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OF ELEPHANTS AND EMERALDS ROYAL TREATMENT - photography: Matthew Williams - text: Maca Huneeus - CNTraveler March 2014

  • “Everyone and everything in India dresses in brights, including the main attraction at the annual Pushkar Camel Fair.”
Energy Work

I am an energy witch! Energy work is one of the best ways to do easy, inexpensive, and on the go magic! With practice, one can produce the same results with energy magic as with spells. But how does one start?

🔮Meditation. This is very important! Choose a set time each day, and a method of meditation, and try to get in tune with your energy. Even 5 minutes is good.
🔮Try to sense the energy around you. Go with your instinct. Feels high energy? Or maybe low? Just practice this.
🔮Try an energy spell, such as a psi ball exercise. Simple is best to start with.
🔮Visualize! Daydream, actively visualize, or work on what I like to call your “mind palace” (Sherlock fans know what I’m talking about 😆)
🔮Try to “see” energy though visualization. What color is it? What shape? Can you move it? Just play with it.
🔮Work on raising energy, use music, exercise, meditation, hanging out with friends, drawing, hobbies, basically whatever makes you happy and energized. Everyone will have different ways of doing it.
🔮Again, meditation! It doesn’t need to be long, one can even sit for 2 minutes, feel their energy, and be like “good it’s there”.
🔮Work on being aware of your own energy.


KAYAPO COURAGE: “The Amazon tribe has beaten back ranchers and gold miners and famously stopped a dam. Now its leaders must fight again or risk losing a way of life.” ~ Chip Brown.  photography by Martin Schoeller - full story & gallery via National Geographic (January 2014)

  • “YNHIRE expresses his identity as a warrior with a headdress of parrot feathers.”
  • “BEPRO wears the beads and cotton-wrapped earrings that boys receive as part of their naming ceremony.”
  • “ROPNI, an internationally known chief, is one of the few Kayapo who still wear the mahogany lip plate.”
  • “PHNH-OTI has an inverted V shaved into her scalp, a ceremonial female practice.”
  • “BEPRAN-TI wears an impressive display of feathers for his betrothal ceremony, a Kayapo rite of passage.”
  • “MEKARON-TI, the great chief, speaks Portuguese and is a powerful advocate for his people.”

There’s literally NO downside to stanning B1A4.
It doesn’t exist.
B1A4 is solely good things.

  1. Music is A+
  2. They produce and write most of it (these days pretty much all of it) themselves
  3. They have one of THE most skilled vocals in the entire industry and generally very unique vocal tones
  4. They have zero dance skills and it’s hilarious and adorable
  5. Hilarious and adorable is actually like the general mood
  6. soft af
  7. Have extremely strong visuals
  8. Actively sabotage Sandeuls diet and like three of the five members are either broad or chubby and everyone supports this concept
  9. Some of them have really quite dark skin and they have never shown any colorist behaviour towards them
  10. They and the fandom spend money on charity
  11. Even during hiatus they can be seen on tons of shows as guests or MCs
  12. They have skilled actors among them and can be seen in dramas or in musicals and that’s hella cool
  13. They’re from a small and not super well known company and yet they achieved SO MUCH
  14. Support their smol sister group Oh my Girl and it’s cute
  15. Unique and VERY beautiful concepts
  16. These very awful 2012 concepts which are also amazing
  17. Around for like 7 years and still have all their members together and win on music shows and have a good time
  18. idk just stan B1A4 they are really kind and like pure happiness what can I say just DO It

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7th grade science (Zach Dempsey, 13 reasons)

Other than being on the badminton team to get out of having to take a gym class, you steered clear of sports. You hated the people, the double standards, and most importantly the fact that most of the school’s budget went to sports. You took part in theater and choir and dance and art and practically any visual/performing arts activity the school had to offer. By the end of your freshman year, you were helping out at the local elementary and middle schools that were putting on plays. Star basketball player, Zach Dempsey’s little sister was apart of play productions at her school.

After coming to one of her plays that you’d helped put on, you noticed Zach has made an effort to come over and speak with you. He seemed a little shy, but the two of you carried on a conversation perfectly fine. The week after that, you noticed Zach making an effort to talk to you every day. You didn’t think anything of it on the first day. Or the second. But things got suspicious after that. His friends started being nice to you. Justin started walking you to some of your classes, Sheri complimented your makeup. Marcus even offered to help you study. None of these people had really talked to you before. You stayed guarded. Your best friend had a history of dating jocks, but other than that, jocks had nothing to do with your personal life.

On this day, your best friend had gone home sick, the two of you didn’t drive, so you usually walked home together. With her absence, your earbuds became your friend for the walk home. You were still walking down the street in front of the school when you were jolted by a honk. You looked over to see a car driving by you slowly. The back seat held none other than Zach and Marcus. Justin filled the passenger seat, while Bryce drove.

“Need a lift home, Y/N?” You hear Bryce say, laughing under his breath. All the boys were staring at you, obviously waiting for an answer.

“Um, I’m fine, but thanks.” You went to put your earbud back in and continue on your walk.

“Got homework to do?” Justin asked. You swallowed. Not making direct eye contact with any of them.

"A lot, which is why I’m gonna get going.” You put the earbud in quickly this time. Walking off at a fast rate. They were, of course, in a car though, and you couldn’t exactly speed walk away from a car under most circumstances.

"We could get you there faster.” Marcus laughed. You could hear their various comments no matter how loud you played your music. Finally, you yanked both earbuds out.

"I’m really not trying to be a bitch. Really, I’m not. And I know none of you are used to hearing the word no. But there’s a first time for everything. No, I do not want to ride with you. I want to walk home, alone, listening to the music I want to listen to. I’ll see all of you at school tomorrow.”

You looked up at the sky, dark clouds were taking over, as well as winds. You, being in a short sleeve T shirt, crossed your arms over you chest and sped up, wanting to get home before the rain started. A minute later, you looked over and they were gone. You breathed a sigh of relief.

"Uh, Y/N?” You jump, startled once again. You look up to see Zach walking next to you. He grinned at you.

"I’ve been here for a solid minute, and you haven’t noticed. What is that you’re on, twitter?” You glared at him, walking even faster now.

"This could probably qualify as harassment. Where’d the car go?” You look around in the surrounding Parking lots and on the streets.

“I told them to go on without me. I wanted to talk to you.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, still looking at you.

"Yeah, okay.” You mumbled, staring at the ground. You suddenly felt drops on your arms and on your head. It was beginning to rain.

“Shit.” You found yourself mumbling again.

You walked faster, not wanting the papers in your backpack to be completely drenched. You soon realized that Zach was a lot faster than you and could keep up with you. And suddenly, you had his letterman jacket draped over you.

"I’m fine.” You grumbled. He simply chuckled.

“You’re soaked.” He corrected. You rolled your eyes.

"And now you will be to.” He was in a tight blue T shirt, his arms crossed like yours. He smiled at you.

"Better me than you.” You gave him a side eye glance. He wanted to play gentleman, did he?

"Since when do I exist to you?” You adjusted the jacket to where it covered your head.

“What are you talking about? We’ve been friends since elementary school.” You scoffed, pursing your lips.

"Aren’t we friends?” You could feel him looking at you. You walked faster, he knew you weren’t friends before this. He knew you hadn’t talked since you’d been paired up in seventh grade science for a project.

"Do you really think we qualify as friends, Zach? Do you really think that?” You looked up at him. He looked a little hurt, but maybe like he knew you were right.

"Look, I know we just started hanging out but-” you stopped abruptly, catching him off guard.

"Hanging out? You call you and your friends following me around for a week straight ‘hanging out’? I call it creepy.” His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. He hadn’t expected you to be so harsh and brash.

"I’m sorry okay? It’s just, my sister loved working with you so much and it just reminded me of some stuff.” He pushed his now sopping hair out of his face. You were a block away from your house, so you started walking again.

"Stuff being?” You persisted, though you walked ahead so you couldn’t see his reaction.

"It reminded me of why you’re the only girl I’ve ever really had a crush on.” You stopped. Sure, you were in front of your house, but you also couldn’t move. Zach Dempsey had a crush on you? Key word being had, but still.

"How? When? Where? W-” he cut you off this time. You were still in front of him but you heard him let out a sigh.

"Justin and them- they’re better than they seem. But they don’t get biology, or why I love it. Do you remember when we were paired up in Ms. Milton’s class in middle school for a project?” Zach looked at you. You opened the white picket fence that shut you away from your yard, walking inside the property.

"You can come in, Zach.” You held the fence open. He shuffled quickly inside. He looked surprised that you’d even invited him in. You walked up the path way and up to your porch, unlocking your front door.

"It’s not fancy like yours, but it’s home.” You held the door open for him once again and he walked inside, looking around.

"I’ll get you a towel.” You ran up the stairs, soon coming back down, handing him the towel. You gestured for him to follow you as you walked into the living room to sit on the couch. He sat next to you.

"What were you saying about Ms. Milton?” You didn’t want to let on that you knew exactly what had occurred in Ms. Milton’s class.

"Well- we were partners for a project. And- I let you pick the animal we’d do the project on. You picked whales. And I became so interested in sea life after that project. Now I wanna be a marine biologist. It all started in Ms. Milton’s.” He stared at you. He was serious. He’d been in love with you since the seventh grade.

"Yeah? Well you stopped talking to me in high school. I stopped mattering to any sports player once high school hit.” You didn’t make eye contact with him.

"Okay. Well, I thought I’d never have a chance as soon as I became a basketball player. But I’ve liked you so much- ever since middle school.” You looked up he was scratching the back of his neck.

"You do that when you get nervous.” You pointed out. He laughed a little.

"Oh yeah? When you’re anxious or nervous, you pick your nail polish off.” He was right. That was a nervous tick you had. Maybe he wasn’t such a liar after all.

"Listen, I’m sorry if the boys started to bombard you. They just- they hook up with a ton of girls and they were worried because I wasn’t into any girls they sent my way. When I finally told them about my.. thing for you, they went a bit nuts.”
You laughed a little. Justin and Marcus fucked anything that walked at parties. Bryce’s dad set it up so he could order strippers and prostitutes to come whenever he wanted. Zach was different from his friends. Everyone in the school knew it.

"Do you wanna stay for dinner Zach?” You blushed a little as you looked his way.

"Sure, but can I take you out for some food tomorrow night? Just us?”

You felt yourself blushing again. Defensive? Sure you were. But your heart was already fluttering at the idea of going to dinner with Zach Dempsey.

Balancing Time and Space in the Brain: A New Model Holds Promise for Predicting Brain Dynamics

For as long as scientists have been listening in on the activity of the brain, they have been trying to understand the source of its noisy, apparently random, activity. In the past 20 years, “balanced network theory” has emerged to explain this apparent randomness through a balance of excitation and inhibition in recurrently coupled networks of neurons. A team of scientists has extended the balanced model to provide deep and testable predictions linking brain circuits to brain activity.

Lead investigators at the University of Pittsburgh say the new model accurately explains experimental findings about the highly variable responses of neurons in the brains of living animals. On Oct. 31, their paper, “The spatial structure of correlated neuronal variability,” was published online by the journal Nature Neuroscience.

The new model provides a much richer understanding of how activity is coordinated between neurons in neural circuits. The model could be used in the future to discover neural “signatures” that predict brain activity associated with learning or disease, say the investigators.

“Normally, brain activity appears highly random and variable most of the time, which looks like a weird way to compute,” said Brent Doiron, associate professor of mathematics at Pitt, senior author on the paper, and a member of the University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute (UPBI). “To understand the mechanics of neural computation, you need to know how the dynamics of a neuronal network depends on the network’s architecture, and this latest research brings us significantly closer to achieving this goal.”

Earlier versions of the balanced network theory captured how the timing and frequency of inputs—excitatory and inhibitory—shaped the emergence of variability in neural behavior, but these models used shortcuts that were biologically unrealistic, according to Doiron.

“The original balanced model ignored the spatial dependence of wiring in the brain, but it has long been known that neuron pairs that are near one another have a higher likelihood of connecting than pairs that are separated by larger distances. Earlier models produced unrealistic behavior—either completely random activity that was unlike the brain or completely synchronized neural behavior, such as you would see in a deep seizure. You could produce nothing in between.”

In the context of this balance, neurons are in a constant state of tension. According to co-author Matthew Smith, assistant professor of ophthalmology at Pitt and a member of UPBI, “It’s like balancing on one foot on your toes. If there are small overcorrections, the result is big fluctuations in neural firing, or communication.”

The new model accounts for temporal and spatial characteristics of neural networks and the correlations in the activity between neurons—whether firing in one neuron is correlated with firing in another. The model is such a substantial improvement that the scientists could use it to predict the behavior of living neurons examined in the area of the brain that processes the visual world.

After developing the model, the scientists examined data from the living visual cortex and found that their model accurately predicted the behavior of neurons based on how far apart they were. The activity of nearby neuron pairs was strongly correlated. At an intermediate distance, pairs of neurons were anticorrelated (When one responded more, the other responded less.), and at greater distances still they were independent.

“This model will help us to better understand how the brain computes information because it’s a big step forward in describing how network structure determines network variability,” said Doiron. “Any serious theory of brain computation must take into account the noise in the code. A shift in neuronal variability accompanies important cognitive functions, such as attention and learning, as well as being a signature of devastating pathologies like Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.”

While the scientists examined the visual cortex, they believe their model could be used to predict activity in other parts of the brain, such as areas that process auditory or olfactory cues, for example. And they believe that the model generalizes to the brains of all mammals. In fact, the team found that a neural signature predicted by their model appeared in the visual cortex of living mice studied by another team of investigators.

“A hallmark of the computational approach that Doiron and Smith are taking is that its goal is to infer general principles of brain function that can be broadly applied to many scenarios. Remarkably, we still don’t have things like the laws of gravity for understanding the brain, but this is an important step for providing good theories in neuroscience that will allow us to make sense of the explosion of new experimental data that can now be collected,” said Nathan Urban, associate director of UPBI.


In honor of pride month, the work of: Barton Lidice Beneš, Lethal Weapons (filled with artists’ own hiv+ blood), 1992.

Beneš was a first-generation veteran of the AIDS crisis and chronicled his own HIV+ status in Lethal Weapons, a series of works created with his own blood. This exhibit toured Europe in the 1990s and traveled to Lund, Sweden, where authorities intervened and demeaned installation be heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit in a hospital oven to make it “safe” for public viewing. These provocative pieces confront HIV/AIDS head-on, blending political activism, visual poetry and a wicked sense of humor, forcing viewers to face their fears of death and transmission. His work continues to serve as a symbol of resistance, engaging a new generation in the evolving conversation about art and AIDS.

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Can you comment on this? Trump has reduced funds for the APH to 1/3rd and orders for all braille books/cctvs/braille writers etc. are being froze. no one is reporting on this, no one cares that my fellow VI people are going to be refused learning materials..I don't know how to get the news out, literally no news organization is reporting on it, only those who make the books have gotten the orders, which a handful of my friends do. This is the time for orders for next year to be placed too..

I can’t believe no one is reporting on this. I can find absolutely no news about it, either, but I believe you that it’s happening. This is the sort of thing Trump would do. It’s unacceptable.

For now all I can think to do is to share the donation link for APH (American Printing House for the Blind). If anyone can donate, please do. If not, share the donation link to anyone who might have some money to spare.

We can’t let Trump get away with this.

OF ELEPHANTS AND EMERALDS ROYAL TREATMENT  - photography: Matthew Williams  - CNTraveler March 2014

  • The City Palace in Udaipur overlooking Lake Pichola: several historic monuments within the vicinity of the palace complex, Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Jagdish Temple, Monsoon Palace, and Neemach Mata temple are nestled within the Aravali mountain range, these landmarks are associated with the 1983 James Bond movie Octopussy

Udaipur was founded in 1559, often referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’, the lake city of is known as the center for performing arts and crafts

  • “The tourist attractions in Udaipur include the magnificent palaces, serene lakes and the crafts village. The city is famous for the three palaces namely The City palace, The Jag Mandir Palace, and the Jag Niwas palace (also known as the lake palace). Besides Lake Pichola, the Fateh Sagar Lake and the Jaisamand Lake add to the beauty and tranquil ambience of the city. The Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary is a wonderful wildlife destination near Udaipur.”

Super New Moon 🌑Gemini ♊️ Healing 💆🏻 Magick 🔮Ritual 👇🏽
Under the influence of this Super New Moon, it seems that the cosmos is very strongly guiding us to heal our energy, our emotions & even our physical bodies.
Under the May 2017 Super New Moon in Gemini, we are being guided to heal ourselves on all levels. To heal any anxieties, energy blockages, stresses, symptoms, diseases, twitches, aches & pains; whatever may be presenting on our bodies right now, the time has come for healing.
Healing can happen on many different levels, but the focus for this ritual will be healing the energetic body. Along with this ritual, use the rest of this lunar cycle to really look after yourself, practice clean eating, sleep, rest, exercise & really listen to your body.
New Moon : The dark of the moon, when the moon is invisible, is the most affective for casting spells concerning New Beginnings, & the launch of new projects. It is generally a time for taking new paths & making fresh plans established on the basis of past experiences. The influence of the New moon can also boost ambitions & careers, so it is a productive time for sowing the seeds of success. During the New moon, money spells & work spells stand a better chance of being fulfilled than at other times. It is generally a good time for spending money & speculating with a view towards the future. Those who have experienced problems should take advantage of the valuable time.
Astrological Sign : Gemini ♊️ the Heavenly Twins: 22 May – 21 June. Color: yellow or pale grey. A mutable Air sign for spells concerning communication, learning, choices, adaptability & short-distance travel.
Day: Thursday
Planet: Mercury
Conjuring: business, logic, social matters, political power, material wealth, publishing, education, long-distance travel, religion, philosophy, broadcasting, publicity, expansion, luck, growth, the law, doctors, guardians, psychologists, charity, self-improvement, researching, reading,
Gemini Super Moon Ritual for Healing 
* Blue or white crystal of your choice (Aqua Aura Quartz is a good choice)
* Sage, palo santo or incense (for smudging)
* Candle (white preferably)
* Paper & pen
1.) Before you begin your ritual, smudge your aura & your surroundings.
2.) Light your candle & hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand. Take 3-5 deep breaths to center & ground your energy for the ritual.
3.) With your pen & paper, you are going to start writing down messages from your body. The trick with this is to really let yourself relax & go with the flow of what comes out as you are writing. Try not to censor or judge yourself, just give yourself permission to write whatever comes to your mind. Trust that whatever is written will have some meaning for you.
Questions to guide you to the wisdom of your body:
a.) Dear body, how would you like to feel?
b.) Dear body, what can I do to help you feel this way?
(If you have any current ailments, or feelings of anxiety you can even try talking directly to them. It sounds weird, but it can be quite enlightening. Again, you will have to trust the answers that flow. Try to just write your answers or feelings without judgement.)
4.) Once you have communicated with your body, take your crystal & place it over your ♥️. You can lie down or you can simply hold the crystal to your ♥️.
5.) Close your 👀 & visualize the healing rays of the crystal going into your body in order to heal & nourish it. Breathe in & out deeply as you do this. Give thanks to your body.
6.) Once you feel the crystal is activated, begin visualizing a blue light around your entire body. See the blue light surrounding your body & moving through your body. Feel the blue light healing your entire body. As you feel the blue light, keep breathing deeply.
7.) Once you can clearly see the blue light, recite this mantra or one that you have written for yourself. Say the mantra 3 x

“I am healed. Healing light surrounds me. I am a Divine being with the amazing power to heal my mind, body, ♥️ & Spirit. I know healing energy surrounds me now & forever more. I am healed. I am blessed. I am a miracle.”

8.) After reciting the mantra 3 times, you can open your eyes & close the ritual. Snuff out the candle & keep the crystal with you for the next few days.

After doing this ritual, try to stay open to the messages that your body is sending you & try to check in, to ensure that you are taking care of yourself.

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Q: Do you have any advice on manifesting new, loyal friends?

A: Yes! Firstly, on a piece of paper write “My New Friend” and around it put in detail all the qualities you would like them to have such as loyal, fun-loving, similar interests, supportive, etc. Get quite specific here. Only use positive terminology. And start with one person. 

Secondly, be mindful that you are loyal too. You probably are, and you probably are frustrated with the lack of loyalty of others though! Pay attention to your feelings once you’ve established a clear list of qualities you want this friend to have. And follow any subtle feelings, intuitions. It might be to reach out to someone you knew years ago, or you overhear a conversation that you want to add to in a coffee shop. 

Thirdly, visualize what activities you would do with your new friend, and feel how much fun you’re having. Feel how pleasant it is to be understood on every level. Feel how thankful you are for this. 

Lastly, if you have had friendships that have left you disappointed, find a way to let it go. Write down “ I release ____ to their highest good and me to mine.” See that if they knew better, they would do better. 

I have had great manifestations come out of this. Once in Starbucks I overheard two ladies talk about a subject I’m so interested in, so I politely joined in and went on to have coffee with one of the ladies and became friends. I showed her this website, actually, as she’s creating a personal development programme herself! So it was as something simple as following my curiosity in the moment. 
Another time I had specifically been looking for a meaningful soul friendship in my life, and then had a dream/vision where I was told someone who I was watching on TV at the time would come into my life. I took the action of making contact with that person, and it has happened! We met, connected and I am deeply grateful for it. 

*I now provide private law of attraction e-coaching. To know more please read here.*

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asdfghjkl okay you. changed my life i swear. you mentioned COG and I was curious. so I went and found the Eagle's Heir, played it because the cover art was beautiful, anD IT BROKE MY HEART. I played it like? seven times? trying for different endings with Alexandre. and then I find out that you had the audacity to make the beautiful cover art that got me into this mess like??? thank you but also you owe me a box of tissues. because I'm going to play Heroes now and it's gonna hurt probably

I finished the Heroes Rising trilogy and I was right you owe me so many tissues asdfghjkl

Welcome to CoG hell, anon B^)

YO MAN Eagle’s Heir has easily become one of my faves from CoG for SURE!!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!!! I only played it once but aoufhsdoh WHAT A GOOD GAME. I romanced Alexandre and Eugenie (THAT WAS A PLEASANT SURPRISE) and oooooh man I loved it. I’m really really happy that you liked my cover art!!!! Definitely one of my favorite jobs even if that background nearly killed me. 

CACKLES TO THE SKY Heroes Rise was one of the first series I got into and def one of the bestselling ones!! Have a bunch of tissues, Anon, bless your soul, you made my day. 

If you’re looking at other titles to play, I highly rec Creatures Such as We, Choice of Robots, Choice of the Deathless (haven’t played it personally but heard only good things abt it). 

If you wanna get into the Hosted Games stuff, which are the community created titles using ChoiceScript, I always rec Community College Hero (kiiinda biased since I’m working on CCH2 now too), and Zombie Exodus (both the ZE1 and Safe Haven). Lurk around the forums too, there’s a bunch of cool demos you can try out!! 

Healing exercises

These are for different amounts of available time, needs and skill levels. Feel free to do them all. You should have some visualization skills. Even better if you do energy work, but a powerful visualization will just drive the energy where it’s supposed to go. Writing this down out of @dovewithscales ‘s suggestion.

-ENERGY-FALL (as in, waterfall, but, with energy)

Sit/lie down to meditate, and relax. When you’re ready, visualize a stream of light entering you from the crown of your head. Let that light wash all over you, specially your spine, and exit through the other end (whether that’s the butt or the feet it’s up to you). The continuous stream of energy will cleanse you and help get rid of blockages. 

Some variations on it: imagine the light expanding to all of your body, then contracting into a tight ball on top of your head. Expand, contract. This way the energy washes all over you. Another common variation is, instead of an energy-wall, have a ball of light enter you from the crown. Bring it to the base of your spine. Then up to the crown again, and down to the base of the spine. Repeat lots of times, up, and down.


Pick whatever energy points system you like using. I go with the one I’ve been taught, which has seven energy points throughout the spine (what you usually read in texts talking about Chakras but not of the original, traditional system), an energy point in each hand and foot, an extra one in my chest, an extra one in the base of my spine, and another one in my neck. 

Meditate, relax. Focus on your energy points, one at a time. Visualize the energy point you’re focusing on, as a ball. Maybe you’ve chosen a colour for it, maybe a colour pops up when you’re visualizing it. Then, pay attention to what comes up in your visualization intuitively, without actively imagining it. Does it have patches of a different colour than it should be? A darker colour? Does it have dark spots? Wedges? spider web? Does it look gritty? Dirty? Cracked?

Visualize how you hold the ball, and clean it by hand. Remove the spider web. Cleanse with energy any sticky residue. Take out the wedges. Fill the cracks with healing, loving energy. If it’s too small, breathe energy into it. Once your energy point looks like a stable, shiny ball of the correct size, go on to your next energy point. Go through your entire energy system like this.


Meditate, relax. Focus on yourself. Declare that your entire being, will be shown itself to you through a mental place, an environment. You can ask your higher self, your guides, the deities you follow, your spirit companions if they’re skilled in healing and astral stuff, for help with this.

You know yourself best. I can’t tell you what your inner world will look like. Identify the things that seem out of place, and fix them through visualization. Modify until you feel like everything’s right and in place, and ease yourself out of your meditation.

As an example, here’s mine: my inner world shows up as a forest. Today, when I went in, the place was dark and grey, because the sky was covered in clouds. I made the sun come out. The trees looked black, and withered. I was so depressed and tired, I didn’t realize my trees are usually green and full of leaves, even if it’s winter, so the next time I’ll go there, I’ll fix the trees.

I hope this is useful to you. Have a good day, take care.

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Not the same anon but I also was stupid and didn't put up any protection shields or wards when I started spirit work/companionship. I have since then learned my lesson and now have wards up but the nasty spirit won't go away and I've even had help from other witches. When I DO manage to temporarily get rid of this being however, I'm left stumped because, after it leaves, none of the sigils I activate or visualization wards does the job. Any advice on what else I can do??? THANKS!!!

Is the nasty spirit your spirit companion or a spirit that happened to take advantage of your lack of wards? I’ve had something similar happen to me years ago.

If your shielding and protective sigils don’t manage to expel the spirit, you’ll have to try doing an intense banishing ritual (LBRP is a great one). You can also make banishing powder using a recipe you like (or I can recommend you one) and sprinkle it on every doorway and window whilst asking the spirit to leave. I would also sprinkle some on your mirrors as they act as astral doorways (and if there is a malevolent spirit in your house NEVER sleep in the same room with a mirror unless the mirror is covered up!).

Make or enchant jewellery that offers protection so that you can wear it constantly until the spirit is dealt with. When I had the worst haunting ever, the spirit would not be able to at least touch me whenever I wore my protective talisman. What I learned best is to also make another protective talisman or amulet that shields you against the spirit from entering your dreams (in dreams they can show themselves in their “physical” form which is always horrifying) as the spirit can otherwise cause further distress.

And the only thing that will truly cause the spirit to have a lack of interest in you is if you don’t show fear. That spirit is feeding off of your fear and anxiety which makes it stronger. The moment you refuse to show those emotions you are not providing the spirit easy energy to feed off of. Not showing fear is of course extremely hard but you just have to remind yourself that you can be the one in power if you will it and spirits can be banished.

Learning the Language

 Happy Birthday @loxare! Dear friend who shares so many of my passions and is always around to correct me when I make mistakes on the comics timeline. On the celebration of your birth, I give you a quick ficlet based on your prompt “​Jason and Cass and Tim learning something together”. I was inspired by the idea that ASL really would have been a good language for Cass to learn and I’m sorry DC didn’t incorporate that.

Since you’re so keen on comics timelines, I put this sometime between No Man’s Land and when Tim loses Robin. So early Cass who’s had a her mind rearrange but hasn’t gotten a grasp on words yet and a Jason who is still erratic and dangerous but has his good days because I needed Jason to semi-behave in this story forgive me for canon contradictions. Again! Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy this dumb little thing!

“I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.”

“Well then, you shouldn’t have a problem.”

“You know I still haven’t decided if I’m gonna kill you or not, Replacement,” Jason muttered to himself as he continued pouring over the dozen or so books in front of him. “You’re only here ‘cause I need you, you little wimp.” He looked back and forth from his book to his hand with an annoyed expression. “Why do you even know sign language anyhow?”

“I had a lonely childhood and a lot of time on my hands,” Tim responded simply motioning appropriately with his hands as he spoke. His movements were slow and jerky from lack of practice but he didn’t think Jason would notice much less mind. Using ASL was nostalgic, honed years before out of desire to express himself during the times his parents demanded he be silent. How many dinners and parties did he wile away, signing quietly to himself as he told his parents all the things he dare not speak aloud? Tim brushed aside the bitter memory, his skills were going to finally be put to use today not just to connect with Jason but to help with Cassandra. The girl was sitting across from him, staring intently first at his hands then up to his face as if that would help her make sense of his seemingly random movements.

“You think this is really gonna help her?” Jason asked, gesturing to the dozens of books they’d gathered from who knows where. Knowing B, he probably had these books from when he decided to master ASL in-between training with Tibetan monks and learning to swallow swords or something. Jason, Tim had decided once the older vigilante had stopped actively trying to kill him, was quite a softie. You could scream and yell and demand all you wanted at the Red Hood, but the second you ask for his help dealing with an abuse victim with learning differences he trucked over to Wayne Manor with only a little grumbling. It probably helped that Bruce was currently fighting some sort of space amoeba straight out of Star Trek on the outer edges of the galaxy. But they were making progress bit by bit; you just needed to know how to speak his language. Speaking of which…

“David Cain didn’t allow Cass to speak during her formative years; he trained her brain to respond to body language instead of sounds and words.” Tim said, talking to Jason but directly facing the latest Batgirl so she could watch his slow, deliberate motions. “She knows some words and she’s capable of learning but given her background I thought a method of communicating using visuals and physical activity might help bridge the gap. ASL is much simpler than English, there are no participles or rules and their exceptions, just quickly getting the point across.” Cass’s dark brown eyes continued to study him, she was hard to read but he was getting better. If he was correct, she looked pretty intrigued and excited at the thought of being able to speak in a way that suited her.

“The offer’s still open girl,” Jason said darkly, his eyes taking on a distinctly menacing light reminding Tim just how tenuous this truce with Jason was. “I don’t care how many guards they got at Blackgate; I will get in there and end that abusive bastard for what he did to you.” Most days he was still under the influence of the Lazarus Pit and wouldn’t hesitate to kill any of them; Tim had happened to catch him on one of his better days but he didn’t count on that lasting. Cass pouted sternly and reached forward to flick Jason right between the eyes, stop that, she said without words. Jay rubbed at his forehead but the threatening air between them had lightened.

“It’s not that hard to learn,” Tim added on hastily as he tried to steer the conversation away from revenge. “It just takes practice and patience.”

“Yeah, that’s something I have in spades, how can you learn a language that relies in motion from videos?” Jason grumbled as he slammed his book close. Cassandra reached over and lightly her hand on top of his, she gave him and smile and a half shrug.

“What is that even supposed to mean?” Jason asked with mounting frustration, “none of this makes sense, how am I supposed to learn something I can’t read?”

“Hey, stop and relax.” Tim said calmly, “stop trying to force understanding, ASL isn’t about translation; it’s about conveying information easily and efficiently.” He held up a hand with his little and index finger plus his thumb extended. “Take this, do you know what this conveys?”

“Rock on?” Jason asked tiredly as he copied the gesture. In the middle, Cass also held up her hand the same way so the three of them sat on the floor like that staring at each other. Tim felt distinctly awkward at how casual and friendly the room felt at that moment.

“It means I love you,” Jason made a face and stuffed his hand into his lap in embarrassment. “We take three words to express the feeling of caring for someone. The deaf community can get their point across with a smile and gesture. ASL to English isn’t a literal, binary transition; it’s about what you imply with your motions.”

“Yeah and what am I implying with this?” Jason said bringing up his middle finger and sticking it right in Tim’s face but there was no malice behind the action. In fact, that was just the sort of thing and older brother might do to an annoying younger sibling.

“You’re implying that you’re uncreative and if you really want to offend someone you say this,” Tim added with a smirk as he signed a few things that would have his mother aghast, if she knew the language… and was alive.

“Oh yeah, now we’re talking, we’re gonna corrupt you good Cassie. Bruce is gonna have a cow.” Jason added with a rakish grin as he repeated Tim’s earlier movements. Cass sat between them, following along with their various movements but she kept coming back to the I love you sign. Tim could say that it was because it was one of the few signs she knew but somehow he felt like it was more than that.

Gang Activity Part 2

You never imagined yourself to be the one to sneak out but here you were, quietly slipping on a hoodie over your tank top and slipping out of your sleeping shorts and into a pair of black skinny jeans. The house was quiet since your parents had finally gone to bed and your brother was locked away in his room in the basement. The floors creaked slightly under your weight as you tiptoed down the stairs and towards the front door. You would stop and hold your breath every few seconds keeping an ear out for any sounds of your parents or your brother. You were finally able to breathe properly after you had very slowly and quietly shut the front door behind you and jogged over to the black BMW sitting beneath the large oak tree a few houses down from your own. “Took you long enough." 

 "Shut up.” You buckled yourself in and looked over at Calum. His attire was much like he always dressed; a black jacket worn over a black t-shirt with black jeans. This boy really needed some color in his life. His hair was messy in a dangerously sexy way and you were tempted to run your fingers through the thick strands to make it even more messier than before. 

Calum started the engine which was, thankfully, really quiet and started driving with one hand on the wheel and the other perched on top of the gear, dangerously close to your thigh. You wondered what it would feel like to have his hand shift onto your thigh, to feel the warmth seep through your jeans and for you to trace the smooth skin underneath his jacket.   

You were brought out of your daydream when Calum leaned over to your side and reached in front of you to open the glove compartment. You were highly aware of how close he was to you. The temperature suddenly seemed to go up and you couldn’t help but hold your breath as Calum scrounged around for something, his body only inches away from your own. 

“Finally.” Calum leaned back in his seat allowing you the chance to breathe and slipped a cigarette between his lips. Lighting the end, he inhaled before slowing letting the smoke out between his lips. It was an attractive sight even though you were repulsed by the thick smell of toxins.   

The rest of the ride went by in comfortable silence much like it always was with Calum. Ever since your official introduction in the grocery store, you had talked to Calum a handful of times about anything and everything. You had shared your embarrassing story of your first kiss and even though Calum had teased you about the “way-too innocent’ peck, you felt comfortable telling Calum things that you were afraid you would be judged for. 

Calum talking about himself was another story. Even though he seemed comfortable enough to joke around with and tease you, his story still seemed a mystery since he never spoke of his family or past experiences. You had subtly tried to ask about his “gang”, if it was one, but he just laughed and changed the subject. Even after not knowing about his past, you felt comfortable with Calum because he had no trouble talking of his future. He admitted to wanting to travel the world and making music and supporting his family so they wouldn’t have to worry. His ambition was attractive and you knew you were falling for this guy no matter what he could have done in the past.

Twenty minutes later, Calum stopped the car in the middle of the driveway of a small, brick house. All the lights were off except a lone porch light illuminating the cracked steps leading up the army green front door. 

“Stay close to me.” Calum spoke authoritatively once you had both stepped out of the car and walked towards the sketchy house. 

As soon as the two of you walked in, the different smells hit you. The air was humid and slightly smoky as you followed Calum down a flight of stairs into what appeared to be the basement of a very old home. There was a group of people sitting on old, worn couches, some making out, others with either a drug or drink in hand and others doing both. 

Calum got a very nice welcome by everyone who immediately dropped what (and who) they were doing to greet the dark-haired man. Calum’s face was calm as he greeted everyone, until he saw a man sitting across from Calum at a round table with a beer bottle in one hand and the other wrapped around the waist of an unknown girl. 

“What are you doing here?” Calum snarled at the man who merely smiled back mockingly. 

“Just having a drink with my fellow friends.” 

Calum growled out a response before wrapping an arm around your waist and leading you over to the other side of the room. His scowl was present for the rest of the night as he kept on shooting dirty glances at the other man. 

Somewhere between having a beer and the onslaught of dirty comments from the other man, did Calum get up from his seat and crossed the room to land a punch in the other man’s face. 

That was only the beginning. The other man tried to fight back but Calum was restless and his punches were powerful. You had never seen Calum like this and it did scare you, but you were also fearful for Calum’s sake. 

Majority of the others were egging on the fight while you were trying desperately to be heard over their nonsense and get Calum to stop fighting. You were terrified by now and the only thing that finally got Calum to stop his attack was the distant sound of sirens. 

“Shit!” He turned away from the bloody body on the floor and looked around with wide, frantic eyes. 

“Calum, you need to get out of here! You’re on probation!” You could this coming from another one of the guys but didn’t register who it was since you were  still trying to make your way over to Calum through the crowd of panicking people. 

You felt a hand wrap around your wrist and tug you towards the exit. You raced behind Calum all the way to his car where you hurriedly buckled yourself in before Calum was speeding off away from the sirens. 

Now, not only did Calum smell of smoke but the smell of blood and sweat was mixed in as well. Calum was still breathing heavily from both the fight and the mas dash and his knuckles were ripped and bloody. His face was clean except for a little splotch of swelling on his right cheekbone. 

The ride to your house was silent except this time the silence was tense instead of comfortable. 

“I’m sorry.” he finally spoke once he parked the car in front of the large oak tree, houses down from your own house. 

“What happened?” 

“A lot. A lot has been going on with that fucker…in the past and I just snapped. I’m sorry.” 

“Why are you on probation?”

This time, he didn’t bother an answer at all. 

Turning to leave, you stopped with one foot out the door when Calum’s hand held your arm. Despite his violent actions only half an hour earlier, his touch was gentle now against your skin. 

“I told you to stay away.” his voice was low but you heard him in the tense silence of the car. 

You didn’t really have an explanation for what you did next but you leaned back into the car and planted your lips on Calum’s. His lips  were slightly dry but you didn’t care because you had been wanting to kiss him ever since the first day he called you to hang out. The kiss was slow but still held a sense of urgency as you tasted the remnants of Calum’s anger and his gentleness towards you. Calum’s hand was holding your face as you made out for a long time in his car. 

You finally pulled back, out of breath and got out of the car. 

Before you could walk off, Calum leaned over and looked up at you through the open window, “Now, that’s what you call a first kiss.”   


The primary NPC in One Night Stand is fairly fluidly animated compared to the rest of the largely static environment. Her subtle changes in posture, and general flurry of visual activity, however, are able to give off a very specific sense of anxiety and awkwardness. Without this fluidity and contrast, we’d only have the player character’s word that she seems worried, but through this, we can see her as active but somewhat restless.