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Watch your words and your energy as you move through the day. The instant you notice that your energy is dropping in any way, that doubts are creeping into your mind, that you are feeling bad about who you are, stop. Take a deep breath and look inward for a higher image.
—  Sanaya Roman, Personal Power Through Awareness

“i’ve never owned anything so nice…”

y’all it took me forever to finish the new chapter bc every time nadia was on the screen i just sat there and stared at her bc how is she so damn pretty?! anyway, here’s mare wearing her new clothes (thanks nadia you da best) while wondering what julian would think if he saw her in such fancy dress

Chakra Frequencies Chart

Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency, from the lowest/deepest/slowest frequency at the root to the highest/fastest at the crown – with each chakra having its own sound, just like it has its own color. Sound is vibration. Music and sound, good or bad, influence us and impact our energy systems. Sound, either as music, musical notes or chanting can be used for chakra balancing – repetition supports bringing the body- mind-soul complex into a meditative state, where healing occurs, and creates a continuous vibrational environment. Visualization with the associated chakra color while using sound can deepen & amplify the experience.
Ask yourself, "What sort of planet do I want to live on and what can I personally do to bring it into existence?"

We are the ones that can turn this planet into a paradise through unity, understanding, and intelligence.

Q&A: Why your thoughts aren’t becoming things

Q: Everyone says “thoughts become things” and I’ve been thinking about only what I want. Focusing on what I want instead of what I don’t want. But nothing is changing or happening? Why? I’m really frustrated, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Also, every time I see people having what I want or are living the life I wish I could have, I get jealous and wonder why I don’t have that and therefore feel bad. And it happens so often too. How can I change that?

A: This is one of the most honest questions I have ever been asked. So thank YOU for the opportunity to discuss this. The truth is your thoughts are becoming things, but the missing link is to understand your feelings become things much faster. Here’s how to master both:

1. The first thing is to make a list of your desires, and rank them from the smallest to the biggest goal. And now, make it a point to go after the biggest one. The smaller goals will be fulfilled with very little effort. This is because in focusing on a “big” goal, you are raising your energy past number 5, 4, 3, and 2 to get to 1! 

2. When you think of what you want, you are no closer to achieving it. This is not the law of attraction. (I was as shocked as you are right now!) When you think of a goal, the Universe thinks “he/she wants to keep wanting it”  and so you stay in that state. The day you begin to imagine you have already fulfilled the goal, then the creative magic begins. Think of it as a 100m sprint: instead of standing at the Start Line imagining the end, put yourself 1st place on the podium accepting the gold medal around your neck! When you shift time in your imagination like this, let yourself start to feel that it could be true, it could be you. 

3. What you resist, you attract too. We all have things we don’t want so we try not to think of them. But be honest about your inner mental conversations. Is there something you still feel resentment towards? A situation or a person? What are you scared of, illness or poverty? These are all types of resistance. And resistance is a powerful energy that will keep you stuck in an unhappy cycle unless and until you decide you’ve had enough. Begin today to write the following affirmation out 10 times a day, morning and night: “I release every one to their highest good and me to mine.” If it feels uncomfortable or you make excuses for delaying it, you know that is your resistance speaking!

4. Understand how your life is right now is only a product of how you used to think. You did the best with what you had. The best news is that this is a new moment of creation. You’ve asked the question because you’re ready to take responsibility for your life. Whatever you’re not happy with right now, just let it be for a while. Create one hour a day (minimum) where you write out affirmations, see your “biggest” goal in your imagination, see who you want to be in your imagination, meditate a little, and have positive/calming music playing the entire hour. The music will create a new Neuro-Linguistic Programming in your brain to get you to feel as good about your desires as you do about the songs! 

5. Frustration: This one word deserves a paragraph in itself. Decide now that you will no longer let yourself feel frustration. That F word is burning your dreams and birthing jealousy towards people you otherwise love, and is making you judge yourself. Your heart and soul have waited until today for you to be kinder to yourself. Enough is enough. Frustration is a fire. When you feel it creeping back into your mind, pause and try to see who is feeling the frustration? Is it a voice in your mind? Who is listening to it? Realize you are the one that listens to your inner dialogue, you are NOT your thoughts themselves. 

6. When you see others have what you want there are a few ways to go about it. You could realize that there is no end to how much you can have, and how much they can have! You can see that the Universe is showing you desires that match yours to show you its listening to you. You can realize how amazing it is that we are all here to be, do and have anything we want. When you feel any envy, just be aware of it and talk to it as you would a child. It is only your ego feeling left out and scared. The ancient ego within us all operates with a fight or flight mentality, and believes if it doesn’t get what it needs to survive then it will die. It’s as simple as that. However, this is a lie and deep down you know it. Somewhere within your feelings, your gut, you know that life is about to get very good for you, and every single person you have the honour of knowing. 

There’s work to be done to live the life you want, as you can see. Read over this a few times, and begin to take the action listed. And each day, imagine you’re at Day One and try again. The action is easy once you start. Also, try to cut out every negative book, song, TV show, film and piece of news in your life for 30 days. This negativity detox is essential as you begin to change your thinking. Also try to read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, he will be a good friend to you right now. 

Note: If anyone at all has any questions then please feel free to inbox me. I shall answer in this anonymous format so we may all benefit. 

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purple-virgo  asked:

do you have visual snow? i have it and i need information

Yes I do!

Unfortunately, I’m not an expert on visual snow since I have no idea how the frickle frackle I got this weird vision exactly nor do I know if it’s treatable or not… BUT I could share what I do know!

If your vision looks grainy or there’s like a translucent layer of TV static (or reaally tiny moving particles/snow/molecules) then sorry to break it to you;;;; you most likely have visual snow.

It’s much more visible at night, in the dark or pitch black like when you close your eyes.

I’ve had visual snow since I was 7 (I’m 18 now, so that’s 12 years!) and I only found out last year that this wasn’t how everyone else saw things! I thought EVERYONE HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS 24/7!!

I made a post about my visual snow in the past, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can read it here [x]

anywho, VS is a “neurological condition”, that’s the reason why when you try to ask your eye doctor and describe what’s wrong, they’ll think you’re cray-cray because VS is quite rare and isn’t a well-known condition. Not to mention, researches being done on VS are very scarce.

Nobody in my family has VS, although I’ve read other people’s stories that everyone in their family has VS, so I’m not so sure if it’s genetically inherited or not.

Other than seeing TV static, other symptoms of those with VS include;

  • Tinnitus (hearing ringing, throbbing or buzzing in the ear)
  • Seeing Starbursts and halos around lights
  • Seeing Floaters (translucent circles or string-looking things)
  • Palinopsia (negative after-images, seeing movement trails)
  • Scotoma (distortion or blind spots)
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Vertigo (dizziness or swirling/spinning sensation)
  • Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (seeing white moving dots in the sky)
  • Other Entoptic Phenomenons such as; Purkinje Tree, Haidinger’s brush, Phosphene, etc.

some symptoms that I have which I don’t really know what they’re called;

  • Seeing moving blobs w/ colors (most of the time I see green, purple, red and blue)
  • Seeing thin and thick layers of semi-transparent colors around objects and people
  • Seeing translucent Honeycomb-like things

Those with VS are often ridiculed because their symptoms sound exactly like when you’re on hallucinogenic psychedelic drugs but I’ve never done any drugs before (unless you consider medicines for coughs and colds as drugs lol) and most VS sufferers have never done drugs as well so it’s not drug-related.

VS is most likely due to a chemical imbalance in the brain or something along those lines. However, people with VS have tried CT scans but they found nothing and all their results were normal.

Like I said, researches done on VS are scarce because it’s a very rare condition, plus it’s in the brain, and the brain is like; PRETTY COMPLEX… So yeah, there’s a whole different world up there!

Dedicated doctors are doing what they can to fully understand visual snow so they could find a cure and its causes. There are surveys being done on VS and I’m glad more people are becoming aware and learning about VS.

Below are some sites I’ve found where you can share your opinions, stories and experiences on visual snow, and also interact with those suffering from VS;

That’s all the information that I could share for now (I’m sorry it took a while)

Those of us with mild visual snow can still live normally and function from day-to-day (though it’s there 24/7 and may seem distracting, there’s nothing much we can do so we’ve learned to just live with it and not let it get in the way from doing every day things)

but to those with severe VS, where their vision becomes distorted and it’s impossible to read, drive, etc. they really have it rough. That’s why we are hoping for answers on how to cure it as soon as possible!

We’re also hoping to spread the awareness for visual snow because it ain’t easy when everyone thinks you’re going nuts! It’s very real and someone out there might actually have VS but don’t know a thing or two about it!

(so pls feel free to share or reblog)

Stay strong and we can get through this all together!

The Law of Attraction... and God.

That the Earth is 13 billion years old; that your eyesight is 576 megapixels; and that for every natural disaster there is always a human or animal that survived stranded on a log for one week, all show a powerful Nature or Divine Being is at work! If you use the word God, then please know that the Law of Attraction is not a substitute for religion. It’s not a hobby, and it’s not something weird. It is simply how the universe operates.

Imagine if we had taste buds but didn’t know how to cook food? Imagine if we could see a breathtaking view but Iraqi scientist Ibn- al- Haytham hadn’t thought of the camera? All these inventions came from thought first and became things afterwards. The law of attraction is a fancy buzz word for that. That’s all.

And any good teacher will tell you, when you get your breakthrough, or when you see hope at the end of the struggle, that’s Grace right there.  

Thoughts on Valerian:

  • blatant male fantasy
  • 8000 complex alien species in this universe and the Pearls still look like white, conventionally attractive humanoids
  • who are ofc depicted with gross sexualizing camera angles (it’s just a coincidence the Pearls wear basically nothing but see-through scraps of fabric)
  • an emotionally incompetent male protagonist who does nothing but pester the female character into marrying him despite her explicit refusal until she finally gives in, also literally every interaction between the two is… cringe-worthy… and has the emotional chemistry of a rock…
  • “honorable male character saves sex worker from her terrible life” trope
  • One (1) competent female character in the whole Alpha station who interacts with absolutely no other character but the male protagonist 
  • maybe two? poc out of all the human characters, one of whom is only ever seen through a screen
  • ????????
I need more j-rock on my dash.

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anonymous asked:

this might sound a bit rude but why is haknyeon even still in the top 11? i have nothing against him but i dont particularly like him either. he's managed to stay up there for so long without really having a "story", any notable talents, any memorable moments, lots of screentime, or just anything besides being jeju boy. im confused??? are knetz noticing something we arent??? i know he had a bit of a story during right round but even that was short lol pls help

!!Warning: long (possibly boring) post!!

It’s okay, buddy~ 

In short: He’s top 11 because he’s popular and he’s popular because he’s likable and he’s likable partly because he’s cute. I think that he’s remained stable in popularity (despite the reasons you’ve given) because of the way his popularity formed and the cultural context and cognitive biases that helped form it. 

I answered an ask about this here where I talked a little about how culture plays a big role in “visuals” being super popular. In this post I will be fully expanding on the points of the previous post. In the future, I will be linking any asks about this topic to this post so I do not become redundant. 

Disclaimer: I’m personally indifferent about Haknyeon- I can see why people think he’s cute but I don’t think he’s ready to be in top 11. This analysis is not intended to condemn or dismiss people’s reasons for liking him, it is also not meant to be the only reasons why he’s popular- I am merely exploring the cognitive and cultural factors that may have facilitated his popularity. 

Disclaimer #2: I am not a professional psychologist/researcher/etc. I am a 3rd year cognitive science, computer programming double major who has worked in labs that study cultural differences in social and developmental psychology. I’ve done my best to research and cite the articles that I use to support my observations but feel free to bring up any discrepancies. 

First, the timing:

  • March 9, 2017 - Mnet first unveiled the contestants through the Pick Me stage on MCountdown.
  • That same day, Mnet had a “Meet the Producers” event where the trainees met with fans and gave them gifts. Here’s a Naver link to their behind the scenes footage of the event.
  • March 10, 2017 - PR videos started being released.
  • April 7, 2017 - The show officially started airing.

Haknyeon caught a lot of people’s attention for being very cute and smiley at the “meet the national producers” event. Right after the event lots of people posted fan pics of him and he had fan sites popping up left and right- take a look at the twitter activity for his name on 3/9. And then on March 10, his PR video came out and people thought it was really endearing that he talked about Jeju and being a farm boy so he gained more fans. 

Remember that this all happened BEFORE the season started airing. The fans hadn’t seen his talents/skills (other than what was shown in the PR video) and we hadn’t really seen anyone else’s skills/talents either. There wasn’t much to go on other than his personality and his looks and we didn’t have any way of properly comparing him to other trainees yet.

“Visual” culture:

The industry itself counts “visuals” as a position in kpop groups and the country as a whole places importance on being the best “you” you can be (as seen in their many skincare/makeup lines, minor plastic surgery -like eyelid surgery- being the norm, and their tendency to criticize). It may seem like visuals are more important in Korean culture because they are. This importance is even reflected in the fact that Korean language has more descriptive terms for people’s looks.

Examples, taken from Park, 2007 (pg. 55):

eoljjang (“face king,” a person with a handsome face), momjjang (“body king,” a person with a nice body), saengeol (a pretty face without any make-up), dongan (a young-looking face), longdari (slang term for “long legs”), jjukjjuk ppangppang (“long, slim, and supple”), S-line (hourglass figure), V-line (slender face), etc

The fact that Korea is homogeneous and has its own set of beauty standards/ideals also contributes to the disconnect between their culture and international fan’s cultures. That’s not to say other Asian cultures don’t share similar standards. In fact, John Nguyeat Erni and Siew Keng Chua argue that “racial proximity” can explain the popularity of K-drama/K-pop in Asia because of the shared “norms of beauty (male and female)… in contrast to perceived western outlooks” (quoted in Kim, 2007, pg 48). 

I will not go more into these because I myself am not Korean nor have I studied these aspects sufficiently to feel confident in analyzing their role in “visual” popularity. But be aware that they exist and are large parts of the culture. (For further reading I recommend this study by Bissel & Chung where they discuss Korean socio-cultural attitudes toward ideal beauty).

The psychology of attractiveness: 

It’s easy for people to become biased to a person when all they have are personality and visuals to judge them on. There is a cognitive bias that every human has in some degree or another where we tend to equate good looks with having good traits. It’s called the physical attractiveness stereotype. Studies have shown that “in a first-impression situation, [where you only have personality and visuals to judge on] a person’s level of attractiveness may evoke in a perceiver a set of expectancies” (Miller, 1970).

In 1997, Wheeler & Kim conducted a study with Korean university students where they found that Korean university students were more likely than North American university students to stereotype based on attractiveness and were more likely to rate attractive people are being more trustworthy. 

In individualistic cultures, (i.e. US/Western Europe) the physical attractiveness stereotype tends to make observers perceive attractive people as more successful/powerful but it also causes observers to attribute more negative traits to attractive people and see their integrity/kindness as low. However, in collectivist cultures (i.e. East Asian countries) which stress harmony, attractive people are not seen as more powerful- instead they are seen as having higher integrity, loyalty, and other traits that culture values.

There is another cognitive bias called the halo effect where an observer’s positive impression of one aspect of a person (like their personality) makes other aspects of that person also appear positive to the observer. 

One study found that subjects “significantly favored more attractive singers over the less attractive singers” even when their singing was poor. (Wapnick, Darrow, Kovacs, & Dalrymple, 1997).

Another study found that subjects rated an essay as more intelligent if the writer was attractive even when the essay itself was poorly written (Landy & Sigall 1975). Here is a quote from their study that explains the interactions between attractiveness and perception of talent (I’ve bolded some things that stood out to me): 

The results of this experiment indicate that the physical attractiveness of an individual performing a given task affects the manner in which people evaluate both the performance and the performer. This was so even though the task performance being evaluated was completely unrelated to the physical attractiveness of the performer. Thus, physical appearance not only affects the way in which others react to a person, it also affects the way in which they react to that person’s accomplishments. (pg. 304)

Remember, these biases are often subconscious and we are not aware that we have them and are being influenced by them.

How it comes together:

Joo Haknyeon became popular because of his visuals and personality before the season started airing- in some part because of the physical attractiveness stereotype and in part because his personality is likable. Korean culture, in general, also places a lot of emphasis on “visuals”. In addition to this, the initial buzz on twitter gave him some very dedicated fans. When the season actually started airing, those fans already loved him so much that it didn’t matter if he had amazing talents or not- in their eyes, he’s the best and they want the best for him. This is the halo effect- because they love his personality and visuals, his fans are more likely to see the rest of him positively and disregard his shortcomings.

His lack of screen time only made his fandom more invested because it forced them to have to go the extra mile in finding content and information about him. Many have invested a lot effort, time, and emotions on him. (This is one of the reasons why fans are so rabid and why fans can become vicious if they feel betrayed by their idol, but I won’t go into that here).

The fact that people tend to question “Why is Haknyeon still in top 11?” etc. only strengthens the fandom because defending someone again and again only makes them believe in that person more. There’s also the confirmation bias at play- people interpret information in a way that confirms their existing beliefs- especially for emotionally charged things. 

In conclusion:

There are several cognitive biases that influence how we perceive attractive people but their effect depends on culture. These reasons are not the only reasons why people like him and not every Korean fan is influenced by these biases. For the most part, though, cognitive biases and the cultural context are likely playing a role in some degree, even if people aren’t aware of it. That doesn’t make the influence wrong or the Korean perceptions wrong; it just makes them different from international perceptions. 

Different cultures like different things-  and a good portion of the Korean voters like Haknyeon. If you were born in Korea and grew up learning their values and immersed in their culture, you might also have liked Haknyeon. Even if you didn’t stan him, you might have included him in your top 11 vote just because he’s very cheerful and cute- which is what I think is happening. He has a big fandom, but it could also be that other fans tend to use him to fill up space. We’ll be able to assess true popularity and fandom power (and not just casual liking) once we get to 2 pick and 1 pick.

Anyway, if you read all of this, then yay! Feel free to send me a private message or an ask if anything is still confusing (and/or if you disagree and want to discuss this) and I’ll try to expand more on that particular piece. Again, in the future, I will be linking to this answer if anyone else asks this question.

I was very intrigued by this panel.  Aphra’s line “…you’re basically a nearly bursting balloon of ‘the-Force-loves-me-the Force-loves-me’!” made me wonder if she is unknowingly Force-sensitive.  It seems like she’s attuned to how the Force feels about Luke AND is visualizing her awareness of Luke’s Force presence.  Idk, maybe this was a completely innocuous line, but her being Force-sensitive would be an awesome revelation. 

It would bring up a lot of other questions too.  Chiefly, did Vader know?  There’s precedent, with Leia, of Vader being blind to the Force sensitivity of others, but if he did know it would put a lot of their interactions in a new light.  She is already frequently associated with Jedi lore and imagery, from the Ordu Aspectu to wielding a lightsaber, and she has an innate knack for surviving even the most dangerous situations.  Throw in her mechanical genius, and I’m officially on board.