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16 & 20 for Elisda and Vistina ^_^

16: What’s one memory that your character will always be fond of?

Elisda: Ohh, probably when she got her horse (whose name I forgot because I think it’s changed a few times?) because she was kind of secluded but when she got her own horse she could kind of escape for a little bit. Plus her horse is pretty much one of her only companions for a long time, aside from servants who she considers friends but who still have to do all their duties even if Elisda would rather do them herself and just hang out

Vistina: Not really one specific memory really (I guess that’s the same with Elisda though), but she had a lot of fun times with Llira where she could actually just be a kid and have fun and laugh because after a certain point in her life, she never really had fun until she met Llira. So she has lots of fond memories of just laughing with Llira, even if it was while they were working

20: Describe any AUs you have for your character/s.

I honestly haven’t thought of AUs really? I mean, I guess a modern AU one could be interesting, though the age differences might kind of get in the way because Elisda would still be in highschool whereas Vistina would be in college so…not sure how that would work out. Maybe they would meet at the stables…though then I’m not sure how the plot would fit into it all…hmmm. Sorry it’s not much of an answer xD


I was finally able to draw Vistina like I imagined her! I can’t tell you how hard it has been to get her looking right! Kudos to dragonanne for drawing Visti, I think seeing her drawing by someone else really helped me figure out her design (and I wasn’t even looking at the picture but I think I kind of almost gave her the the same outfit xD)

For a bonus I also added Andrian, Elisda and Kendren, all who might go through some more tweaking. 

 Also I don’t know how but Kendren kind of turned out to be a mix between Enel and Hiccup…I don’t even know…I might try to change him up some more…but we’ll see, right now I need to finish working on my outline for my book so I’ll be ready to work on my re-write in June :D 

 Characters and art c) aceofstars16 aka me

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vistina! even numbers :3

This took a while haha….Also these are all based on how she is at the beginning of the story (though I might add some info about how she changes….maybe…)

2: What is your OC’s romantic/sexual orientation?

I’m thinking either Asexual or Aromatic

4: How old is your OC?


6: Which Hogwarts house would your OC be Sorted into?

I look a quiz for her and got Gryffindor which really does seem to fit her pretty well.

8: What is your OC’s fighting style, if any? Are they a rogue, a warrior, a mage?

She is a warrior for sure! Sword fighting is her specialty but she’s also good at hand-to-hand combat, she’s had to take care of herself for years so…yeah she can stand up for herself.

10: If you have more than one OC, would your OCs get along or would they clash? Why?

She clashes with a loooot of people, mainly Senith haha (the reason behind this is kind of spoilery but basically she met him before and they had some disagreements…), and then for others (Andrian, Kendren, Kelinda) she is just neutral, but for a few (Llira and Elisda) she does get along with better even from the beginning (Llira because she was the first person in a long time to actually treat Vistina well and Kelinda because Visti wants so protect her from Senith)

12: What is your OC’s relationship status? If they are in a relationship, who are they with?

At the beginning of the story no, though she has been in a few relationships and had a few crushes before the story even started but bad experiences have made her hesitant to ever get close to others especially romantically *whispers* But let’s just say she may end up with someone by the end of the story ;)

14: List three of your OC’s weaknesses.

She has major trust issues, she is overly stubborn, and she doesn’t like to admit she is wrong.

16: What is your OC’s clothing style? Do they have a specific color palette that they tend to dress in?

She likes functional clothes that are comfortable and she is partial to blues, blacks and browns though any color will do.

18: Is your OC employed? If so, what is their job? If not, why not?

Well at the beginning of the story she works in a hotel/inn partly at the front desk and partly as a waiter. Later she kind of gets another ‘job” but that’s also spoilery haha…I mean I could say…if you want me to I can xD

20: Why did you choose your OC’s name? Describe the process.

Well a long time ago I had and RP character called Vista and I loved the name but I wanted to change it up some so I fiddled with different names until I came up with Vistina, this also happened with Senith, his name is derived from Seth.

22: What is your OC’s MBTI type?

I took the test twice and I still don’t know…like neither of the answers I got seemed right…I looked at a quick thing and maybe INTJ or INTP? I might have to take the test again but it takes so long! (And considering I don’t even know for sure what I am it’s kind of hard to find the ‘right’ one, plus Visti changes throughout the story so some things she might do in the beginning she may stop doing by the end…so?)

24: What temperament is your OC; choleric, melancholic, sanguine or phlegmatic?

I look a test and got Choleric but then I read the others and I’m pretty sure Vistina is actually Melancholic, it just sound so much more like her to me!

26: List three differences between you and your OC.

Vistina is generally pretty rough and tough when she is around others, I’m normally awkward and unsure (Visti is unsure but on the inside, she doesn’t show it). She can take care of herself whereas I’m still learning (I mean I can do things but I don’t have a job so I couldn’t support myself atm). Vistina is not attached to family and friends, she moves about a lot whereas I like to stay in one place and I love my friends and family to bits (Visti cares about her friends but at the beginning she really doesn’t have many/any friends so…)

28: Is there anyone your OC would die for?

Hmm, Jaspern (her horse)? Maybe Llira? By the end probably Elisda, Andrian, and Kelinda (she gets on better terms with Senith but I’m not sure if she’d be willing to die for him…xD)

30: What would your OC score on the Kinsey Scale Test?

Took to test and got “X - Non-sexual” for Vistina which I can totally see (And I think that’d be the same score for me haha…)

32: Which of the seven sins (lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, pride, envy, wrath) is your OC most guilty of?

Probably pride