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Okay, now you've got me curious...XD What brushes do you usually use?

XD Alright, BRUSHES. Bringin’ back the previous images as visual aides: 

I also like ‘rough inker 3′ from Kyle’s megapack and STUMPY PENCIL. Seriously. You want a free versatile brush that’s super fun to use? STUMPY PENCIL ALL THE WAAAAAAY. All those SG/Star Wars doodles? Nothin’ but stumpy pencil. (Sketches, inks, colors.) 

Which gw2 order's teammate should you fight

Sieran: She is a little ball of sunshine. Too perfect for this world. She will also own your ass in seconds. Do not piss her off. She uses water magic the most to keep her friends healed, but she will set you on fire if she has to. Once you’re in a messy heap of defeat, she’s gonna lecture you on being kind. Don’t fight Sieran. It’s not worth it. She has charts and other visual aides to further explain why not only fighting her would be a bad idea, but why adventuring with her would be much more fun and you should give up and do what she wants.

Tybalt Leftpaw: Reexamine the choices that brought you here. Why? Why would you fight Tybalt? He is the very essence of friendship and kindness. Actually, forget fighting Tybalt. The moment you try, all of Tyria will kick your ass. I’ll kick your ass. The tidal wave of ass kicking coming your way will only recede when Tybalt picks you up off the floor and gives you a hug. Don’t fight Tybalt. Eat an apple instead and calm yourself. You’re better than this.

Forgal Kernsson: Do it. Fucking do it. Fight him. Go at him with everything you got. You’ll lose, but it’ll really impress him and you’ll be pals for life. He’ll probably buy you an ale afterwards and give you tips on how to better destroy your enemies. Fighting Forgal will become a yearly occurrence, possibly even a large scale event where others come to watch you get beat up. If you do manage to beat him one day, he’ll hold your shoulder and nod once. The approval is everything you never knew you wanted.

Stand Feature #18: Maneater

Hello everyone! Today’s the day! The final Stand Feature for the main characters! Let’s finish it up then!

This is Maneater

Maneater is a long range swarm stand composed of numerous fish-like creatures which can swim through any surface and viciously attack any nearby movement, even an ally or the MC themselves. When fully assembled, Maneater takes the form of a siren-like stand.

Maneater is incredibly destructive and has a large range and very good speed and durability. Its major drawback is no precision, thus potentially harming allies.

And with that, we close the Stand Features for the main character. What a crazy journey it’s been since we started back in November! We understand you all loved this series and were always waiting for the next stand to be announced. Well, right now we’ve got other ideas in the works, and as I understand, some of the powers of these stands might be better explained in a more visual format, so we’re going to do a weekly showing of their powers with visual aides and, for the first time, show off their stats.

We’ll even start showing off some of the original characters that will make appearances in the game, like ‘Tie Lady’, as some ‘anons’ have referred to her as :)

‘Til next time, remember to Shine On Like A Crazy Diamond!

Beginners Guide to the Bullet Journal

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a bullet journal master, these are simply the steps I took to creating my first bullet journal. 

The images in this post are mine, and for visual aides only. The rest of my pictures will be pretty, I promise. ;)

Getting Started: Things you’ll need!

 A JOURNAL! The details are all up to you, I prefer a smaller, grid-ruled book. 

 PENS! Multiple colors are recommended. I color code school subjects, had one color for the outlines, and another for the remainder of the writing. (See images below) 

ADHESIVE! Personally, I like double-sided tape. It sticks paper to paper really nicely, and the brand I have is thin, and cannot be seen between layers. (I bought it at Kmart) 

CARD STOCK! This is completely optional, I use it for writing my index on: it’s sturdier, doesn’t bleed, and because it’s thicker, it’s easy to flip to from any place in your journal. 

(This is my current journal. It’s a little ratty right now, but it’s nearly full, so be nice.)

What to do: 

Make a list! - Are you doing a weekly journal? Daily? Monthly? (I prefer daily, but my book is small) What do you need to take note of on every page? Is this for fun, or organization? What kinds of things are you intending on putting inside?

Go inspiration hunting! - I searched through the bullet journal tag here on tumblr, on pinterest, instagram, and even just googled images. (I found pinterest to be the most helpful) Find a layout that you like (I pulled my future log off of pinterest) or, simply look at ideas, and create your own!

Organize your index! - This is fairly straightforward, pick a symbol you like, and will be comfortable using for each major thing. Events, appointments, tasks, school assignments, due dates, important things, phone numbers, etc. Make sure that your symbols are not time consuming and difficult to draw! 

Pick a layout! - Customize it to what you need! I made sure that for every day, I have a section for everything I ate, (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between) for money I’ve spent, transferred to other accounts, and hours worked, space to put a quote, and important things I need to remember, along with the date, and a space for everything else: websites, email addresses, phone numbers, when assignments have been handed out, etc. etc. Again, get creative with this, make it reflect you as a person! You’ll have more fun with this if you think it’s pretty!

I like to have a weekly setup (or future log) page (or pages) at the beginning of each week, some people like to have a monthly setup, or a weekly/monthly wrap up. Personally, I don’t see the point in a wrap up. My future log always has what week of the term it is, the numbers of the days for the week, as well as a section for each day of the week, where I can put due dates, appointments, and events in ahead of time.

The second part of my future log consists of my meals for the week, (As I have a gluten intolerance and am a vegetarian, meal planning is an incredibly important part of my life, even though I like, never do it) a word of the week section, which I love, a ‘daily tasks’ section, which really does help keep me on track, and separate spaces for things I need to buy, and things I need to do for school. (Please ignore the giant empty space, I don’t know what to fill it with yet, I’m thinking I’ll buy a polaroid) Also, I chose wanderlust for this week simply because I like the word and it’s pretty. 

And last but not least:

DECORATE! - Having an aestheically pleasing journal makes you want to do more with it, and keep it with you always, so make it pretty! I have poems and quotes and doodles in the part of my book where the pocket is, and I have them stuck to the first few pages and just about everywhere else, I also have little things that make me happy everywhere, just in case. 

And there you have it! Everything I did to start my first Bullet Journal. I’ll update this as I get more experienced, but right now, this is all I have. 

Have fun!

Femslash Stony, with Pining

Written for @jadedgalvanizer, as a reward for drawing a lady.

Some visual aides:  

Genderswapped Steve.  Let’s all agree that this Steve got sent straight to the front, where everybody generously pretended she was a man.  No one was fooled  — like, not even a little bit  — but they all pretended, anyway.

Especially Bucky Becks, who had been cheerfully writing letters explaining how she was doing normal ladies-in-the-army stuff while really espionaging the shit out of HYDRA for the SSR.

I can’t find a good picture for Antonia Stark.  I’m picturing someone who looks something Elodie Yung, but with shorter hair (approximately the length and style of Downey’s in IM1).  She’s a snappy dresser, tending towards masculine styles because she does not have time for your bullshit.

Sarah takes approximately twenty-five seconds after they all go out for shwarma to fall in love with Tonia.

The timeline goes like this:

They all sit down at the shwarma table.  Mark: zero.

Tonia flirts with Sarah.  Mark: ten seconds.

Sarah blushes.  Mark: eleven seconds.

Tonia turns to Claire about her arrowheads while, simultaneously, texting.  Mark: seventeen seconds.

Claire enthuses about explosive arrows.  Mark… all the seconds, actually; Claire has a surprisingly narrow range of interests.

Tonia tilts her head and attempts to listen.  A single drop of blood oozes down the side of her neck, where Sarah can see it, but no one else can; it’s a last remnant of the head trauma Tonia suffered while falling after closing the portal.  Mark: twenty-one seconds.

Tonia’s phone buzzes; Tonia, checking the message, looks pleased, and then gives the Red Hunter — Anatoli, his name is Anatoli, Sarah has really got to stop thinking of him as the Hunter — her attention.  Mark: twenty-three seconds.

Sarah, incurably nosy since long before even the day she met Becks, tilts her head enough to read the message.  It’s a communique from the Mayor about expediting the repair and rebuilding efforts, with thanks for the aid from Stark Industries.

Sarah falls in love.  Mark: twenty-five seconds.

Hooo, boy; this could be a problem…

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anonymous asked:

How would you describe Alex's nose? 😂 i really don't know cause it isn't that big, but it isn't pointy as well, and neither gibbous nor crooked... Help me!

He’s got quite the prominent beak, doesn’t he? Almost too big for his face.

I’d say that Alex’s schnoz is between a Classic Greek and a Nordic nose; given the fact he’s English this is probably a good descriptor -  if you go far enough back in history, there are Greco-Roman intermingling with Nordic folk all over. 

Alex’s describe himself as having a rather large nose, a ‘great big nose’, so it’s obviously something of a self-deprecating feature for him. 

That being said, he’s also borderline Aquiline - that is, to say, there’s a flat spot on the bridge of his nose that is characteristic of this ‘nose type’.  While he lacks the other characteristic of the hook or rounded tip, I’d say he’s got a bit of Aquiline in him:

So, if you’re writing Alex and you want to describe him as best you can, use words like prominent (because it is), straight, well-formed, almost too big, aquiline (if you’re feeling flowery)…the sum of Alex’s features create a beautiful creature; torn apart, he’s a little bit goofy.  *sigh* 

Thanks anon, for the opportunity to spout poetic on Alex’s nose, and for allowing the use of visual aides.

If Fangirls were Teachers
  • Teacher: okay welcome to ships 101
  • Teacher: to get an overview of the class we will be starting small and first assignment is to ship inanimate objects, then we'll move on to your semester thesis where you'll be shipping celebs, and your final is where you write the Mona Lisa of papers on shipping your classmates I EXPECT VISUAL AIDES POSTERS AND AN ORAL PRESENTATION WITH THE ACTUAL STUDENTS UP THERE ARE YOU READY BECAUSE I AM
  • student: *muttering* I thought this class was about the Spanish Armada


So, I recently lost my job and am currently looking for a new one. But in the meantime I need some cash to help my family with the bills and food expenses.

If you can’t or don’t want a commission, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you at least reblog this post. Liking won’t help, unfortunately.

I will have 10 slots open initially. First come, first serve.

Price list:

  • Full body sketches: $25
  • Full body inked (Traditional): $30
  • Full Body inked (digital): $40 
  • Full body digital inked + color: $60  
  • Fully body digital + Background + color: $80
  • Bust sketch: $15
  • Bust color: $30

Each additional character will be an added $15

Won’t do:

NSFW, complex mechs, fetishes, scifi backgrounds.

Paymemt info:

I only accept paypal

paypal email:



email: (Subject should be “Commission” and please include a description of what you want, along with visual aides if you have any)

Of Ogres and Towers: Part 2

After getting inside the mysterious tower, our Dark Knight (Magus), Ogre, Catfolk Rogue, and Half-Ork Ranger, and a… thing we call “Crim” [Large Monstrous Humanoid made in a lab] are investigating the environs. I’m using visual aides (would include but my scanner’s busted)

Ogre: Dis wood too white.

DK: Now that you mention it… [Perception *12*].. not sure, but the grain doesn’t follow any particular pattern. what skill would help identify it?

DM: Give me some suggestions…

DK: Arcana? *rolls* Nope. total of 10

Ogre: Profession Cooking?

DM: Not unless you rolled something freaking astronomical.

Ogre: Nope. total of 15

Crim: I taste it.

DM: You’re going to lick the tower?

Ranger: That sounds dirty.

Crim: *Natty* 45 Perception.

DM: -narrows eyes- Leave it to the one who freaking eats people… It isn’t wood at all, it’s alchemically melded bone.

Ogre: HAH! You like to tongue the bone-towers.

For people who are still having trouble posting on the Rumination page

I took some screen captures of the process! Hope this helps you guys :) 

step 1: make sure you’re a part of the Rumination page!! your tumblr should look like this. “Dashboard-Blog’s name-Ruminations”

External image

step 2: go to your Rumination post on your dashboard 

External image

step 3: look in the corner of the post and see the clickable words…click reblog. 

External image

step 4: When you click reblog, make sure you see the image below. then look in the grey area on the right

External image

step 5: This right side grey area is where you change the “Post to.” You should be able to pull the drop down menu and change it to Ruminations. *IF you can’t, you might not be a part of the Ruminations group.

External image

step 6: click reblog post just like before, and it should show up on the Ruminations page!

External image

Hope this helps somebody!!!