visual merchandising



Crimson Peak inspired window sets at Bergdorf Goodman - incorporating original props and set pieces from the movie.

Love how theatrical these displays are!!  

36 Things a Visual Merchandiser Should Know How to Do

 1. Make a resume.

2. Answer an interview.

3. Develop a career plan.

4. Make a portfolio.

5. Use social media professionally.

6. Create an accomplishment report.

7. Coach.

8. Plan and budget.

9. Organise and manage time.

10. Use Google effectively.

11. Stay safe at work.

12. Conduct research.

13. Use word processing program.

14. Use spreadsheet program.

15. Use presentation program.

16. Use graphic design software.

17. Use DSLR camera.

18. Take good photos.

19. Harmonized Colour.

20. Draw.

21. Set up window display.

22. Make display props.

23. Dress mannequins.

24. Set up lights.

25. Flower arrangement.

26. Cloth styling.

27. Table skirting.

28. Style balloons.

29. Display products.

30. Stick large stickers.

31. Use 3D design applications.

32. Master consumer behaviour.

33. Apply merchandising standards.

34. Conceptualize interactive display.

35. Know legal and safety requirement.

36. Lead and manage people.


Check out Coach’s “Bloom” windows, which won a first place in this year’s Visual Competition. Photography: Brian T. Silak, New York. (more:

Recycled furniture project: I went to the reuse centre in Burlington and found three wooden closet doors, primed them, painted them, hinged them, beat them up a bit for a shabby chic feel, and ta da! Beautiful. The rewards that come along with building something with your own acrylic manicured hands are endless.