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My Final Major Project for the Foundation course at University for the Creative Arts (UCA) was to create a series of illustrations for Madeline Miller’s novel, ‘The Song of Achilles’, that re-tells the story of the Greek hero Achilles through the eyes of his companion, friend and lover, Patroclus.

Above are my illustrations paired with pages from the novel.

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Tumblr Artist

Christian Villacillo | on Tumblr (b.1986, Philippines/Canada)

Born and raised in the island of Cebu, Philippines, Christian Villacillo spents the first twenty years of his life in the Philippines where he grew up in a big and close-knit family. He started to have an affinity for the arts as a child and was constantly drawing and pretended to write even before he knew the alphabet. In 2006 when he migrated to Canada with his family, he decided to pursue the dream of becoming an artist.

Lately, Villacillo has become interested in the concepts of identity, the self-portrait, the transmission of an analogue object to the digital realm and back to analogue. He has started exploring these ideas in ART 440 Drawing: Intermediate Studies. Outside of his studio work, he often goes back to his love for landscape photography of which he lists Michael Kenna and Ansel Adams as influences. There is also a constant rotation of old and new artists who influence Villacillo, such as Mark Rothko, Richard Serra, Gerhard Richter, and Philip Glass. (source: artist’s Tumblr) Villacillo received his Visual Art & Design Diploma from Keyano College in 2011 and is currently completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Printmaking at the University of Alberta. His work has been published extensively, exhibited and collected internationally.

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