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“Floating Travelers” - 12″x16″ pigment print on canvas

Opening night of the @spokeart Miyazaki Art Show is at 6-9pm tonight! Here is my second contribution for the show.  The art exhibit will still be up from Feb. 4-25th for public viewing.

To inquire on originals and prints of this piece, please contact for more details :)

I’ll include some concept details for this painting in a future post.


Got these Shan Yu & Falcon model sheet set from Van Eaton Galleries (won the Ebay auction). They don’t fit on my scanner so I taped them to the wall and took the pics with my phone (some of them are blurry since I couldn’t hold my phone straight).

I was pretty lucky to randomly stumble across the auction on Ebay. 

Although these are studio xerox copies and NOT the actual original drawings, I’m pretty happy with them. There are total of 18 artwork, but I’m just sharing 10 :P

The last image is an early concept art of Shan Yu by Pres Romanillos. I love the Shan Yu design they went with, but I kind of wish they went with that design since he looks 1000X badass (and scary).

One of the falcon’s model sheets has an image where he’s with his prey; is that an ARMADILLO? Armadillo…? Really, in Mongolia (or China)? O_o

And Shan Yu is six and a half “evil” heads tall. “EVIL HEADS TALL”. LOL.


San Francisco-based Swedish photographer Gabriel Isak

  • “He uses photography as a metaphor for experiences of the soul by creating photographs that are simple in form, but rich in ideas and emotions. His imagery entails surreal and melancholic scenes inspired by the inner world of dreams and psychology, where he invites the viewer to interact with the internal world of solitary figures that symbolize our own unconscious states. The objective of Isak’s art is to reflect human experiences  that will allow the spectator to reflect on their own journey.”

all images ©Gabriel Isak


‘Hayden’ - engraving on acrylic perspex 

Painting on canvas, sketching in a notebook and inking on a body all fit under the definition of art. My work named after the figure featured, Hayden, has put forward a large amount of commitment and strength to receive all these tattoos, which all have different meanings and stories behind them. His tattoos and his body have been separated to create layers to convey how his tattoos are another layer of his identity and personality. The engraving tool utilised imitates an actual tattoo gun, not inking skin but engraving on Perspex. This encourages viewers to see how permanent tattoos are and how it shows the strength of the person and how important each and every tattoo is to them and who they are.

Was displayed at the Art Gallery of Western Australia for the Year 12 Perspective 2016 and will be displayed at the Moores Building for the 25 Under 25 exhibition from July 14th to July 23rd ~                                                                             


Genre: Otome Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Mystery
WARNINGS: swearing, blood, death, psychological, and a little gore
Rating: 15+

For centuries humans have indulged themselves with tales of Light:
A hero slays a monster to save a princess, a mermaid who sacrificed her voice to be with her beloved,
a beast who turned into a human when he learned the meaning of love, and many more we’ve inherited from our ancestors.
But they have forgotten that there were also times of Darkness and despair; times where evil was rampant and good went unrewarded.

This is a story of how Light and Darkness entwine deeply with one another.

In 20XX, an enormous earthquake shook the world and caused a triangular crater to suddenly appear in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

The world was aghast with this discovery; even more so when scout teams could not approach it due to an ‘invisible wall’ surrounding it.

After a while, spiritual events increased. It started small with things like; sightings of fairies and children with animal characteristics popped up one after another.
Parents credited it to their children’s active imagination while playing pretend.
However, it quickly escalated into a Ghost Festival around Monas Tower, followed by sudden disappearances of sheep in England; leaving only horrid splashes of red blood and huge claw marks on their pastures.

For Maya this was a dream come true! Her fantasies were now a reality: a reality she could see and touch.
But then her world crumbled when a Goddess came and announced that her family would die in a car accident in the near future.

The Goddess offered Maya a deal: She would change her family’s fate in exchange for aiding Her in closing the Triangle Crater. She wouldn’t be doing this alone of course; the Goddess is not that cruel.

Game Info:
Hi guys! My new project is finally here! :D
Now before you ask; “Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle” is not a sequel of “Nusantara: Legend of The Winged Ones”.
This is an entirely new story but set on the same universe. It covers a wider horizon of Nusantara’s archipelago.
Bermuda’s story will be much longer, packed with content, and has lots more visual assets than Winged Ones… I dunno whether to be happy or cry about that :’)) Because of this, I decided to make this project a commercial one.
I’m still thinking about the price, but I will open a kickstarter on IndieGoGo next year so you’ll have a chance to get an ‘Early-bird’ pack!

- 4 Love interests (The last bachelor will be unlocked once you finished with all 3 main bachelors routes)
- 9 Endings
- 1 Constant Minigame
- Casual Status Raising
- MIni Encyclopedia
- CG Gallery
- lots of CGs & BGs (I haven’t calculate the exact number yet)
- Depending on IndieGoGo’s success, the bachelors & MC may have partial voice acting.

My Honored Proofreaders:
- KrystalFlare
- crystalscm
- Blasé&Voracious
I found awesome proofreaders! It’s so much fun working with them and I love the result <3 :'3

Game Progress:
- Plot: 70%
- Script: 5%
- Character Sprite: 30%
- Programming: 10% (Still have some GUIs left to create & experimenting with new features)
- Backgrounds : 35%
- Songs & Sound Effect: 5%
- GUI: 80%

Hmm, so… which character caught your attention?
It will took awhile until I publish a demo since I still have things to experiment with Ren'Py -but feel free to give suggestion/critiques :'3
I will update once per two weeks <3

Oh, I also opened a Patreon: there will be step by step WIPs of my backgrounds, behind the scenes, and even a spot for beta-testing without strings attached if you want!

See you around guys! xD


1. 10/10/2016 ——– GUI is 80% done! Gallery, Minigame, & Relationship screens still need some polishing & testing, Demo requirements are listed!


New video!

In which we explore a few of Minnesota’s many fantastic art offerings. Let’s take a trip through the Twin Cities!

Featuring the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Soo Visual Art Center, Soap Factory, Law Warschaw Gallery at Macalester College, Burnet Gallery at Le Meridien Hotel, and Walker Art Center.