visual art movement

Project Submission Guidelines!

Please submit photos, videos, illustrations, visual posts that show your real life, every day experience of the world as a disabled person. Whatever that may be! It can be anything from mundane every day things, your fashion, your selfies, your food habits, the things you enjoy doing, to the adventures you go on, basically anything anyone would ever share about themselves. It doesn’t have to be a 100% positive experience, though, as that is not real life. Any emotion, any experience. I’m interested in presenting what it is like for disabled people to live their lives.

Photos, videos etc. should probably include you, a part of you, or your actual Point of View to be a true depiction of you and your experience. They should also be clear, the subject matter should be recognizable, and relatively interesting to look at (if not downright hilarious commentary on the mundaneness of living life as a human being). If we want this project to make a difference it should be something that all kinds of people want to look at. Let’s burst out of our echo-chamber and refuse to be ignored!

Whatever else, you should be presenting yourself and your experience how YOU want to be presented. This is about both education and empowerment. I’m not here to dictate how you depict your life and what “Disability Is Normal” means for you.

No photos or videos of disabled people that are not you, please, unless it is a group shot that includes you and you are also disabled.

If you know a disabled person who wants their experience to be shared as part of this project please have them submit. If they are not physically able to submit, then please message me with a copy of their explicit consent - this would be either in physical signed form (a photo of a signed note), a video of them consenting, or a voice recording. A simple YES answer to a ‘do you want this to be shared on Disability is Normal’ - a physical nod, or thumbs up etc. is good enough for me if the person is non-verbal.

I want to try and be inclusive as is absolutely possible, but this is a place for us to be represented exactly how we want to be. These are our voices!

This is a project for all disabilities, all genders, all ethnicities, all skills, all lifestyles, all perspectives, all social classes and all disabled experiences. We are numerous, we are everywhere and we WILL be acknowledged <3


Black and White Movements Photography by Gjon Mili

Gjon Mili was an Albanese photographer, living in New York, who was born in 1904 and died in 1984, of a pneumonia. Known for his black and white long exposure pictures, he has worked a long time on artists portraits for magazine Life. On that time, the long exposure didn’t exist on the tools of cameras ; to get this effect, he used stroboscopic lights to illustrate the action and movements sequences.


Nayeon - Renaissance Art: Rebirth of classical culture and beauty ideals.

Jungyeon - Cubism: New forms to express modern life.

Momo - Expressionism: Charged with an emotional and spiritual vision of the world.

Sana - Pop Art: The art of popular culture. The visual art movement that characterises a sense of optimism.

Jihyo - Impressionism: Capturing fleeting effects of natural light.

Mina - Neoclassical: Art that recaptures classical grace and grandeur.

Dahyun - Surrealism: Liberating creativity from the limitations of rational thought.

Chaeyoung - Romanticism: The triumph of imagination and individuality.

Tzuyu - Post-Impressionism: A reaction against Impressionism and the naturalistic depiction of light.