New Update MUUTO

Hello everyone! I created some new chairs by Muuto and I changed the Nerd Chair with a new texture. Those chairs are very beautiful and looks totally realistic!

Nerd Chair (Subscribers)

Nerd Stool Bar (Subscribers)

Visu Chair (Wood Base) (Free)

I hope you will love those chairs like I do!

By The way Meinkatz Creations has a new Design. It should be easier to access all the different pages.



Gorgeous gothic-coat/jacket<3/ Grandiose/r Gothic-Mantel/Jacke<3

You can buy it here/ Hier kannst du es kaufen


Emergency Protocol 417 (Doctor Who cocktail)

2 parts Gin
2 parts Vodka
½ part Dry vermouth
1 Lemon twist

Capt. Jack Harkness is the kind of guy that can enjoy a good, strong drink. We’ve post this recipe, created by Eddie Strickland, before, but it was just so elegant an pretty that I wanted to record it. A special thanks to Cristina Visue, who filmed and edited this beautiful video!