I was finally able to draw Vistina like I imagined her! I can’t tell you how hard it has been to get her looking right! Kudos to dragonanne for drawing Visti, I think seeing her drawing by someone else really helped me figure out her design (and I wasn’t even looking at the picture but I think I kind of almost gave her the the same outfit xD)

For a bonus I also added Andrian, Elisda and Kendren, all who might go through some more tweaking. 

 Also I don’t know how but Kendren kind of turned out to be a mix between Enel and Hiccup…I don’t even know…I might try to change him up some more…but we’ll see, right now I need to finish working on my outline for my book so I’ll be ready to work on my re-write in June :D 

 Characters and art c) aceofstars16 aka me