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This Land is Your Land by Barry Underwood

Inspired by the famous folk tune, “This Land is Your Land” written by Woody Guthrie, Barry Underwood’s series affirms his standing as an environmentalist photographer and ecological advocate. Written in 1940, the song’s original lyrics introduced a critical perspective to the idealistic view of America as Underwood’s images challenge the common bucolic perception of the landscape.

Underwood marks the landscape with LED lights, luminescent substances and other physical processes, utilizing lustrous color and working with shapes, lines and light to point to the immutable traces that human interventions leave behind. By staging a visual disruption in an otherwise familiar setting, Underwood seeks to reveal the unseen potential instilled in the landscape. As a result of the interplay of the natural and unnatural, he creates strikingly beautiful, otherworldly visuals enhancing awareness of environmental issues.

He writes, “The landscape has been and continues to be altered by ambitious human activities linked to political, social, economic, climactic, and aesthetic forces. I am particularly interested in connections between land use and the interpretation of a landscape as a politically symbolic environment, reflecting human activity and one’s own self-definition, as well as our values and beliefs.”

From the exhibition at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery.

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Q&A: Why your thoughts aren’t becoming things

Q: Everyone says “thoughts become things” and I’ve been thinking about only what I want. Focusing on what I want instead of what I don’t want. But nothing is changing or happening? Why? I’m really frustrated, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Also, every time I see people having what I want or are living the life I wish I could have, I get jealous and wonder why I don’t have that and therefore feel bad. And it happens so often too. How can I change that?

A: This is one of the most honest questions I have ever been asked. So thank YOU for the opportunity to discuss this. The truth is your thoughts are becoming things, but the missing link is to understand your feelings become things much faster. Here’s how to master both:

1. The first thing is to make a list of your desires, and rank them from the smallest to the biggest goal. And now, make it a point to go after the biggest one. The smaller goals will be fulfilled with very little effort. This is because in focusing on a “big” goal, you are raising your energy past number 5, 4, 3, and 2 to get to 1! 

2. When you think of what you want, you are no closer to achieving it. This is not the law of attraction. (I was as shocked as you are right now!) When you think of a goal, the Universe thinks “he/she wants to keep wanting it”  and so you stay in that state. The day you begin to imagine you have already fulfilled the goal, then the creative magic begins. Think of it as a 100m sprint: instead of standing at the Start Line imagining the end, put yourself 1st place on the podium accepting the gold medal around your neck! When you shift time in your imagination like this, let yourself start to feel that it could be true, it could be you. 

3. What you resist, you attract too. We all have things we don’t want so we try not to think of them. But be honest about your inner mental conversations. Is there something you still feel resentment towards? A situation or a person? What are you scared of, illness or poverty? These are all types of resistance. And resistance is a powerful energy that will keep you stuck in an unhappy cycle unless and until you decide you’ve had enough. Begin today to write the following affirmation out 10 times a day, morning and night: “I release every one to their highest good and me to mine.” If it feels uncomfortable or you make excuses for delaying it, you know that is your resistance speaking!

4. Understand how your life is right now is only a product of how you used to think. You did the best with what you had. The best news is that this is a new moment of creation. You’ve asked the question because you’re ready to take responsibility for your life. Whatever you’re not happy with right now, just let it be for a while. Create one hour a day (minimum) where you write out affirmations, see your “biggest” goal in your imagination, see who you want to be in your imagination, meditate a little, and have positive/calming music playing the entire hour. The music will create a new Neuro-Linguistic Programming in your brain to get you to feel as good about your desires as you do about the songs! 

5. Frustration: This one word deserves a paragraph in itself. Decide now that you will no longer let yourself feel frustration. That F word is burning your dreams and birthing jealousy towards people you otherwise love, and is making you judge yourself. Your heart and soul have waited until today for you to be kinder to yourself. Enough is enough. Frustration is a fire. When you feel it creeping back into your mind, pause and try to see who is feeling the frustration? Is it a voice in your mind? Who is listening to it? Realize you are the one that listens to your inner dialogue, you are NOT your thoughts themselves. 

6. When you see others have what you want there are a few ways to go about it. You could realize that there is no end to how much you can have, and how much they can have! You can see that the Universe is showing you desires that match yours to show you its listening to you. You can realize how amazing it is that we are all here to be, do and have anything we want. When you feel any envy, just be aware of it and talk to it as you would a child. It is only your ego feeling left out and scared. The ancient ego within us all operates with a fight or flight mentality, and believes if it doesn’t get what it needs to survive then it will die. It’s as simple as that. However, this is a lie and deep down you know it. Somewhere within your feelings, your gut, you know that life is about to get very good for you, and every single person you have the honour of knowing. 

There’s work to be done to live the life you want, as you can see. Read over this a few times, and begin to take the action listed. And each day, imagine you’re at Day One and try again. The action is easy once you start. Also, try to cut out every negative book, song, TV show, film and piece of news in your life for 30 days. This negativity detox is essential as you begin to change your thinking. Also try to read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, he will be a good friend to you right now. 

Note: If anyone at all has any questions then please feel free to inbox me. I shall answer in this anonymous format so we may all benefit. 

Please share this post, you never know who might need to see it. 

Chakra Frequencies Chart

Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency, from the lowest/deepest/slowest frequency at the root to the highest/fastest at the crown – with each chakra having its own sound, just like it has its own color. Sound is vibration. Music and sound, good or bad, influence us and impact our energy systems. Sound, either as music, musical notes or chanting can be used for chakra balancing – repetition supports bringing the body- mind-soul complex into a meditative state, where healing occurs, and creates a continuous vibrational environment. Visualization with the associated chakra color while using sound can deepen & amplify the experience.
In life you don’t get what you want… You get what you picture.
—  Holton Buggs
The Law of Attraction... and God.

That the Earth is 13 billion years old; that your eyesight is 576 megapixels; and that for every natural disaster there is always a human or animal that survived stranded on a log for one week, all show a powerful Nature or Divine Being is at work! If you use the word God, then please know that the Law of Attraction is not a substitute for religion. It’s not a hobby, and it’s not something weird. It is simply how the universe operates.

Imagine if we had taste buds but didn’t know how to cook food? Imagine if we could see a breathtaking view but Iraqi scientist Ibn- al- Haytham hadn’t thought of the camera? All these inventions came from thought first and became things afterwards. The law of attraction is a fancy buzz word for that. That’s all.

And any good teacher will tell you, when you get your breakthrough, or when you see hope at the end of the struggle, that’s Grace right there.  


Stills from my Nippon Nordic 2017 application. I made it to the second round and had my interview yesterday. Excited and hope that I will be one of the 8 danes who will participate. 

I also applied for Open Workshop at The Animation Workshop, as I hope to develop this concept further. 

Cross your fingers for me XD

🎶Incorporating Music into Witchcraft 🎶

Music is the strongest form magic.
- Marilyn Manson

Love him or hate him, the Antichrist Superstar is actually on to something with this well-known quote. What other artistic medium do you know of brings thousands of people together for one cause and a massive exchange of energy? Concerts are sometimes exhausting to go to because of that energy exchange. It doesn’t just happen between the audience and the artist, but amongst audience members as well.

Everyone has their favorite song or artist for when they’re feeling a certain way. Did you know that emotion you invoke while listening to music can be used in witchcraft and magick work? Of course it can! The purpose of this post is to give ideas as to how go about doing this rather beautiful practice.

Let’s begin, shall we? 🎵

There have been some posts floating around listing music genres and their correspondences for witchcraft and magick work. That’s all well and good, but these posts are essentially pigeonholing the many subgenres and songs one can use for any given intention in magick work and witchcraft. Why is it pigeonholing? Music, as an art form, is up to the listener to interpret. What one person feels while listening to a song may be completely different from what their neighbors or friends feel. No one genre or song is definitively assigned a correspondence. To pretend they are is rather misleading. Even love songs are not always exclusively about romantic love. They could be about friendship, protection, and self- love. Bottom line: The message of a song or piece is up for interpretation by the listener. No one has a right or wrong way of comprehending or corresponding the message of a song or piece.

What you’re about to read is my own technique I’ve developed through both personal and professional practice.

How do I even begin figuring out my emotional connection to a song?

It would seem as though this is a simplistic thing to do. Not necessarily. Think of every song you listen to as being personal and emotional journey. The way I recommend approaching this, even to work Clients, is to begin by listening to a classical instrumental piece. I usually have Clients start with Debussy’s Clair de Lune. Obviously, there are thousands of well-known classical instrumental pieces available. No matter which one you choose, the goal of the exercise is the same: Truly listening to the piece and connecting to it on some emotional level.

As with much of magick work, there is a great deal of visualization, meditation, and self-awareness that can go into listening to a piece of music.

*Begin by finding a quiet and calming place to listen to the piece.
*Get comfortable and relax your body.
*Start playing the piece.
*As you listen, let your mind wander and become lost in the piece. Let images form and memories be recalled.
*Try to notice where you feel the music within and throughout your body.
*If you don’t like the piece, do your best to identify why.

It’s usually best to document your experiences and the piece you listen to as you may listen to the same piece several months later and feel something completely different, which is perfectly fine!

REMINDER: Should anything traumatic or unpleasant come up while listening to a piece, make note of it and stop listening to the piece. Walk away, take deep breaths, get a drink of water and do what you feel is comfortable to ground yourself again. There is no competition or timer keeping track of how quickly you are able to connect with a piece. Move at your own pace and always stop what you’re doing if things suddenly feel uncomfortable or overwhelming.

Ok, I got that down…So how can I incorporate the actual pieces into my practice?

Once you get the hang of truly connecting with a piece, you can try connecting with songs that have vocals. Try the exercise discussed above with your favorite song. Do your best to identify why you enjoy the song. What emotions do you feel? Where do you feel the energy? During what part(s) of the song do you feel the most emotion and energy? What memories (if any) do you recall? No matter the artist, genre, era, and/or title, there is always a correspondence one can use for magick work. For example, I love using the song The Nameless by metal band Slipknot for curses. The raw anger and hatred this song invokes is perfect for giving me that extra dose of FUCK YOU to my target.

When wanting to conduct magick, playing the song/piece in the background is helpful. As you begin playing the piece, ground yourself and let the emotion(s) you feel grow. You can also use the lyrics from the chosen song as your incantation (they can be tweaked for any reason such as changing the tense or pronouns).

Creating a playlist (whether it’s on iTunes or YouTube) of songs that you know are effective in channeling energy for magick and spellwork is also a wonderful idea. Here is my sample playlist of songs I use all the time. I break it down according to correspondence. You can break your playlist down however you want. You can even have multiple playlists dedicated to each correspondence. Do whatever feels right for you.

Something else you can do to Incorporate music into your practice is to use song lyrics to create sigils. Try to find one sentence or phrase that captures the intention of the sigils and use your favorite sigils craft method. Here is an example of how I use lyrics to create a sigil. I also know @violetwitchcraft has this post explaining how to use lyrics to create sigils.

I truly hope this post has been helpful in learning how to incorporate music into your practice. If anyone has any additional suggestions, feel free to reblog and add them!

- Marisol

purple-virgo  asked:

do you have visual snow? i have it and i need information

Yes I do!

Unfortunately, I’m not an expert on visual snow since I have no idea how the frickle frackle I got this weird vision exactly nor do I know if it’s treatable or not… BUT I could share what I do know!

If your vision looks grainy or there’s like a translucent layer of TV static (or reaally tiny moving particles/snow/molecules) then sorry to break it to you;;;; you most likely have visual snow.

It’s much more visible at night, in the dark or pitch black like when you close your eyes.

I’ve had visual snow since I was 7 (I’m 18 now, so that’s 12 years!) and I only found out last year that this wasn’t how everyone else saw things! I thought EVERYONE HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS 24/7!!

I made a post about my visual snow in the past, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can read it here [x]

anywho, VS is a “neurological condition”, that’s the reason why when you try to ask your eye doctor and describe what’s wrong, they’ll think you’re cray-cray because VS is quite rare and isn’t a well-known condition. Not to mention, researches being done on VS are very scarce.

Nobody in my family has VS, although I’ve read other people’s stories that everyone in their family has VS, so I’m not so sure if it’s genetically inherited or not.

Other than seeing TV static, other symptoms of those with VS include;

  • Tinnitus (hearing ringing, throbbing or buzzing in the ear)
  • Seeing Starbursts and halos around lights
  • Seeing Floaters (translucent circles or string-looking things)
  • Palinopsia (negative after-images, seeing movement trails)
  • Scotoma (distortion or blind spots)
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Vertigo (dizziness or swirling/spinning sensation)
  • Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (seeing white moving dots in the sky)
  • Other Entoptic Phenomenons such as; Purkinje Tree, Haidinger’s brush, Phosphene, etc.

some symptoms that I have which I don’t really know what they’re called;

  • Seeing moving blobs w/ colors (most of the time I see green, purple, red and blue)
  • Seeing thin and thick layers of semi-transparent colors around objects and people
  • Seeing translucent Honeycomb-like things

Those with VS are often ridiculed because their symptoms sound exactly like when you’re on hallucinogenic psychedelic drugs but I’ve never done any drugs before (unless you consider medicines for coughs and colds as drugs lol) and most VS sufferers have never done drugs as well so it’s not drug-related.

VS is most likely due to a chemical imbalance in the brain or something along those lines. However, people with VS have tried CT scans but they found nothing and all their results were normal.

Like I said, researches done on VS are scarce because it’s a very rare condition, plus it’s in the brain, and the brain is like; PRETTY COMPLEX… So yeah, there’s a whole different world up there!

Dedicated doctors are doing what they can to fully understand visual snow so they could find a cure and its causes. There are surveys being done on VS and I’m glad more people are becoming aware and learning about VS.

Below are some sites I’ve found where you can share your opinions, stories and experiences on visual snow, and also interact with those suffering from VS;

That’s all the information that I could share for now (I’m sorry it took a while)

Those of us with mild visual snow can still live normally and function from day-to-day (though it’s there 24/7 and may seem distracting, there’s nothing much we can do so we’ve learned to just live with it and not let it get in the way from doing every day things)

but to those with severe VS, where their vision becomes distorted and it’s impossible to read, drive, etc. they really have it rough. That’s why we are hoping for answers on how to cure it as soon as possible!

We’re also hoping to spread the awareness for visual snow because it ain’t easy when everyone thinks you’re going nuts! It’s very real and someone out there might actually have VS but don’t know a thing or two about it!

(so pls feel free to share or reblog)

Stay strong and we can get through this all together!

Rite to introduce oneself into the elements.

The cosmic sphere is from Basic Sigil magick.  It is based on the qabalistic cross from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley.  I changed it a little bit but I do highly suggest you read this book, as it not only covers sigils in the original Spare’s Chaos magick content it also covers a great deal of energy work.  

Now for the actual rite.  What you want to do is get into a meditative state repeat the words and follow the steps below.  You want to do this while standing up

“From the infinite power of my inner silent center do I construct my inner cosmos”

(visualize the center point in your chest)

“I am connected to the potential of the All-Father principle.”

(visualize a point on the top of your head as the top of the cross)

“I am equally connected to the principle of the Earth-Mother. ”

(visualize a cube or compass around your feet)

“Around me are the four symbols of dynamic power. Before me lies the symbol of perfect intelligence and awareness.”

(visualize the sword)

“To my right lies the symbol of perfect creativity. ”

(Visualize the Wand.)

“Behind me lies the symbol of eternal outpouring goodness.”

(Visualize the Cup.)

“To my left lies the symbol of my being.”

(visualize the shield)

“One is the totality of existence.”

(Visualize the first ring.)

“Two is the reality of potential.”

(Visualize the second ring.)

“Three is the number of power.”

(Visualize the third ring.)

“From center to circumference, all is connected according to cosmic law. Be this Cosmic Sphere declared open.”

Invocation to the four/five elements

I usually do the five elements but I use trad Rromani magick and use the ether/akasa element so for this I am only doing the four elements found in modern western occultism.  Again will we start with east.  I suggest you make your own rite for this as it does get personal but this is a VERY BASIC sketch.

“Through the east I invoke the element of Air”  

(meditate on the element of air)

“Through the south I invoke the element of fire”

(meditate on the element of fire”

“Through the west I invoke the element of water”

(meditate on the element of water)

“Through the north I invoke the element of earth”

(meditate on the element of earth)

When you meditate on these elements you may feel a certain way but you have to finish the ritual in full with the closing to properly shut down the cosmic circle. 

Closing Formula


“Let there be peace to the highest.”

[See the crown disappear.]

“Let there be peace to the lowest.”

[See the cube disappear.]

“Let there be peace to the east.”

[See the Sword disappear.]

“Let there be peace to the south.”

[See the Wand disappear.]

“Let there be peace to the west. ”

[See the Cup disappear.]

“Let there be peace to the north.”

[See the shield disappear.]

“Let there be peace all around.”

[See the rings disappear.]

“Let there be peace within.”

[See the light at the center disappear.]

“I now declare this ritual complete and this Cosmic Sphere returned to normality." 

After this rite it is important to ground and center yourself, I also recommend that you write everything about this rite down.  How did it make you feel and that type of thing.  

As Always


anonymous asked:

can you link me to your astral projection tag?

I can link you to one of the best books I’ve  ever read on Astral Projection and OBEs. ;)

Astral Dynamics


Part One - Elements of Projection

  1. Chapter - Dimensional Theory

  2. Chapter - The Projectable Double

  3. Chapter - The Incredible Mind-Split

  4. Chapter - Complications of Consciousness

  5. Chapter - Astral Sight

  6. Chapter - Waking Paralysis

  7. Chapter - OBE and Perception

Part Two - New Energy Ways

  1. Chapter - Imagination Versus Visualization

  2. Chapter - Mobile Body Awareness

  3. Chapter - Tactile Imaging

  4. Chapter - Supporting Energy Structures

  5. Chapter - Energy Body Stimulation

  6. Chapter - Raising Energy

  7. Chapter - Stimulating Primary Energy Centers

Part Three - Core Skills

  1. Chapter - Deep Physical Relaxation

  2. Chapter - Taming the Mind

  3. Chapter - The Trance State

Part Four - Projection Exit and Technique

  1. Chapter - Preparations for Projection

  2. Chapter - Projection Technique

  3. Chapter - Technique Variations

  4. Chapter - Projection Exit problems

  5. Chapter - Overcoming the Mind-Split

  6. Chapter - Lucid Dream Backup

  7. Chapter - Virtual Reality Projection

  8. Chapter - The Astral Form in Motion

Part Five - The Akashic Connection

  1. Chapter - The Astral Planes

  2. Chapter - The Silver Cord

  3. Chapter - The Etheric Body

  4. Chapter - The Akashic Records

  5. Chapter - The Akashic Pulse

Part Six - Strange Astral Phenomena

  1. Chapter - OBE and Reality Fluctuations

  2. Chapter - Higher Level Projection

  3. Chapter - Astral Beings and Wildlife

  4. Chapter - Fear and Astral Noises

  5. Chapter - Astral Self-Defense

  6. Chapter - A Few Last Words