visuak kei

02. Two Hurt
03. G.A.L.D
05. Shade
07. Yomi no Yuzuri ha
08. Vivid Place
09. Rebel:Sicks, Shadow:Six
10. Baby play
11. s[K]ape:goat
12. Orion once again
13. 砂の泉 (Suno no Izumi)Download :
- [R]eku Hizaki 

Free tonight? Nothing to do? Love Visual Kei?

Then you’re in luck! Tonight (well,for me…you’ll have to check the time on the site) is the 4th installment of Viju☆Love☆Cafe will be on Here’s the link:


Q:What is “Viju☆Love☆Cafe”?

A:Viju*Love*Cafe is a program broadcast every first Sunday of the month revolving around visual kei. Hosted by Akemi Oshima and her VK loving kitty Viju (Or Biju as she’s known overseas),who’s passionate about her music and artists. You may be familiar with Viju,as she’s hosted every DVD of “Visual Kei DVD Magazine” from Maru Music here in the states,along with another J-rocker as well. Along with this,there’s also a follow up live event in Japan called “Viju*Love*Night”,where VK artists play DJ at whatever location the night it at.


Here’s the guest list for tonight’s broadcast. Sorry if there’s any mistakes,this is just what Google Translate said:

Guest Talk: Kra, Administrator
Guest DJ:
テロ&樹威 [yu-sea] & AUBE, SARINO & Seba (DNR)
Comments Starring: Opera skyscrapers, Awoi
Rookie Atsumare kun: Noye ’+ Crois, Allegretto
Visual-kei bands abroad: KOGURE

While you’re waiting,you can watch the previous episode to catch up~ Episode 3 included guests such as JUN of SPIV STATES,Hiroto and Saga of Alice Nine,Hiroki of D,Hiyori and Mahiro of Kiryu,Ap®il,LOST ASH,and comments from SCREW and BORN~

I enjoy it every time I watch it,even if I can’t understand a word~ XD It’s just so nice to see these rockers in a semi-casual kind of situation. Like…for a moment,they’re normal people~…even if girls are squee-ing all over the world for them. |D