadowmatic and Monument valley aren’t free anymore.

Heat pad is really nice and colorful. Its super cool, i’d check it out… And you earn new color schemes by playing the app! No purchase necessary!

Fluid Monkey is the second app and it’s a liquid paint stim game where you drag your finger across the screen to make pretty colors swirl everywhere.

Thisissand is a really calming game in which you draw with colored sand. There are some in-app purchases that only enhance your experience. They’re not necessary.

Relax melodies is a really nice app that has calming sounds. Some purchase necessary to have a full library of sounds and to import your own music to mix with the sounds.

Magic piano is a rhythm game in which little glowing orbs go across the screen and you then tap them to create pleasant piano music. Subscription required to have access to songs labeled “VIP”

Twist is a Ketchapp game (i mention that because there’s a few ketchapp games on here) thats really good for taking out your frustrations. Its a simple “tap at the right time” game, and i got really good at it! My high score is 118! If you get good enough at it, it’s mindless!

Smash hit is a game that can be frustrating, but hear me out. Its so satisfying to hear the glass shatter when you hit it with the metal marbles. This is by far the most frustrating game on this list, but i think the frustration is worth it.

Flutter and Flutter: Starlight are two very calming games in which you take care of butterflies and moths (respectively). If you turn on notifications for these apps, beware, they send you at least one a day (if that bugs you (pun!))

Stack is another game by Ketchapp that is very satisfying to play and it’s actually very pretty. The blocks/bricks are in gradient and its nice to look at.

Shadowmatic is a relaxing (paid) game in which you rotate objects to make the shadows look like easily identifiable silhouettes.

Zen koi is similar to flutter, but instead you play as the fish. You breed them and upgrade them and try to collect rare fish.

Pigment is a very calming coloring book app that’s ios only (sadly :

Monument valley is a paid puzzle game. I consider it an anti-physics game, if that makes sense? Its kinda trippy.

imago is similar to 2048 but with colors!

bridges is basically the same as flow, where you connect two dots of the same color. I love getting all the stars by completing the puzzles in the least amount of moves possible!

some apps that are helpful but not pictured are:


pocket frogs

listen on repeat (i have this in another folder actually)

neko atsume

you can send me any that work for you!


Ladies and germs, when an animated show somehow makes deteriorating and disintegrating animation a Visual Effect of Awesome, you know you’ve seen it all.

waywardwriterryu  asked:

my friend who is into megaman has informed me that the 2017 cartoon looks awful so far visual wise, still an awesome thing though

I’m guessing this is what you mean?

I’ll admit, I’m a little confused by the tron-esque lights in the design, but I don’t think it’s terrible. It doesn’t look exactly like megaman, but it’s still megaman. Not to mention, I don’t know how early in production this was released, so it’s possible there could have been design changes along the way. 

And speaking of designs, when it comes to TV shows, Megaman hasn’t had the best track-record in the design department. Maybe this design could look better, but it could also look worse. 

Much…MUCH worse….

welp I got it done and posted it gulp my last fic didn’t get received so hot so here goes nothing with round two

Seeing-Eye John

Rating: Teen and Up (language, mentions of death/corpses)

Johnlock, or rather not-quite-Johnlock

Word count: 3916

tags: Blind Sherlock, mentions of corpse, mentions of stab wounds, featuring a small case that’s literally nothing I just wanted Sherlock to be blind and awesome, set around season one, season one dynamic, Sherlock is still a total asshole, small amounts of mutual pining, fluff

summary: What if Sherlock Holmes was blind?

A one-off Daredevil inspired AU, a day-in-the-life of John and Sherlock, if he was blind.


What will happen on AHS: 6

Finn Wittrock and Evan Peters will play each other

The main three cast will all live to the end of the season

Unless there’s a dumb twist where they’re all actually dead

There will be awesome visuals that will get lackluster/inadequate/no explanation

Evan Peters will fall in love with somebody.

Probably Emma Roberts as a ghost pilgrim, that sounds about right.

Angela Bassett will shoot people, only to find that guns won’t work on them

The Pig thing will probably get resolved mid-season.

Kathy Bates will make us all sad

When Lady Gaga shows up we’ll be plagued with gifs of her for months

There will be a flashback to the original Roanoke Colony, before it at went to shit.

Several episodes will be dedicated to prior tenants of the house in different decades, because Ryan Murphy loves period pieces but hates committing


And that’s what you missed on Glee.