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Dunno if I’ll stick with this design 100% but his name is, for sure, Rearden.

Stages of Decomposition

1. Fresh: chemical breakdown of the body but not visually apparent. Algor, rigor and livor mortis starts to happen but no decomposition odours

2. Bloat: gasses accumulate in the body from anaerobic activity in the abdomen and odours begin. This stage ends when the body deflates.  

3. Active decay: body is wet from the decomposition fluids and strong odours begin. Flesh begins to disappear.

4. Advanced decay: Flesh is mostly gone and body begins to dry

5. Dry remains: No odour and bones are exposed to the elements (animals, environment)


BioShock  (Irrational  2007)

Rapture is a city like no other. Built on the seafloor of the North Atlantic ocean, it was a place to escape the growing threat of nuclear war, as well as government and religious interference, while at the same time championing things like personal freedom, science and industry. Construction began in 1945 and it was officially opened up to its carefully chosen guests on Nov 5, 1946. With its grand Art Deco architecture, glowing neon signs and glass tunnels connecting the towering buildings, it was a spectacle that could take your breath away, time and time again.

BioShock as a whole hits so many right notes and i feel it’s one of gaming’s crowning achievements, especially when it comes to its visuals. Something that’s quickly apparent is that you’ve never played a game that looks quite like this. Its well researched art direction is flawless and coupled with creepy atmosphere and the huge glass windows looking out into the depths, it has a way of mesmerizing you from the second you start playing.

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Get one of those ahhhh What're they called spin fidgets?

ive got 2 fidget cubes but they dont … replace dopamine, they just let me distract myself kinetically while im trying to read or watch smth so i dont start looking for something else to do


One day Syaoran will get it. 

One day he will figure out what is going on right in front of him, using the explanation that came out of his own mouth less than a chapter ago. 

But today is not that day. 

I can’t tell what’s funnier. Syaoran’s tiny sigh of relief that Kurogane didn’t die in his own flashback? Kurogane’s look of utter dismay that his amazing attack didn’t work as well as he wanted it to? 

Or the fact that it looks like Syaoran is reveling in joy at the sight of Kurogane’s sadness? 

Izanami and Adachi, actual five years old children

If you’re curious about what they’re saying :

Izanami :Eh~ So you’re a detective?

Izanami : *grabs the two-way radio* Everyone, can you hear me?

Adachi : I’m so sorry, it’s nothing!

I’m not sure about what Izanami is yelling after that.

And then Adachi basically goes “wanna fight??

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Who are those two girls in that gif set? One is kissing the others forehead?

ah my dear friend, those two girls are a WLW’s dream - 

the one kissing the other on the forehead is Thea Vinger, a girl who went missing a few weeks ago, also known as the female Even Bech Næsheim of the series - both in terms of looks and extremely apparent visual and sort of metatextual references to him in the show. we are Unsure™ if it’s meant to be intentional but one of the writers is a huge SKAM fan and wrote reviews about it for Dagbladet (which are pretty hilarious tbh, even with google translate). 

the one that is sleeping soundly is Liv Berg-Anker, protagonist of the story and Thea’s roommate and best friend who is desperate to find her (very very very desperate) bc for some odd reason no one else seems to care about finding Thea anytime soon. Liv records her search via vlogs and blogs, those vlogs and blogs are the series: HVOR ER THEA? (WHERE IS THEA?) 

come and join our small fandom, currently 60% wondering if The Norwegians queerbaiting us again, 5% wondering if the blatant even/thea references are what we think they are, and 35% wondering… hey… where is thea?

the third episode will air in full tomorrow, but the series is distributed skam-style (with instagrams and facebooks to boot) on the HVT site - Feudly on youtube provides subtitled clips, but he’s a bit behind. can’t wait to catch up with puppy-eyed Liv trying to find her (hopefully soon to be) girlfriend Thea? You can watch it on the site using this method, and dear Cris provides us with small recaps of what happens in the clips!

so there you go!

Music Correspondences: The Elements

So I’m still a newbie witch, but since I found out about different types of magic, I wanted to try writing spells using music. Since I am still new to this community, please correct me if I am not approaching this the correct way, but this is the information I have collected. (If this goes well, I do plan on writing spells using these).

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So there is this fic by setter-kun and it’s absolutely beautiful okay

Watch the MV here! I’ve read that it’s apparently a visual commentary on SK’s Presidential Scandal with Choi Soon Shil. RV’s One of These Nights is also a visual commentary on the Sewol Ferry Scandal. This one was kind of difficult!


  • 당당히 - proudly/confidently
  • 넌 고개를 들고 - lift your head 
  • 역시 - of course
  • 이토록 거센 - such a strong 존재감 presence
  • 작은 의심조차 못 해 - I don’t even have a little doubt
  • 즐기는 척 - pretend to laugh
  • 앞에 - in front of
  • 불쑥 - suddenly
  • 들어와 - come in
  • 벌써 - already
  • 위태롭게 - endangering
  • 홀려 놔 - bewitching me
  • 낯선 - unfamiliar
  • 번호 - (phone) number
  • 한번에 - at once
  • 외워버린 < 외우다 - to memorise
  • 자꾸만 - keeps on/continues to
  • 왜 - why
  • 흔들까 < 흔들다 - to shake
  • 바짝 - tight
  • 옳지 - that’s right
  • 맞지 - that’s right
  • 느낌적인 느낌 - sensual feeling
  • 역시 - of course, similar to sasuga in Japanese
  • 다가오잖아 - coming
  • 멋진 - cool
  • 좋아질  - get better
  • 때마다 - whenever
  • 짜릿한 - spicy (in this case ‘electric/excited’ heart)
  • 딴 - other
  • 남자 - men 
  • 남자친구 - boyfriend
  • 화내지 - angry
  • 아침엔 - in the morning
  • 하루 종일 - all day long
  • 경계하다 - to be alert, cautious
  • 날카로운 - sharp/keen
  • 특별한 - special
  • 들다 - to listen
  • 겁 - fear
  • 뺏긴 - taken
  • 만큼 - this much/to that extent
  • 차가워진 - cold
  • 감출다 - to hide
  • 반짝여 - shiny


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Not enough of Genos, late into the night, trying to make his way back home despite the heavy damage he took in a battle, only to find Saitama waiting for him, right as he walks under a dented street lamp. /

Not enough of Saitama motioning for him to stay where he is, and going up to meet with him. Not enough of Saitama taking Genos’ face in his hands and telling him he did well again today, but also that he had him worried, getting back so late. //

Genos being to tired to answer, and only kind of bowing his head in exhaustion and in shame.

Not enough of Saitama bringing his face back up and kissing him right as the broken street lamp tries to flicker back on for a bit, and whispering ‘Welcome home’ to him afterwards…….////////////


Michael Jackson: Bad (1987)

Michael Jackson’s Bad turns 30 years old today and I probably haven’t listened to it in, oh … just about 30 years?

This is my brother’s old copy (Brazilian pressing), so I gave it a spin to mark the anniversary, and Quincy Jones’ production sounded both surprisingly “thin” and NOT surprisingly dated by the era’s electronic shenanigans (see “Speed Demon”) compared to Thriller.

Of course this was very typical of the ‘80s and everyone was too busy talking about Jackson’s visual transformation, instead, which apparently involved some plastic surgery and, more controversially, bleached skin!

As for the songs, neither the faux-metallic “Dirty Diana” nor the jittery “Smooth Criminal” are as good as I remembered them (still pretty good), but “Liberian Girl” is better because it showcases Jackson’s lower vocal registers, and “Another Part of Me” is damn infectious.

Then there was the title track’s 18-minute music video – a major PR event to mark Michael’s long-awaited return that was premiered with huge fanfare by MTV, inspired countless trends (and parodies), but looks even more ludicrous today.

And you can also thank that famous choreography for encouraging several generations of pop and hip hop artists to compulsively pinch their crotches over the ensuing decades – thanks a lot, Michael!

More Michael Jackson: Thriller.

Distance in Space Part 2: Distance Modulus

Briefly returning to my previous post on Distance in Space Part 1, I showed you that we could determine the distance of a star from us based on its parallax. This is simply how much it seems to move relative to the background of space as Earth orbits the sun.

The formula to give us this distance is:

Distance (in parsecs) = 1 (in Astronomical Units) / Angle (in arcseconds)

Look at what’s in the denominator because there’s a problem here. As the angle in which an object seems to shift relative to the background of space gets smaller, its distance is farther. There gets a point however where the parallax shift is so small that we can’t actually detect any shift at all -> the object will have become distant enough to serve as a background reference for closer objects to use it as their own parallax background!

But what if we want to determine the distance to such a star? Surely when we look up at night, we need not limit ourselves to what’s readily available, right?

Hell no! This is exploration damn it and as explorers when someone or something says we can’t do it we damn well will do it.

…and so in the spirit of discovery, we have. The key to breaking past the limits of parallax measurement is a wonderful characteristic known as absolute magnitude.

Buckle your seatbelt because that time you were in math class thinking “I’ll never use this” no longer applies. This is a bit of mathemagics that astronomers (amateur and professional) use all the time. To show you the equation we’ve discovered I will introduce you to the variables (don’t worry, this is actually very simple!):

mv = Apparent visual magnitude. This is basically how bright a star looks

(*Quick reminder, the magnitude of a star is brighter, the smaller the number -> i.e. a star of magnitude -0.5 is MUCH brighter than a star of 15.7)

Mv = Absolute magnitude. This is how bright the star actually is (perhaps take a second and think about why this might be - it’s basic stuff that you already know). Think about why you get closer to a light when you need to see a book better.

F = Flux = This is how much power we get from the star per surface area.

F10 = Flux at 10 Parsecs = This is how much power we get per surface area were the star located exactly 10 parsecs away from us.

That’s all you need! Now let me show you the equation and I’ll break it down:

mv - Mv = 2.5log| F10 / F |

This equation is known amongst us astronomers as the distance modulus. Let me break it down a bit more because as is, this is probably still very abstract and difficult to interpret for lots of you (I’m not expecting you to all have physics degrees right now! Forgive me if you do):

F10 / F -> This is a very important piece of the equation and the rest of it will rapidly make sense after I change this around a bit. Imagine you have a balloon. Before you inflate it, take a very fine tip marker and put dots around the balloon. Now inflate it. You will see that as the balloon inflates to larger sizes, the dots, originally only perhaps an inch or two apart, get farther and farther.

This is because the amount of dots on the surface of the balloon stays the same even though the surface area of the balloon has grown. The density of the dots has basically gone down. Take a minute to let this sink in if you need to (I did).

This is called an inverse square relationship and if you’re going to study science or engineering in college, you’ll probably see this again at some point. This is because the surface area of any object is measured in square units (think about the area of a house or apartment “This apartment is 900 square feet.”). Mathematically it looks like this: 1/area^2

What F10 / F says is that each dot that starts at a star is an amount of power radiating away. The farther away the power radiates, the smaller the density of power (if you imagine power as a dot on a balloon expanding away from the star). F10 is an arbitrary number we have used just ‘cus. It’s become a “convention”. It’s the number of power dots we would detect from a star at a certain distance (10 parsecs) away. F10 / F says that if F is closer or farther away than 10 parsecs, there will be a change when we divide them into each other.

OKAY. Deep breath because now that you understand this important concept I’m going to make this whole thing WAY easier.

F10 / F is proportional to 10 parsecs / distance. That’s right. Think about it. The change in flux density at 10 parsecs divided by the flux density at any given distance is an equivalent change  to 10 parsecs divided by that distance.

So let’s make our distance modulus much easier!

mv - Mv = 2.5log|(distance/10 parsecs)^2|

Now I’ll walk you through some steps to simplify it even more:

mv - Mv = 5log|distance/10 parsecs|

(mv - Mv)/5 = log|distance/10 parsecs|

10^((mv - Mv)/5) = distance/10 parsecs

Distance (in parsecs) = 10*10^((mv - Mv)/5)

Let’s pick a star now! I will calculate the distance to Betelgeuse.

It has an absolute magnitude of -5.85 (very bright!), but the amount of its light that we get give it an apparent magnitude of only 0.5.

mv = 0.5

Mv = -5.85

Distance = 10*10^((0.5-(-5.85))/5)

Distance = 186.2087 parsecs away!

Let’s bring it home even more and convert from parsecs to units of miles for you Americans -> 1 parsec = 1.917x10^13 miles so:

Betelgeuse is 3.570 x 10^15 miles away, or 3,570,000,000,000,000,000 miles away!

So next time you read about a crazy exoplanet and want to know how far away it is, look up its star, get the apparent visual magnitude and the absolute magnitude… and double check the science for yourself!

That basically does it for that post. There’s more to come however in part 3… because space is weird and crazy of course.

(Image credit: NASA and ESA)

Godzilla will participate in the Toho animation booth at AnimeJapan 2017! (March 23-26) A giant banner with a key visual and apparently a large reproduction of mechanical elements to let visitors feel the world of Godzilla are being prepared!