Personal Business Cards Design by Kristina Nikaj

“The idea was born in Italy, where 90% of advertising agencies are doing only unpaid internships to young people released from design universities.”

Kristina Nikaj is a graphic designer based in Perugia, Italy. She is focused on graphic design, branding, art direction and print design. She’s a passionate traveler who loves cooking, but most of all, eating. 

Motivation / 010915.

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Teavana Packaging by Melia Tandiono

“The new Teavana will provide quality at your fingertips. By integrating simple design, this new approach will highlight Teavana’s ingredients, while keeping convenience in mind. The product is designed to ease the lengthy tea making process, therefore making it possible for busy individuals to enjoy a healthy loose-leaf tea and experience instant quality.”

Melia Tandiono is currently based in Los Angeles and is studying graphic design at Art Center College of Design. Her interest lies in print design, branding and packaging, which means she often buys items that is of no use to her, but is packaged beautifully.


Hemingway and the Sea Book Cover by Kajsa Klaesén

“Collectors box and covers for three novels by Ernest Hemingway. The box includes the titles “To Have and Have Not”, “The Old Man and the Sea” and “Islands in the Stream”. They’re gathered in this collection because the sea plays an important part in all of them. I’ve used subtle wave shapes to communicate this. The bigger part the sea plays in the book, the bigger the waves get. The inspiration for the color scheme came from 1930’s travel posters.”

Kajsa Klaesén is a graphic design student currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is focused on packaging, graphic design, typography and illustration.